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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison


American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 1, 2 Their goal is to increase average longevity to 120 years or greater.


Longest verified human lifespan is Jeanne-Louise Calment who lived 122 years.


Jiroemon Kimura lived to 116 years of age. Oldest verified male.


List of verified oldest people.


When you reach 100 years old in Barbados, you get a stamp in your honour.


"Overeating shortens lifespan and increases incidence of disease." - Dr Roy Walford


"Wisdom does not show itself so much in precept as in life - a firmness of mind and mastery of appetite."
- Seneca the Younger


"If I had known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself."


World's healthiest foods


"Highly oxygenated people require less food." - McCabe, page 87.


Warm, damp recesses of the lungs, "with little or no airflow, are perfect breeding grounds for all types of infections." - Dr. David Williams


You breathe an average of 28,000 times a day. So you have 28,000 chances to get it right.


"Breathing deeply, fully and completely energizes the body, calms the nerves, fills you with peace and helps keep you youthful."
- Paul C. Bragg


"With ample oxygen your muscles, tendons and joints function more smoothly. Your flesh becomes firmer and resilient...your skin clear and glowing...your hair lustrous. You radiate with greater health and well-being." - Super Power Breathing page 13.


"Oxygenation of the tissues is the name of the game for good health and longevity." - Dr. Douglass, page 50.


People who live in "greener" areas, with more vegetation around, live longer.


"Studies have shown a direct relationship between the life span of a species and its ability to repair damaged DNA." - Dr. David Williams


Fluoride (often found in drinking water and used in dental offices) actively interferes with DNA repair enzymes. In the lab, a fluoride concentration of one part per million reduces DNA repair enzyme activity by 50%.


"Fluoride produces brain changes identical to those in Alzheimer's patients."
- Dr. Robert Carton


"In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical."
- Dr. Dean Burk, Congressional Record 21 July 1976


The CDC and ADA now advise to avoid using fluoride.


Mercury (eg. from dental amalgams) also inhibits the repair of DNA.


"Free radicals can damage any part of the cell, including the DNA. Free radical damage to the DNA is thought to be one of the causes of  cancer. In the absence of oxygen, the DNA self-repair mechanism does not function." -  Diamond, page 1038.


Excess iron causes free radicals and promotes cancer. Women lose their excess iron due to menstruation, which is why women tend to live longer. Men and older women should donate blood annually.


 Regular hyperthermia also removes excess iron.


Iron filings in breakfast cereal. 1, 2


Vitamin C is "the first line of defense against free-radical damage, more effective than beta-carotene, vitamin E, glutathione, or other antioxidants in plasma." - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. 1988;85:9748-52 


"There is a big push toward eternal youth and life extension in America and other parts of the world. A major key to postpone aging is moderate exercise." - Dr. Robert J. Rowen


80 year olds can have the muscle mass of 40 year olds. The key is ongoing exercise.


Personal energy is worth more than money.


Anti-Aging Effects of Melatonin


Silencing the aging gene with niacinamide. Since B vitamins work together as a group, a B complex supplement may produce best results. See also NAD+


"Human cells can divide approximately sixty times before they can no longer divide and die... Cells divide to provide new cells to replace old, warn out, damaged cells. To the extent that optimum nutrition can extend the useful life of existing cells, the need for their replacement slows and so does the aging / replacement process." - David W. Gregg, Ph.D. (The limit to the number of cell divisions is known as the "Hayflick Limit".)


Overcome the Hayflick Limit with L-carnosine, DMAE and acetyl-L-carnitine. See The Nature of Aging, Part 3


"Based on everything we know, supplementing with a combination of L-carnosine, DMAE, and Acetyl-L-carnitine is one of the simplest, most effective, and safest steps we can take to help turn back the clock and optimize our health." - Jon Barron


Homemade anti-aging formula


Lifestyle changes may lengthen telomeres


Telomeres and telomerase
1, 2, 3


Shorter telomeres associated with increased risk of  cancer.


Due to their constant replication, cancer cells are very, very old.


Coenzyme PQQ works with coenzyme Q10 to protect and rejuvenate mitochondria.



"If you get those herbs, and live a certain lifestyle, and this is the kind of house where you live, you can not only cross 100 years, but 200 or 300 years old." - Ayurvedic Physician


"If you could avoid all stress and air pollution while eating a perfect diet, your body could last 600 years." - Dr. David Williams


"If you have a fully quantum coherent system, you will never age and you will never die." - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho


There is a difference between longevity and immortality.


 Longevity is how long you live within the passage of time.


 Immortality is life beyond time, and requires the "second birth".


 The second birth is the result of a kind of self-fertilization that occurs after an extended period of celibacy or chastity.


You can read about it in
this book.


According to Maharishi Patanjali in his "eight limbs of yoga", the capacity to be celibate (Brahmacharya)
is something that grows as one approaches the state of "yoga" or "Divine Union". This requires extensive practice of Transcendental Meditation.




Hearing loss can occur when hair cells in the inner ear are damaged by free radicals. Antioxidants can prevent this damage.


Resveratrol helps prevent the amyloid deposits associated with Alzheimer's disease. - Free Radic Biol Med 03;34:1100-10, Neuroreport 97;8:1499-502.


Resveratrol is the only substance that has been found to break down beta-amloid plaques. - J Biol Chem 05;280(45):37377-37382.


Amyloid beta is a waste product in the brain that may be removed during sleep 1, 2. Lack of sleep hinders amyloid removal. Tau and ptau increase with cortical amyloid deposition.


Curcumin is the yellow color in turmeric, an ingredient of curry powder. Curcumin is found to be very helpful in both treating and preventing Alzheimer's disease.
- J Neurosci 01;21(21):8370-7, Neurobiol Aging 01;22(6):993-1005.


Lithium in the form of lithium orotate or lithium aspartate may help prevent and remove amyloid plaque.


Vitamin D reduces risk of Alzheimer's 1, 2, 3


B vitamins (folate or folic acid, B6, B12) can reduce brain shrinkage (which tends to precipitate Alzheimer's) by up to 50%.


Regular consumption of blueberries can prevent age-related memory problems.
- Nutr Neurosci 03;6(3):153-62, Nutr Neurosci 04;7(2):75-83.


The amyloid plaques in the brain characteristic of Alzheimer's disease are associated with oxidative damage from free radicals. The amyloid-beta molecule is a neurotoxin that destroys nerve cells.


"Individuals who consume vegetable oils (corn, soybean, sunflower, etc.) have twice the risk of macular degeneration."
- Dr. Paul Beaumont


Heating vegetable oils for 30 minutes creates a chemical called HNE (4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal) that is related to the formation of atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and liver disease.


People receiving the flu vaccine five years in a row are ten times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. Vaccines contain forms of mercury and aluminum that are neurotoxins.


 Vitamin D supplementation may be an alternative to the flu vaccine. 1, 2, 3


Remove aluminum from the body with:
- malic acid
- iodine
- cilantro
- hyperthermia


"Glyconutrients help slow down aging; increase endurance, sexual function, and fertility; reduce body fat and build muscle..." - Dr. Mondoa page 165


The end of aging? 1 For more videos, search YouTube for "Dr. Aubrey de Grey"


But not for everyone - Rising death rate for middle aged white Americans due to drug use, alcohol and suicide.


Young looking old people 1, 2, 3


Most young people today are unfit for military service.


Dr. Daniel Amen Change Your Brain - Change Your Life


In our experience, hatha yoga (yoga asanas) and the comfortable breathing exercise called "pranayama" are very helpful for maintaining physical health as the years go by.


According to Dr. F. Karach, oil pulling daily has the potential to extend lifespan to 140 or 150 years.


A tablespoon of lecithin each day can help with memory lapses and poor sleep quality, plus it cleans your arteries and protects your liver.


Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent dementia.


