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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison











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  Artificial Sweetener Debate
1. Corruption ExposeAspartame Corruption Exposť, by Alex Constantine.
2. Sucralose ToxicitySucralose toxicity.
3. Healthy SweetenersHealthy Sweetener Use Guide.
4. 600 Page Site600-page Aspartame Site Gets ~.4 Million Visitors.
5. Diet Coke4 Years Ruined by Diet Coke, 2 Years Healing.
6. Stiff Neck, Pain, BotoxAspartame Related Stiffness & Pain in Neck Muscles, Consequent Spasmatic Torticollis & Botox Injections.
7. Aspartame DiseaseAspartame Disease.
8. Aspartame UpdateAspartame Update March 2001.
9. Birth DefectsBirth Defect Registry.
10. How Safe?How Safe is Aspartame? by Michael B. Schachter M.D., F.A.C.A.M.
11. Diet-astrousAspartame = Diet-astrous Results, by Rebecca Ephraim, RD, CCN
12. Good & Bad, Part 1Good Science & Bad Science, Part 1.
13. Good & Bad, Part 2Good Science & Bad Science, Part 2.
14. Good & Bad, Part 3Good Science & Bad Science, Part 3.
15. Congressional RecordJane Brody, Science Times, Congressional Record.
16. FormaldehydeFormaldehyde.
17. Formaldehyde18 Recent Formaldehyde Toxicity Abstracts.
18. FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia & Aspartame.
19. LupusAspartame Lupus Patient Letters.
20. SteviaDr. Weil on Stevia.
21. MagnesiumAspartame Affects Magnesium.
22. 700 Club700 Club, CBN, Totheroh & Robertson: Aspartame Expose.
23. NeotameIs Neotame (Sweetener 2000) Safe?
24. Class Action SuitAspartame Activist Hassled by British Immigration. Join the Class Action Suit Against Aspartame!
25. DNA DamageDNA Damage from Sucralose, Cyclamate and Saccharin.
26. Racketeering ChargesRacketeering Charges Filed Against NutraSweet Co., American Diabetes Association, Monsanto & Dr. Robert H. Moser for Manufacturing and Marketing Toxic Aspartame.
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  Codex Alimentarius
1. UndemocraticVitamins by prescription only? Undemocratic Codex is at it again. Unfortunately, most countries are bound by what this UN organization decides, so this is important. 
2. DeadlineAmerican Holistic Health Association Special Codex Update - August 23/02 FDA Deadline for Consumer Comments!
3. Vitamin Petition600 Million People Sign Vitamin Petition!


FDACracking the Codex.


Stop CodexFirm Protest in Bonn Against Codex Plans - October 31, 2004.
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  Dairy Product Debate
1. T. Colin CampbellNotMilk - Dr. T. Colin Campbell speaks out.
2. Breast CancerNotMilk - IGF-1, Milk and Breast Cancer.
3. OsteoporosisNotMilk - O is for Osteoporosis.
4. DiabetesNotMilk - D is for Diabetes
5. Mad CowNotMilk - M is for Mad Cow Disease.
6. Autism & ADDNotMilk - Autism & ADD.
7. Breast & Prostate CancerProf. Jane Plant: Cure Breast Cancer by Avoiding All Milk Products.
8. Prof. Jane Prof. Jane Plant - Dairy & Breast Cancer.
9. rBGH, IGF-1rBGH, IGF-1, Monsanto, and Cancer. UN Rejects Milk Growth Hormones.
10. Multiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis and Milk
11. Osteoporosis6 Things You Can Do For Osteoporosis.
12. Early MenarchMilk & Early Menarch.
13. Physicians CommitteePhysicians Committee For Responsible Medicine.
14. Prostate CancerP is for Prostate Cancer.
15. Got Milk?Got (genetically engineered) Milk? - By Dr. Samuel Epstein, Introduction by Ben and Jerry, Forward by John Hagelin, Ph.D.