"Like many other diseases once relegated to the elderly, the beginnings of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are now showing up at 50 years of age. After age 65, the risk of dementia doubles every 5 years." - Dr. David Williams


Medical geographer Dr. Harold Foster has written an interesting and useful book on the subject of Alzheimer's disease which can be downloaded free from this webpage.


Alzheimer's and dementia are both associated with infection. See this page for assistance with infections.


Alzheimer's and vitamins 1, 2 


Improvements in 9 out of 10 memory-loss patients 1, 2


Shine red light up your nose 1, 2.


 Our local dollar store sells red laser pointers you can shine up your nose. Just be careful to keep it out of your eyes.


Read more about color therapy in our library.


Save your eyesight with HylaVision.


Bladder problems may respond to SagaPro Bladder Health.


For arthritis pain try Ostinol.


Control your blood sugar with fat. 1


There is growing evidence that DNA can change in a coherent manner in response to need. The theory of natural selection based on random DNA mutations has never been proven and is probably wrong.
1, 2


"We are not given a short life but we make it short... Life is long if you know how to use it." - Seneca the Younger


"Forever Young" lyrics by
Bob Dylan


Hum along with the music to increase your nitric oxide.


Forever Young sung by
Bob Dylan
Joan Baez
Louisa Johnson
The Tenors
The Pretenders
Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger encore


Every 7 seconds someone in the US turns 50. Would you like to extend your lifespan? Did you know that the Hunza people frequently live to between 120 and 140 years of age, and are HEALTHY for all that time? Some people say it is the water they drink, the minerals they consume, certain foods they eat, their non-toxic environment, or stress-free life. We address all of these issues on this web site. What we are suggesting is that those who follow the 8 step program to prevent cancer could easily live 40 - 60 more years than is presently the norm, and enjoy good health all that time. A longer, more active and healthier life is the carrot, and cancer and other disease is the stick to get people to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. Are you interested?



In 1900 average life expectancy in the United States was less than 50 years. During the past 100 years life expectancy has increased by 60% due mostly to lower infant mortality (doctors learned to wash their hands), plus better diet (due to refrigeration and long distance shipping) and improved hygiene (due to sewers and clean drinking water) which together resulted in reduced infectious disease. If we can increase the present day lifespan of 80 years by 60% the result is nearly 130 years of life, which is in our target range. A 60% increase was achieved during the past century as an unexpected side benefit from other changes in society. Can we do it again by putting conscious attention on it?







Several studies of healthy people over age 50 indicate that the death rate from all causes (including cancer and heart disease) can be reduced by about 50% and longevity increased an average of eleven years by taking nutritional supplements. The higher intake of vitamin C is most important, and also valuable are two of the B vitamins (B6 and niacin), vitamin E and vitamin A. The higher the blood level of vitamin C, the lower is the risk of mortality from all causes. People who take more supplements tend to be healthier.


An ongoing study of mice by Prof. David Rollo at McMaster University is producing very interesting results. Watch the online 4 minute video to see the regular mouse compared to a mouse eating supplements since birth. The difference is remarkable. The supplemented mouse is eating bagel bits soaked in a mix of 30 supplements available at health food stores. Here are the 30 supplements:


9 vitamins - A (beta carotene), B1, B3 (niacin), B6, B9 (folic acid), B12, C, D, and E,

5 minerals - potassium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and chromium picolinate

2 healthy oils - cod liver oil, flax seed oil

5 herbs - ginko biloba, ginseng, green tea extract, garlic, ginger root extract

plus 9 other nutrients - L-glutathione, acetyl L-carnitine, melatonin, alpha-lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, acetylsalicylic acid, Coenzyme Q10, rutin (a bioflavonoid found in buckwheat), bioflavonoids


The only item in the above list that we would disagree with is acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) - can cause stomach bleeding, ulcers and other negative side effects. We suggest that people concerned about their heart and circulation would be better off using some of the ideas discussed on our healthy heart and circulation page.



Child Prodigy


"The difference between the child prodigy (i.e. - music, art, math, physics, etc.) and the high school dropout is not genetics or income level of the parents but rather the nutritional (and especially the mineral intake) competency of the child during pre and post natal development.


Simply translated, for $300 to $500 worth of minerals and vitamins per pregnancy, to include preconception supplements and monthly supplements during pregnancy and $50 per month for growth, development and longevity, the unnecessary production of millions of low birth weight babies and severely physically and emotionally disabled children would be eliminated - the ability for more people to reach their longevity potential of 120 to 140 years would be realized.


Setting aside the unforgivable human tragedy of emotionally and physically disabled children as well as "Bad Seeds" and all of the unnecessary human suffering, the ultimate savings to the American public over the lifetime of a disabled or jailed child would range from $500,000 to several millions of dollars each, for an annual savings to ourselves, the tax payers, in the trillions of dollars!!!" - Dr. Joel D. Wallach pages163-165.



Vitacel 7 / Ultra H-3


Vitacel 7 and Ultra H-3 are virtually identical products sold by different distributors. Vitacel 7 is less expensive.


These products trace their roots back to Dr. Ana Aslan who in the 1950's was looking for a way to ease the discomfort of senior citizens in her care. She tried intramuscular injections of Novocain (procaine). Much to her surprise, not only did her patients feel better, but a wide variety of health problems began to clear up. Improvements in skin, hair, and nails attracted many movie stars and famous people to Dr. Aslan.


In the 1970's Dr. Robert Koch began 25 years of research to improve Dr. Aslan's discoveries and to change the delivery method to a dietary supplement. Patented formulas such as Vitacel 7 and Ultra H-3 are the direct result of his efforts.


There are also versions for your senior pets.


Experiments with animals suggest a 20% increase in longevity is possible. However, it is the improvements in health that catch our attention. Read the many online testimonials by seniors and senior pet owners.







In fruit flies and rats, a 30% reduction in calories eaten results in a 30% extension of life span, and the rats experienced a one third reduction in cancer tumors. The physiological changes in the rats on the reduced calorie diet are also seen in an ongoing (since 1987) study of monkeys on a reduced calorie diet, suggesting that systematic under eating ("under nutrition without malnutrition") may be a useful part of an overall plan for human life extension. 


People tend to over eat when the food they are consuming does not contain sufficient nutrients to satisfy the requirements of the body ("empty calorie foods"). Overeating depletes digestive enzymes and reduces the efficiency of the digestive system. What is needed is a nutrient-dense diet that provides abundant nutrients with fewer calories. Attaining such a diet for individuals and our whole society is the purpose of the nutritional supplements and superfoods we recommend, and the information on our fresh juices, raw foods, and agriculture pages. 


The average American eats 150 pounds of sugar per year. Each ounce of sugar contains 110 calories. Search the internet for "sugar addiction".


Calorie restriction is both anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic.


Cancer cells eat only sugar, and a diet devoid of sugar will starve cancer cells. Healthy cells can eat both sugar and fats, so healthy cells will survive a low sugar diet just fine, providing they receive sufficient healthy fats. Healthy fats include as flax oil, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, avocados, and accumulated body fat. This is called the ketogenic diet.


Seventh-day Adventists are the longest lived group in the United States, living an average of 10 years longer than the average American. Their lifestyle features eating less meat & more plant foods, regular exercise, avoiding tobacco & alcohol, social support and stress management. 1, 2. Bluezones 1, 2




Cell membranes are made primarily of phospholipids. A phospholipid is a healthy fat (lipid) combined with a protein. The main phospholipid in cell membranes is phosphatidylcholine which forms up to 90% of our cellular membranes when we are born, but can fall to 10% as we age. When only unhealthy fats are available, then these will be incorporated into the membrane of newly formed cells. How can such a cell be healthy?


Look for dietary sources of "phospholipids", which are necessary to form healthy cell membranes. Phospholipids are found in lecithin, milk fat, butter, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, trout), seafood, caviar and unsalted fish roe, fish oil, krill oil, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, nuts, legumes, chicken eggs, animal brain, meats, vegetables and human breast milk. Lecithin is by far the richest dietary source of phosphatidylcholine. Sunflower lecithin is 25% phosphatidylcholine, plus it contains a variety of other phospholipids. Sunflower lecithin can be added to smoothies.



Raw foods are fresh and filled with nutrients and enzymes. It is very difficult and probably impossible to get fat on raw foods. Some nutrients are destroyed by heat and are only available in raw foods. In addition to salads, try to drink some freshly made fruit or vegetables juices regularly. Put raw fruits or vegetables in a blender or Vitamix, cover them with water and blend them to create a delicious fruit smoothie or "veggie shake". Add some soaked chia seeds and soaked flax seeds for oil and protein. Plus, add some sunflower lecithin for phospholipids. Many people feel that for good health as much as half of your diet should be eaten raw.



Methuselah Foundation Prizes


To encourage scientific research into longevity, the Methuselah Foundation offers two prizes:

- longevity prize for extending total lifespan of mice
- rejuvenation prize focusing on intervention begun at midlife.


The average mouse lives 1.5 to 2 years. In 2009, calorie restriction won the rejuvenation prize by extending the age of mice to about 3.7 years.





"Dr. Price traveled all over the world doing his research on primitive peoples who still lived in their native ways. He found fourteen cultural pockets scattered all over the globe where the natives had no access to "civilization" - and ate no refined foods.

Dr. Price studied their diets carefully. He found they varied greatly, but the one thing they had in common was that they ate whole, unrefined foods. With absolutely no access to tooth brushes, floss, fluoridated water or tooth paste, the primitive peoples studied were almost 100% free of tooth decay. Further - and not unrelated - they were also almost 100% free of all the degenerative diseases we suffer - problems with the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, joints, skin (allergies), and the whole gamut of illnesses that plague Mankind. No one food proved to be magic as a preventive food. I believe we can thrive best by eating a wide variety of whole foods." - Dr. George Meinig



The nutrient-dense diet promotes freedom from cancer and increased longevity. Other benefits from this reduced calorie diet include more "good" cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduced triglycerides (bad cholesterol and triglycerides are risk factors for stroke and heart attack), more DHEA and DHEAS (hormones that decrease with age), improved glucose tolerance, improved insulin sensitivity, plus a favorable redistribution of fat away from the central regions. Rats on the calorie restricted diet continue to quickly learn mazes long after the more copiously fed controls lose the ability to learn.




romaine lettuce, leaf lettuces, kale, collards, Swiss chard, cabbage, spinach, bok choy.

artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, cucumber, peas, green peppers, string beans, zucchini.

beets, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers, water chestnuts, cauliflower, squash, carrots.

red kidney beans, pinto beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, black beans.

apples, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, grapefruit, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, nectarines, all melons, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, strawberries, tangerines.


See Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Nutritarian Pyramid



Alkalize For Health endorses the "nutritarian" diet advocated by Dr. Joel Fuhrman 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.



"You don't have to walk around hungry. If you change the quality of what you eat, you can be satisfied with lower calories. There have been experiments in both people and rats that if you give them the so-called "cafeteria diet" - a junky American diet - and let them eat as much as they want, they will eat about 3,000 calories. If you take the same people and give them a high-quality diet, and let them eat as much as they want, they'll settle for about 2,500 calories. So right off, you can knock off 500-600 calories just by eating better food." - Dr. Roy Walford.


Animals and humans eating unhealthy fats "eat six times as much fat and six times as much food. A lot of money is saved by buying the right kind of fat." - Budwig pages 22, 33. See our page on healthy fats. Healthy fats include butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and flax oil. Unhealthy fats include all hydrogenated oils, all oils heated to high temperature, rancid oils, and most of the modern vegetable oils.


When people have a smaller dinner plate, they take less food. When offered the healthier foods first, people tend to eat more of the healthy foods. Automatically, people take less of the foods that come later.


Lose weight by eating more? Eat foods with a high water content such as fruits, vegetables, cooked whole grains, soups, etc. Certain foods important to cancer prevention are also found to prevent and reverse obesity. To prevent obesity, two substances you MUST avoid are MSG and the liquid candy called high-fructose corn syrup. Avoid obesogens.




The Hunza Diet


"The energy and endurance of the Hunzakuts can probably be credited as much to what they don't eat as what they do eat. First of all, they don't eat a great deal of anything. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that the average daily food intake for Americans of all ages amounts to 3,300 calories, with 100 grams of protein, 157 grams of fat and 380 grams of carbohydrates. In contrast, studies by Pakistani doctors show that adult males of Hunza consume a little more than 1,900 calories daily, with only 50 grams of protein, 36 grams of fat, and 354 grams of carbohydrates. Both the protein and fat are largely of vegetable origin (Dr. Alexander Leaf, National Geographic, January, 1973).


That amounts to just half the protein, one-third the fat, but about the same amount of carbohydrates that we Americans eat. Of course, the carbohydrate that the Hunzakuts eat is unrefined or complex carbohydrate found in fruits, vegetables and grains, while we Americans largely eat our carbohydrates in the form of nutritionless white sugar and refined flour.


Needless to say, the Hunzakuts eat no processed food. Everything is as fresh as it can possibly be, and in its original unsalted state. The only "processing" consists of drying some fresh fruits in the the sun, and making butter and cheese out of milk. No chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used in their gardens. In fact, it is against the law of Hunza to spray gardens with pesticides. Renee Taylor, in her book Hunza health secrets (Prentice-Hall 1964) says that the Mir, or ruler of Hunza, was recently instructed by Pakistani authorities to spray the orchards of Hunza with pesticide, to protect them from an expected invasion of insects. But the Hunzas would have none of it. They refused to use the toxic pesticide, and instead sprayed their trees with a mixture of water and ashes, which adequately protected the trees without poisoning the fruit and the entire environment. In a word, the Hunzas eat as they live - organically." - Death Rides a Slow Bus in Hunza. You can read this article in our Library.




Heaven on Earth


That all this chemical horror is as unnecessary as it is unnatural, that men and women can live into their second century free of all disease, if fed on properly grown organic food, was first proved by an early follower of Sir Albert Howard, a distinguished Scots physician, Robert McCarrison, who did so with the aid of a crew of city rats. As head of the Nutrition Research Agency for the Imperial Government of India, and director of its Pasteur Institute at Coonoor, McCarrison gained a knighthood and an appointment as personal physician to King George V. But it was his interlude with rats, while he was still a young man attached to the Gilgit Agency in northern Pakistan, that made his fame. It led to the discovery of the legendary health and longevity of the inhabitants of Hunza, a hardy people living in a remote and inaccessible valley, surrounded by the highest Himalayan peaks.


In the course of a comparative study of the dietary practices of people from various regions of India, young McCarrison was surprised to find that rats that ate the diets of Pathans and Sikhs increased their body weight much faster and were much healthier than those ingesting the daily fares of neighboring peoples such as the Kanarese or the Bengalis.


Even more extraordinary, when his rats were fed the same diet as that of the Hunzas, a diet limited to grain, vegetables, fruits, and unpasteurized goats' milk, the rodents appeared to McCarrison to be the healthiest ever raised in his laboratory. They grew rapidly, never seemed to be ill, mated with enthusiasm, and had healthy offspring. Autopsies showed nothing whatsoever wrong with their organs. Throughout their lifetimes these rats were gentle, affectionate, and playful.


Other rats contracted precisely the diseases of the people whose diets they were fed, and even seemed to adopt certain of the humans' nastier behavioral characteristics. Illnesses revealed at autopsy filled a whole page. All parts of the rats' bodies - skin, hair, blood, ovaries, and womb - and all their systems - respiratory, urinary, digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular - were affected. Many of the rats, snarling and vicious, had to be kept apart if they were not to tear each other to bits.


- from the book Secrets of the Soil pages 91 and 92.



The Benefit of Intermittent Fasting

"What we're talking about is: how do you prevent yourself from getting cancer? And what you're saying is exactly what I've said in the book. As long as you can keep the mitochondria healthy - which is when you're burning fat and ketones - oxygen free radicals within the mitochondria go down.

Also, there is a stimulation of autophagy within the cells. The dysfunctional mitochondria are consumed within the cell. And the biomolecules within those dysfunctional mitochondria are then distributed to the healthy mitochondria and the healthy components of the cell. So, we're actually eliminating the dysfunctional mitochondria and replacing them with a highly efficient energy system within the cell. This happens on therapeutic intermittent fasting...

...This not only targets and kills cancer cells. I mean, this makes neurons in the brain healthy to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease. This is all linked to the same basic general phenomenon that too much glucose in the bloodstream is not healthy. It leads to inflammation. It leads to cardiovascular disease, which is linked to triglyceride accumulation. It's linked to a lot of things. It's also linked to dysfunctional mitochondria, which is the origin of cancer." - Dr. Thomas Seyfried pages 10 - 11.

(Intermittent fasting is eating every other day. On the eating day, most people will not eat two days worth of food, so over two or more days of intermittent fasting the total food consumption is reduced.)

Why Fasting Bolsters Brain Power (16 minute video)






There is a direct relationship between longevity and the ability to repair DNA. Nucleotides are the sub-units from which the body creates DNA and RNA. Your body may or may not be able to create nucleotides (depending on your age and other factors), and so it is good to get nucleotides from your diet. Foods providing nucleotides include breast milk, sardines, brewer's yeast, anchovies, mackerel, lentils, most beans, animal liver, oysters, chlorella algae and spirulina algae.


Benefits from eating nucleotides include:

- aging process slows

- health improves

- toxins neutralized

- skin more elastic

- increased ability of body to heal, shorter healing time, shorter hospital stays

- effect of antioxidants is enhanced

- better response and efficiency of immune system, dramatically increased ability to fight infections

- increased cellular metabolism and energy

- better memory, reduced senility


Dr. David Williams (Alternatives newsletter June 2004) recommends eating at least two tins of sardines each week. This is because sardines are one of the richest sources of nucleotides, and because they are also a good source of omega-3 oils (such as DHA), vitamin D and calcium. Unlike larger and more long-lived fish, sardines are not likely to be contaminated with mercury. Plus, they are readily available, economical, and can be eaten directly from the can. Dr. Williams writes, "For about 1/10 the cost of most fast-food meals you can substitute a tasty tin of sardines a couple of times a week. And, it may be one of the least expensive and easiest ways I know of to put the brakes on the aging process and all the problems that accompany it." Dr. Williams also recommends brewer's yeast or nutritional yeast mixed in a cup of hot water with some seasoning, making a delicious "soup" offering lots of B vitamins and minerals.


For more information on nucleotides read the book No-Aging Diet by Dr. Benjamin Franks.




There is a nucleotide nutritional supplement called REgen. It was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1950's as a way to help cancer patients survive chemo and radiation. More recent research indicates that REgen helps restore the villi in the intestines, which improves the absorption of nutrients while repairing a leaky gut. This in turn takes a load off the immune system. As a result, REgen is being used by people with cancer, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, and more. In one study, patients in intensive care receiving REgen were able to go home 8 days sooner than other patients not receiving REgen. REgen contains amino acids, specific vitamins and minerals, organic salts, and nucleotides. REgen is made from cows, so is not suitable for vegetarians.


Similar products made from yeast and suitable for vegetarians include Nucleo Immune and Bluebonnet Kosher Nucleotide Complex. A less expensive product Mixed Nucleotides with Imunil does not disclose the origin of the nucleotides.








"So far, there's not much hard evidence on whether taking additional enzymes will extend lifespan. However, we do know that laboratory rats that eat raw foods will live about three years. Rats that eat enzyme-less chow diets will live only two years. Thus, we see diets deficient in enzymes caused a 30% reduction in lifespan." - Dr. Edward Howell 



Excerpt from The Curious Man: The Life and Works of Dr. Hans Nieper, pages 78-79.



   Prevention of arteriosclerosis plays a significant role in increasing life expectancy. For this purpose, alternative orthomolecular therapy promotes the enzyme bromelain (natural to pineapples and other fruits and vegetables), which is absorbed into the bloodstream and can be used without limitation. This approach is as effective after eight year's use as it is on the first day. Bromelain cleans blood vessel walls and cells, and dissolves already-existing clots. So it has an excellent cleaning effect on arterial deposits. (Its actions are comparable to the long-term use of magnesium orotate, discussed in Chapter 5.) Bromelain is taken in pill form. The most effective bromelain preparations are those that include a number of additional food enzymes, among which are amylase, chymotrypsin, lipase, pancreatin, papain, protease, rutin, and trypsin. I have gained much of my information on bromelain from the work of Dr. Steven Taussig of Honolulu, Hawaii, who is responsible for a very large amount of research on this substance.

    Interestingly, in performing extensive cancer therapy, I have found that bromelain unmasks the surface antigens of malignant cells, thus allowing them to be recognized by the body's lymphocytes and macrophages (important components of the natural immune defense system). And among the many cancer patients whom I have treated, there have been a number with angina pectoris. Almost from the very start of the bromelain cancer therapy, the angina pectoris largely regressed in these patients. 





Telomeres and Telomerase


Telomeres are structures at the tips of each chromosome that prevent the chromosome from unraveling. Telomeres are much like the plastic tips of your shoelaces.


Cells divide to replace old or damaged cells. However, each time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter. When too short, the cell can no longer divide and becomes "senescent'', which means "old age". When too many of your cells become senescent, you die of old age.


There are many ways to improve the health of cells (as discussed on this website), extending their lifespan and thereby slowing the rate of cell division. Extending the lifespan of your cells and preserving their telomeres should lengthen your lifespan as well.


However, the holy grail of longevity is finding ways to increase the length of telomeres. According to 2009 Nobel prize winning research by Elisabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak, there is an enzyme called telomerase that has the job of restoring the length of telomeres. Finding ways to increase the amount of telomerase in cells in order to restore the telomeres is the challenge.


Research so far indicates:
- chronic stress reduces telomerase and results in shorter telomeres 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

- oxidative stress accelerates telomere loss and anti-oxidants decelerate telomere loss 1
- obesity and cigarette smoking result in shorter telomeres 1
- foods that shorten telomeres includes soft drinks, processed meat, red meat, and alcohol 1
- people who eat multivitamins, vitamins B12, C, D, & E, and omega-3 fatty acids have longer telomeres 1, 2, 3, 4

- inflammation shortens telomeres 1, 2, 3, 4

- iron supplements and iron overload shorten telomeres 1, 2
- shorter telomeres are associated with age-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
- a 4 part program of whole foods low-fat plant-based diet, moderate exercise (walking 20-30 minutes a day), stress management techniques including yoga and meditation, plus more social support and love & intimacy increases telomerase and lengthens telomeres 1, 2, 3, 4

- Transcendental Meditation may increase telomerase 1, 2.


"Every stress leaves an indelible scar and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older." - Hans Selye


"...each year of age was associated with a 28 base-pair shorter telomere in our sample." 1


While waiting for science to further illuminate the situation, we have some suggestions:
- conserve the enzyme manufacturing capability of your body by eating enzymes in the form of fresh food, high enzyme food such as pineapple and papaya, and enzyme supplements
- avoid consumption of foods that deplete your body's store of enzymes such as too much protein, too much sugar, and too much dead food
- avoid consumption of enzyme-disrupting substances such as aluminum, arsenic, beryllium, bromide, cadmium, fluoride, lead, mercury, "depleted" uranium as well as toxic levels of copper, iron and zinc
- adopt a lifestyle that preserves the cells of the body by avoiding excessive wear and tear. This includes not over eating, not over exercising, dealing effectively with stress, getting enough sleep, and removing sources of inflammation in the body
- avoid allergens. Here is a pulse test to diagnose allergies to foods and other substances
- live a balanced life. Follow the 8 step program and other suggestions on this web site.





Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)


Within the body, an advanced glycation end product is the result of an unhealthy chemical reaction between sugar and protein or lipids in the absence of enzymes. AGEs can affect nearly every type of molecule and cell in the body. AGEs cause "cross-linking", which is a scientific way of saying that they gum things up. AGEs are proinflammatory and associated with various inflammatory diseases. AGEs cause the production of free radicals, which in turn create more damage. High blood glucose promotes the formation of AGEs. Fructose in the blood produces ten times more AGEs compared to glucose.


The formation and accumulation of AGEs contribute to the creation of plaques in the body. AGEs are associated with Alzheimer's Disease, arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cataracts in the eyes, diabetes mellitus, kidney damage, myocardial infarction, nephropathy, neuropathy, periodontitis, reduced muscle function, retinopathy, and stroke. The cross-links created by AGEs cause problems in both microcirculation and macrocirculation. Cross-linking reduces flexibility and increases stiffness throughout the body. The AGEs and free radicals contribute to the general decline in health associated with "aging".


AGEs are also absorbed into the body from food and cause AGE-related tissue injury. When food is exposed to heat during cooking, it is the formation of AGEs that cause the cooked food to turn brown. The browning is associated with denaturation and cross-linking of proteins, particularly lysine and arginine. Higher cooking temperatures and longer cooking times cause increased formation of AGEs. Dietary AGE restriction reduces serum AGE levels.


Healthy kidneys will excrete AGEs in the urine. However, when kidneys become damaged by AGEs then the kidneys become less able to excrete AGEs and a vicious circle ensues, with more AGEs in the blood causing increasing damage to the kidneys.


Nutrients that may help prevent damage caused by AGEs include enzymes, vitamin C, benfotiamine, alpha-lipoic acid, carnosine, and resveratrol. Raw foods offer enzymes, plus they do not contain the AGEs created by cooking. We suggest that at least half of what you eat should be raw. Plus, stop eating sugar.









Fruit flies with more antioxidants in their body enjoy a life span extended 66% from 45 days to 75 days. Moreover, they have a higher level of oxygen consumption and are more active than controls, suggesting they get more out of life. Anti-oxidants neutralize molecules called "free radicals" that cause damage.


Glutathione is the main anti-oxidant inside cells. Vitamin C is the main anti-oxidant outside cells. Vitamin E is the main fat-soluble antioxidant in the body. Alpha lipoic acid is the main antioxidant in the mitochondria of cells.


Earthing is the best source of electrons to recharge antioxidants in the body.


Purification techniques such as hyperthermia can prevent the build-up of toxic chemicals and free radicals in the body.


The ancient Ayurvedic herbal formula from India called Maharishi Amrit Kalash was specifically designed to promote longevity. The Sanskrit words "amrit kalash" mean the "golden cup of longevity" or the "nectar of immortality". Modern scientific research suggests that Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK) is the most powerful food antioxidant available and it is being used by many cancer patients.


"Detoxification is even more important to longevity than good nutrition." - Dr. Felicia Drury Kliment, page 3. A temporary diet of 100% raw foods is becoming popular as a means of detoxification, as is a temporary diet of freshly made juices of raw fruits and vegetables. Intermittent fasting (eating every other day) may also be helpful.





"We've already found dozens of ways to live an extra decade or two - in good health. The easiest and surest way: Increase your body's supply of glutathione, a natural compound that is a tripeptide (combination of three amino acids). Buy the tablets or just eat more cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc.) Of course, we recognize that some people would much prefer dying to eating Brussels sprouts." - Dr. David Williams.


The anti-oxidant glutathione is composed of the amino acids glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine. Foods that increase glutathione levels in the body include cruciferous vegetables  (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, bok choy, cress, mustard, horseradish, turnips, rutabagas, kohlrabi), avocados, ripe seeds of green beans, red beets, the herb rosemary, grape seed extract, bilberry extract, curcumin found in turmeric, whey protein powder, and Pycnogenol from pine bark. A food that is particularly high in glutathione precursors is whey made from milk.


Glutathione plays a role in removing various toxic chemicals from the body. As a result, glutathione levels in the body are reduced by exposure to heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and the chemicals used in chemotherapy. Maharishi Amrit Kalash maintains healthy glutathione levels in the body even during chemotherapy, resulting in improved survival and reduced side effects, without interfering with the tumor shrinking effect of the chemotherapy.


In animal experiments, increased glutathione consumption increases longevity by about 40%. Glutathione is an antioxidant. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) promotes the synthesis of glutathione in the body. As we saw on our Oxygen page, Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of five nutrients necessary to maintain healthy mitochondria for cellular respiration and energy production. Food sources of ALA include spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, peas, Brussels sprouts, and rice bran.


Diseases linked to free radical damage due to low levels of glutathione include cardiovascular disease, cataracts, macular degeneration, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, the destruction of immune cells associated with AIDS, and inflammatory bowel disease. Most diseases are preceded by glutathione deficiency.


Glutathione is depleted by toxic chemicals and drugs as it helps remove them from the body. In experimental animals, glutathione was reduced 70 to 80% within four hours after administering acetaminophen (Tylenol). - Drug Chem Toxicol 81;4(1):37-48.


DMG (Dimethylglycine), SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) and B vitamins are precursors to glutathione. Diagram of the metabolic pathways (slide #20). Selenium enzymes help maintain glutathione.


This combination of DMG, SAMe and B vitamins works magic in many areas of the body, helping to prevent cancer and metastases, heal the arteries, cleanse the liver, strengthen the immune system, reverse the damaging effects of aging and much more. Many people may already have sufficient DMG and SAMe in their body, with their utilization hindered only by insufficient B vitamins (folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12). We would suggest starting with B vitamin supplementation, followed if needed by DMG supplementation because it is inexpensive. Some of the DMG will be converted by the body into SAMe. Save the more costly SAMe supplementation for last and only if necessary.




How to Increase Glutathione

From Levy pages 71-80



Alpha Lipoic Acid


S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM, SAMe)


Sesame oil

Whey protein



Vitamin C

Vitamin E


Liposomal glutathione



Glutathione generally does not survive the digestive system. There are basically three ways to increase glutathione levels in the body:

1) consume glutathione precursors;

2) find ways to preserve the glutathione that is already in the cells;

3) eat liposomal glutathione or take glutathione intravenously.


Along with alpha lipoic acid, glutathione protects mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage.


As people age, their glutathione level generally goes down. People over 100 years of age have high levels of glutathione, which is probably why they have lived so long.







Mice who receive hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water grow much larger and live twice as long. - McCabe, page 34. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is water with extra oxygen in it.


Hydrogen peroxide is made by your immune cells. They squirt it at invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa in order to kill them.


Hydrogen peroxide is often used for drinking water treatment. The use of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide can help keep drinking water pure. This is because a reverse osmosis water filter removes chlorine from the water. Without the chlorine, there is nothing to prevent bacteria from growing in the water, so hydrogen peroxide is added to replace the chlorine. When water is ozonated, the ozone in the water forms hydrogen peroxide.


When hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic material, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide can both purify and oxygenate water.







Rebounding is a zero-impact aerobic exercise that improves blood circulation, increases the capacity of both the heart and lungs, and improves physiological efficiency. With regular rebounding the resting heart rate can decline 10 beats per minute, which means 5,000 fewer heartbeats in a single night's sleep.


"Years ago, exercise was rarely recommended for people who were sick. Patients with asthma, heart trouble, or cancer were advised to avoid physical exertion and rest as much as possible. While this may be appropriate for some individuals, a growing number of physicians have learned that most patients can participate safely in a wide variety of physical activities, including aerobic exercises, and that it is vital for good health." - Altman, page 186.


Studies have found that exercise can reduce coronary artery disease just as well as drugs, but with no side effects. Exercise reduces stroke, high blood pressure, muscle weakness (a problem for older people), memory loss, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, anxiety, tension, and boosts the immune system. Exercise includes going for a walk, gardening, mowing the grass, raking leaves, shoveling snow, house work, yoga asanas, rebounding,...



In general, exercise improves health-span, but has only a modest effect on lifespan.








"Deficiency of K-base [potassium] in the diet increases the net systemic acid load imposed by the diet. We know that clinically-recognized chronic metabolic acidosis has deleterious effects on the body, including growth retardation in children, decreased muscle and bone mass in adults, and kidney stone formation, and that correction of acidosis can ameliorate those conditions. Is it possible that a lifetime of eating diets that deliver evolutionarily superphysiologic loads of acid to the body contribute to the decrease in bone and muscle mass, and growth hormone secretion, which occur normally with age? That is, are contemporary humans suffering from the consequences of chronic, diet induced low-grade systemic metabolic acidosis?


Our group has shown that contemporary net acid-producing diets do indeed characteristically produce a low-grade systemic metabolic acidosis in otherwise healthy adult subjects, and that the degree of acidosis increases with age, in relation to the normally occurring age-related decline in renal functional capacity. We also found that neutralization of the diet net acid load with dietary supplements of potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3) improved calcium and phosphorus balances, reduced bone resorption rates, improved nitrogen balance, and mitigated the normally occurring age-related decline in growth hormone secretion - all without restricting dietary NaCl. Moreover, we found that coadministration of an alkalinizing salt of potassium (potassium citrate) with NaCl prevented NaCl from increasing urinary calcium excretion and bone resorption, as occurred with NaCl administration alone." - Diet, evolution and aging, page 200.




"The capacity to excrete net endogenous acid does not vary markedly from childhood to young adulthood but falls significantly with age, implying that elderly people may require higher daily alkalizing mineral intake to compensate for renal function losses." - Berkemeyer S, et al.




"Otherwise healthy adults manifest a low-grade diet-dependent metabolic acidosis, the severity of which increases with age at a constant endogenous acid production, apparently due in part to the normal age-related decline of renal function." - Frassetto, LA, et al. See also 1, 2. There are things you can do to help your kidneys 1, 2.




"Insufficient amount of bicarbonates in our blood reduces our capabilities to manage (neutralize and dump) the acid our body produces. This is the cause of aging. The age of 45 is the average age when human beings start to show symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and many other adult degenerative diseases. And since we cannot manage the acid, we accumulate acidic wastes in our body. These wastes show up as cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, urate, sulfate, phosphate, kidney stones, etc.”- Dr. Lynda Fressetto 




Maintaining an alkaline condition in the body may help prevent age related loss of muscle mass in the body. Starting between the ages of 30 to 40, the average person begins to lose about 1% of lean muscle mass per year, year after year. This protein is replaced by fat. By old age the accumulated loss of muscle mass causes frailty that leads to falls, lack of mobility and eventual loss of independence. "And by correcting the pre-existing low-grade metabolic acidosis, KHCO3 decreased the pre-treatment rate of muscle proteolysis, further contributing to the improvement in nitrogen balance. The magnitude of the KHCO3-induced nitrogen sparing effect was potentially sufficient to both prevent continuing loss of muscle mass and to restore previously accrued deficits." - page 209. See also Preventing Sarcopenia.


KHCO3 is potassium bicarbonate.





"In Hunza, the drinking and irrigation water for farming flows from the melting glacial ice sheets. Clouded by the mineral rich glacial silt, it is revered as the "milk of the mountains" (38). On the average, a Hunzakut will drink 4 liters a day. A missionary chemist who was there some years ago analyzed this glacial water for cesium and found it to be abundant. The diet of the Hunzakuts appears to be rich in the minerals and transport enhancement nitriles which would be expected to reduce the incidence of cancer in accordance with the high pH theory." - Dr. A. Keith Brewer, High pH Cancer Therapy With Cesium, page 17.



There are five isolated areas in the world where people live to a great age. Dr. Henri Coanda concluded after studying them that the only factor they shared in common was the quality of their drinking water. This water has an abundance of alkaline minerals, a negative electrical charge (so it acts as an anti-oxidant), and a small cluster size which helps it to penetrate body tissues to rehydrate the body and transport nutrients.


There are two kinds of water. One has a pentagonal (5 sided) cluster shape and is called "bulk" water. The other has a hexagonal (6 sided, honeycomb) cluster shape. The hexagonal water is healthier. To transform pentagonal water to hexagonal water requires energy which can come in the form of electricity (Earthing, lightning, electromedical devices, water ionizers), light (sunlight, UVB sunlamp, infrared / far infrared sauna), and alkalinity (OH- has a negative electrical charge). Fresh fruit and vegetable juices should be a good source of hexagonal water. As a person ages the cells in the body get smaller. This is not just due to inadequate fluid intake. It is also a matter of not drinking the right kind of fluids. What is needed is fluids containing a high percentage of hexagonal water, because it is hexagonal water that is most readily absorbed by the cells. Hexagonal water is also called structured water or living water.


"Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues, and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water." - Dr. Mu Shik Jhon in The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key.







The hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is associated with a youthful physiology, including reduced body fat, increased lean muscle mass, thicker and more youthful looking skin, improved energy and sex drive. Experiments with increasing the level of HGH in the body produced many damaging results. Recent research indicates that the body's production of HGH does not decline with age. Rather, it is our ability to utilize HGH efficiently that is declining. Many of the dietary and lifestyle defects that help lead the way to cancer are also found to interfere with the body's utilization of HGH. To maximize the beneficial effects of human growth hormone and increase your youthfulness:


- Eat more vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds. Eat less animal products - meat and milk.


- Increase your dietary potassium relative to sodium. Processed foods almost always have more sodium than potassium (read the labels), so avoid them. Eat a diet of fresh whole foods.

- Supplement with potassium bicarbonate and potassium magnesium citrate.


- Avoid sugar. Sugar interferes with the release of HGH. Eat low glycemic index foods.


- Exercise induces the release of HGH.


- Try to not eat much within two hours of going to bed. 


- "Juice fast" one day a week. This not only gives your HGH a boost, but also cuts down on your calories eaten.



Cartoon source http://www.naturalnews.com/021845_anti-aging_medicine.html








Much of the degeneration that accompanies aging is associated with chronic, systemic inflammation.


Anti-inflammatories include:
- glutathione
- Earthing
- good sleep
- moderate exercise
- eating fruits and vegetables
- calorie restriction
- intermittent fasting
- proteolytic enzymes (such as bromelain, papain, pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and rutin)
- dietary fiber
- ketogenic diet
- xylitol toothpaste 1, 2
- potassium
- magnesium
- turmeric/curcumin
- herbs & spices (ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, cayenne, cardamom, cilantro, garlic, parsley, curry and cumin)
- chlorophyll (green leafy vegetables)
- omega 3 oils (flax, chia, sardines, walnuts, pumpkin seeds)
- ground or soaked flax seeds (1 to 2 tablespoons per day)
- Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
- coconut oil
- oil pulling
- anti-oxidants
- coenzyme PQQ
- carotenoids (red, orange, yellow fruits / vegetables / berries / beans)
- flavonoids (green, blue, purple fruits / vegetables / berries / beans)
- vitamin C
- vitamin D
- natural source vitamin E (with mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols)
- MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide)
- DMG (dimethylglycine, vitamin B15)
- low glycemic index foods
- St. John's wort
- silymarin (found in milk thistle)
- resveratrol
- propolis
- rosemary
- cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa)
- green tea
- cultured soy (natto, miso, shoyo, tempeh)
- ashwagandha
- boswellia
- water

- nitric oxide

- longer telomeres
- healthy gut bacteria
- comfortable shoes



Pro-inflammatories include:
- sleep deprivation
- chronic stress
- omega 6 oils (corn, sunflower, safflower, etc.)
- rancid oils
- trans fatty acids (hydrogenated oils)
- sugar
- salt
- junk foods (loaded with sugar and salt)
- high glycemic index foods
- wheat products, gluten
- red meat
- eggs
- foods cooked at high temperatures
- nightshade plants (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant)
- dehydration
- food allergies (common allergens include milk and dairy, wheat, corn, eggs, beef, yeast, and soy)
- toxic chemicals (including chemotherapy)
- ionizing radiation (including radiation treatment)

- physical injury (including surgery)

- shorter telomeres
- unhealthy gums
- unhealthy gut bacteria
- smoking
- acid reflux
- congenital defect
- damaged intestines
- obesity
- stone formation
- infection
- parasites
- harsh physical contact
- ill-fitting/uncomfortable shoes


Chronic inflammation can cause cancer. In fact, it may be the ONLY cause of cancer, with all the other factors involved with cancer simply contributing to chronic inflammation.


Inflammation is the body's response to injury or infection. Inflammation results in the destruction of badly damaged cells and the healing of less damaged cells. As we age and health declines, the body responds with a chronic low level of inflammation. Aging is a kind of autoimmune disease. As time passes and health continues to decline, the immune system has to fight harder and harder until finally our internal resources are exhausted and we die. Scientists now speak of "inflammaging".


The fact that our immune system reacts to the "normal" effects of aging as if they were injuries is a clue that age-related degeneration is, in fact, not normal.


A biological marker of inflammation is called "C-reactive protein" (CRP). CRP is elevated by injuries, infections, inflammatory diseases (with names ending in "itis"), and cancer. To keep your CRP down you need to minimize the amount of inflammation in your body. The normal level of CRP in the blood of healthy people is below 1 mg/L. When inflammation is present, CRP can increase to 200 mg/L or more. Your CRP level can be used to measure your response to treatment. The above list of anti-inflammatories and pro-inflammatories should help you reduce inflammation in your body and lower your CRP level. You will also need to deal with any health problems that may exist in your body.


"The key to successful aging and longevity is to decrease chronic low-level inflammation without compromising an acute response when exposed to pathogens." - Dr. Claudio Franceshci









The practice of Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has been found to improve many of the parameters associated with aging. When comparing "physiological age" with "chronological age" TM meditators are found to be physiologically younger than their chronological age, and the degree of youthfulness (relative to chronological age) increases with the number of years the person has been meditating. You can see a bibliography of scientific research here https://research.miu.edu/tm-technique/ .



Can this state of suspension be prolonged indefinitely and if so, what is the effect on the brain cells?
Maharishi: Yes, it can be prolonged indefinitely. If it is held for a very long time, the body will become alkaline. Because, not to decay is the quality of alkaline body. And as long as the individual mind gets to that universal consciousness, the body has to be intact. In order that it remains intact, it becomes alkaline.
If the body is acidic, more of acid in the system, then the oxygen going in becomes carbon dioxide. If the body is acidic, more carbon dioxide is produced. To throw it out, the exhalations become deeper, heavier. When the exhalations become heavier, inhalations become correspondingly heavier also. So the breath grows heavy when the system is acidic.
Opposite to this, when the acidity becomes less then the breath becomes slow. That is why during meditation the breath becomes slow, the body becomes less acidic, more alkaline.
This is the reason why the body lasts longer for those who meditate, long life. With meditation the blood chemistry changes, becomes less acidic, more alkaline...

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Hochgurgl, Austria, 1962, tape number 2.




Maharishi makes it clear that alkalinity and respiratory suspension go together. When the mind becomes still, the body becomes still. Stillness of the mind is called transcendence. A physiological correlate of transcendence is respiratory suspension.


From this we conclude that an acid condition in the body is an obstacle to transcendence, and that an alkaline body will attain transcendence and respiratory suspension more readily. Plus, an alkaline body will breathe less and live longer.





The expected impact of our 8 Step Cancer Program on longevity is summarized here:


  8 Step Cancer Program

Impact on Longevity

1. More oxygen Increased mental alertness, visual acuity and relaxation. Mice grow larger and live twice as long.
2. More alkalinity Alkaline minerals bring mental and physical relaxation. Alkaline body fluids bring increased oxygen to the tissues. The negative charge of alkaline body fluids will neutralize positively charged free radicals.
3. Less free radicals Toxic chemicals that create free radicals are an irritant in the system. Antioxidants such as Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK) and various nutrients help to neutralize free radicals. Life span extended up to 66% in the laboratory.
4. More exercise Improved circulation of the lymph resulting in nourishment and purification of the body tissues. Increased heart & lung capacity and physiological efficiency.
5. Hyperthermia Helps to remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the body, thereby reducing free radicals. Improved circulation.
6. More enzymes Enzymes facilitate digestion and all metabolic activities. Possible 50% extension of lifespan compared to those who are enzyme deficient. Use herbs to regenerate your pancreas (Gymnema sylvestre) and liver (milk thistle/silymarin). Do not overeat.
7. Nutrient-dense diet, B17, F, C, D, selenium & iodine Relief from many "hidden hungers" that cause agitation and discomfort at the cellular level. Less demand on the body's store of enzymes. Increased calmness. In experimental animals: 30% extension of life span by eating less. Vitamin F promotes increased oxygen to all areas of the body. Average 11 years longer life in people who take vitamin C and other supplements.
8. Transcendental Meditation Release of stress resulting in calmness of mind, body and emotions, together with increased attention span. Many parameters such as faster reaction time, lower blood pressure and improved near-point vision verify the increased youthfulness of individuals practicing TM. 


"His days shall be one hundred and twenty years." - Genesis 6:3



"Man is very lucky. We have a very long life span for a mammal. In the Bible it says seventy years in one place and 120 in another. I wrote a whole book on this once, but to summarize. If you drift, eat as the masses eat, do not exercise and have a bad attitude, your chances of making it to seventy are not that bad. This is sort of a given age. The systems most prone to break down and cause death, will keep going until this age most of the time. If a person is unlucky, has a genetic weakness, smokes or does other things this can be shortened. On the other hand if you do it all right. If you are born into a strict living foods vegan household, exercise, do yoga and think right all your life, at age 120 you should be in the same physical shape as those born at the same time who do not care for their health, were at seventy. The difference is not only that your potential life span is fifty years longer. You will very likely have had a much better quality of life. As I said earlier, I had a (heart) valve that was making my life much less enjoyable six years ago. I could not run. Playing with my kids was difficult. The defect in my heart affected the quality of my life. This is also very true of smokers, overweight people, etc. They all have a lower quality of life as well as quantity. If you live perfectly, your life is not just longer, it is longer and better. A 100-year-old that can climb mountains, and is lucid and contributing to life has a better life than a 50-year-old with emphysema and oxygen starvation to the brain. Living well is not just a matter of living longer it is living better. Part of that living better and longer is reducing the chances of developing cancer."
- Dr. Jerry Glenn Knox, www.healthandlifestyle.com/cancer.html



For more information on longevity see:

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Avoid Alzheimer's


Dr. David Perlmutter recommends 4 things to avoid Alzheimer's disease:

1. do not eat sugar/carbohydrates

2. do not eat gluten

3. eat healthy fats

4. aerobic exercise


According to Dr. Perlmutter, even a "normal" level of blood sugar is too high, and is associated with inflammation. Inflammation creates free radicals which cause brain shrinkage. Replace carbohydrates with calories from healthy fats.


Gluten sensitivity can affect any part of the body, including the brain. Much of the population does not have celiac disease, but still is sensitive to gluten. The gluten can affect different parts of the body besides the gut.


Dr. Perlmutter shows scans of brains that are inflamed and shrinking as a result of high blood sugar and/or gluten sensitivity. He also says that the body will regenerate nervous tissue in response to eating healthy fats and aerobic exercise.


How sugar harms your brain and drives Alzheimer's epidemic.


Intermittent fasting bolsters brain power.





What Really Causes Alzheimer's Disease
by Harold D. Foster


Medical geographer Dr. Harold Foster has written an interesting and useful book on the subject of Alzheimer's Disease which can be downloaded free from this webpage http://www.hdfoster.com/publications. Dr. Foster found the following:

- There are more than 70 types of dementia. Alzheimer's disease accounts for about half of all senile dementia patients. Many small strokes will cause a different dementia 
- the incidence of Alzheimer's in East Boston is about 3% for ages 65-74, 18.7% for ages 75-84, and 45.2% for those 85 and older. Compare this to the Swedish island of Lundby in 1947, where dementia was 0.7% for men and 0.5% for women in their 70s, and 1.9% and 2.5% for men and women aged 80 and over
- the brains of Alzheimer's patients experience progressive demyelinization, and loss of mental abilities as the myelin is lost
- the degeneration of the brain in Alzheimer's disease is similar to ALS and Parkinsonism
- biopsies of all three disorders reveal abnormally high levels of calcium, silicon and aluminum in the brain
- aluminum inhibits three membrane bound enzymes Na+K+ATPase, acetylcholinesterase, and the myelin-specific enzyme 2'3'-cyclic nucleotide phosphohydrolase
- autopsies of Alzheimer's patients brains show clumps outside of cells (beta-amyloid plaques) and tangled proteins inside cells (neurofibrillary tangles). Beta-amyloid plaques trigger an inflammatory response that ends up destroying many other brain cells. Anti-inflammatory drugs may reduce the probability of developing Alzheimer's
- healthy neurons contain microtubules that guide nutrients and other molecules from the cell body to the synapse and back. These microtubules are made of tau protein. In Alzheimer's the tau protein microtubules become abnormal and tangled
- the plaques and tangles affect the neurons (the grey matter on the exterior of the brain). The loss of myelin affects the axons (the white matter inside the brain). The brain shrinks (cerebral atrophy) as the disease progresses
- there are at least four genetic defects that contribute to Alzheimer's disease. However these are not sufficient to cause Alzheimer's
- excitatory amino acids such as glutamate and aspartate destroy brain cells when the brain is hypoglycemic, as in Alzheimer's disease
- additional causal factors are too much consumption of aluminum and insufficient consumption of magnesium and perhaps calcium
- aluminum interferes with numerous enzymes and disrupts myelin. "It has been known for over a century that aluminum is a neurotoxin."
- Avoid all sources of aluminum - antiperspirants, municipal tap water, foods in aluminum cans, vaccines, antacids, buffered aspirin, food additives, etc. Compared to human breast milk, aluminum is increased 10-20 times in dairy based infant formulas and 100 times in soy based infant formulas
- magnesium and calcium are easy to add to the diet. Silica also has a protective effect. Alkaline drinking water (pH 7.85 - 8.05) has a protective effect
- therefore avoidance of aluminum and supplementation with necessary minerals should make Alzheimer's relatively easy to prevent
- acid rain makes aluminum more soluble in water. Additional aluminum comes from aluminum sulphate used as a "flocculant" by water treatment plants
- acid foods dissolve aluminum if they are canned, cooked or wrapped in foil. Soft drinks are acidic and typically packaged in aluminum cans
- the processed food flavor additive "maltol" facilitates the passage of aluminum through the blood-brain barrier
- dietary intake of magnesium has been falling for the past 100 years and is now less than half what it used to be.
- brain glucose metabolism declines as Alzheimer's progresses
- choline, one of the B vitamins, helps with lipid metabolism and maintains cell membranes. Choline and its metabolites such as acetylcholine are deficient in Alzheimer's. Choline is found in lecithin, and eating lecithin increases the amount of choline in the blood and brain.

- aluminum and oxidized iron work together to create free radical damage in the brain

- brains of rabbits that drink tap water form beta amyloid plaques more easily than when rabbits drink distilled water

- other factors associated with development of Alzheimer's include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated homocysteine, depression, chronic stress, diabetes

- healthy diet (fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables) protects against Alzheimer's
- early childhood education protects against Alzheimer's
- alternative (non-drug) treatments that are showing promise include sage (Salvia lavandulaefolia), bacopa (Bacopa monniera), Ginkgo biloba, Huperzia serrata, Lion's mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceum), B vitamins, vitamin E, selenium, mineral ascorbates (potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, and chromium ascorbates), lithium, and Phosphatidylserine
- the drugs in common use for Alzheimer's merely prolong the disease and are of no real benefit to either patients or caregivers





The mineral ascorbates mentioned above were a product called Super Gram III by Alacer Corporation. Super Gram III is no longer available. The best source of mineral ascorbates we can find is 1


Choline stabilized orthosilicic acid is an effective chelator of heavy metals including lead, mercury, arsenic, and aluminum. Choline stabilized orthosilicic acid is the most absorbable form of dietary silica, and offers many additional health benefits including better hair, skin and nails, plus stronger bones and collagen. Choline stabilized orthosilicic acid is available in products such as Silidyn Rejuvenate, and Biosil by Natural Factors. Ongoing supplementation with choline stabilized orthosilicic acid is found to reduce aluminum in the brain, and help prevent senility and Alzheimer's disease. Less expensive (and less absorbable) sources of silica include silica gel, the herb horsetail, and bamboo extract. Mineral water (Spritzer, Volvic, Fiji) vs. aluminum in brain.


EDTA chelation therapy is more expensive than orthosilicic acid, and will also remove heavy metals from the body. Dr. Hoffer writes of an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease who received 20 chelation treatments and no longer had Alzheimer's disease (Hoffer & Saul, page 243).


Coconut oil, MCT oil for Alzheimer's disease 1. Alzheimer's disease is sometimes called "diabetes of the brain" due to reduced glucose uptake by the brain. Ketones are an alternative fuel for the brain.


N-acetylcysteine 1, 2, 3


Diet and lifestyle to prevent dementia 1, 2, 3, 4.


Influence of sound 1


The importance of sleep 1






The bottom line for extending your long and healthy life is understanding that hardly anybody dies of old age. Nearly everyone dies of accident, disease or the failure of a particular part of the body. Putting one's attention on personal safety, while maintaining good health by giving the body what it needs: good fuel, moderate exercise, adequate rest, and practicing a technique to dissolve stress, people can reasonably expect to live far longer than is generally the case at present. Our anti-aging program is really a pro-health program. Similarly, our healthy heart and anti-cancer programs are really pro-health programs with different starting points. All pro-health programs are likely to have much in common, with certain points emphasized a little more depending on the health situation you are starting from.


There are thousands of diseases but only one health. Modern medicine studies disease and places very little attention on health. Then it attempts to remove disease without simultaneously creating health. In fact, medical treatments often further destroy health. Without health, the disease-free state has a very weak foundation. To increase your lifespan you need to work on your "health span".


Plus, who wants to live longer without good health? Lacking physical and mental health, long life can become a nightmare of pain, disease and loneliness. Extending healthspan is a better goal. One's healthspan is something that everyone can impact, beginning at any age, and the result should be a longer and better life.


In the ancient Vedic civilization, the time of "retirement" had a profound purpose - the attainment of ever higher levels of enlightenment. Retired people have time to meditate, and if they are wise enough to do this then their wisdom may grow without bounds, and society will begin to find in them the enlightened leadership that is so sorely lacking today. Enlightenment is perfect health.




"To live simply and naturally is the highest goal." - Frederick Nietzsche


"Trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle."
- Leonardo da Vinci


"If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart."
- Buddha

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