Leukemia  Leukemia Virus in Milk.
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  Essential Oils
1. AromatherapyAromatherapy, gentle massage and essential oils in the treatment of cancer.
2. Adulterated OilsAdulterated Oils and Their Dangers.
3. Essential Oils in FoodThe Hunza Diet and Essential Oils.
4. DownwindSit Downwind from Flowers.
5. Daffodil PrincipleThe Daffodil Principle.
6. Cold / Flu MedicationsCheck Your Cold/Flu Medications.
7. CritiqueA Critique of "Possible Health & Safety Problems in the Use of Novel Plant Essential Oils and Extracts in Aromatherapy".
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    Fats and Oils
 1.  Healthy Fats Healthy Fats and Oils
2. Coconut OilDisease Prevention and Treatment Uses for Coconut Oil
3. Omega 3Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil for bipolar disorder (manic depression).
4. Trans FatU.S. to Require Trans Fat Labeling.
5. ObesityObesity epidemic threatens health in exercise-deprived societies.
6. Obesity #2Heavy Silence: Why No One Wants to Talk About Obesity and Breast Cancer.
7. Obesity #3The Obesity Epidemic and How to Beat It.
8. Obesogens "Obesogens" are chemicals that make you and your children obese.
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1. Call for HearingsNationwide Call for Congressional Hearings on Fluoridation of Drinking Water.
2. ThyroidFluoride & Thyroid Cancer.
3. Canadian ReportCanadian Government Report Questions Value of Water Fluoridation.
4. Fluoridation and CancerFluoridation and Cancer.
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  Genetically Modified Food
1. Richard Wolfson ArticlesIndex of Articles on Genetically Modified Food received from Richard Wolfson, Ph.D.
2. GM MythsPuncturing the GM Myths.
3. Rice CancerCancer Promoting Transgenic Rice.
4. GM FoodEuropean Federation of Green Parties Resolution on Genetically Modified Foods.
5. Gene PollutionGene Pollution - A Made-In-America Disaster That Will Affect All Future Generations.
6. GM PharmingGenetically Modified Biopharmaceutical Crops Grown in Open Fields Threatening Genetic Pollution of Food Crops.
7. Seeds of DeceptionSeeds of Deception.
8. GM Food Conferences GM Food Conferences.
9. CrisisCrisis Re: GE Foods, Antibiotics, Mad Cow.
10. GM LetterLetter from Farmer Being Sued by Monsanto.
11. GM Corn FlakesHealthy Alternative to Kellogg's Corn Flakes.
12. GM FarmersFarmers, Parents Turn Against Genetically Modified Crops.
13. GM IgnoranceGenetic Ignorance.
14. GM FailureFailure of Genetic Engineered Goods.
15. Benefits?Do genetically engineered foods provide any benefits? Letter from PSRAST - Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology.
16. Problems!Contaminated Organic Crops, Canadian Wheat Crop at Risk, U.S. Government Bio-Warfare.
17. Protest!BioDevastation Protest, San Diego, California, June 22 - 27, 2001.
18. GM Labels"Fast Track Bill" Will Make It Illegal to Label Genetically Engineered Foods!
19. Eating In the DarkEating In the Dark: America's Experiment With Genetically Engineered Food.
20. Scientific DishonestyPro-GE Author Found Guilty of "Scientific Dishonesty".
21. ReviewFarmers and Scientists Want Review of Publicly-Funded Science.
22. ExtinctionDestruction of All Plant Life On Earth.
23. Bad Science"Cynical and Dishonest Science" in GM Maize Trials.
24. Sudden DeathRound-Up Ready Sudden Death Syndrome.
25. Regulatory ShamRegulatory Sham on BT-Crops.
26. More Pesticide UseGM Crops Increase Pesticide Use.
27. Animals Avoid GM FoodAnimals Avoid GM Food, GM Crops Harm Wildlife, Cows ate GM Maize and Died.
28. Not Fit for Man or BeastGM Food & Feed Not Fit for "Man or Beast".
29. Spurious FoundationThe Spurious Foundation of Genetic Engineering.
30. Devastate HealthWhy Genetically Modified Crops can Devastate Health.
31. Abusing ScienceApproving GM Crops is Abusing Science.
32. AustriaAustria Raising Hell over GM Safety.
33. Bt ToxinsBt Toxins in Genetically Modified Crops: Regulation by Deceit.
34. GM Ending?GM Ending?
35. GM Safety EnquiryIndependent Science Panel (ISP) Calls for Enquiry Into GM Food Safety.
36. Collusion and CorruptionCollusion and Corruption in GM Policy.
37. Synthetic GenesSynthetic Genes in Food Crops.
38. DogmaDeath of the Central Dogma.
39. Rice, Iron, & ArsenicRice in Asia: Too Little Iron, Too Much Arsenic (and arsenic causes cancer).
40. Food ContaminationU.S. To Rubber Stamp Transgene Contamination. Public comments accepted to 24 January 2005.
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  Hyperthermia / Sauna
1. Abscopal Effect The Abscopal Effect.
2. Mammary TumoursWhole body hyperthermia and mammary tumours in mice.
3. Heavy Metal DetoxHeavy Metal Detox: Why Sweating May Protect the Kidneys.
4. 12 StrategiesCellular Mechanisms of 12 Anti-Cancer Strategies.
5. Cline Medical CenterCline Medical Center - The Power of Detoxification.
6. Weight LossWeight Loss.
7. BenefitsBenefits of Sauna.
8. Cure-AllSauna: The Age-Old Cure-All.
9. Radiant HealthSweat Your Way to Radiant Health.
10. Chemical SensitivityChemical Sensitivity After Intoxication At Work With Solvents: Response to Sauna Therapy.
11. KikohElectromagnetic Wave Emitting Products and "Kikoh" Potentiate Human Leucocyte Functions.
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1. Breast CancerDiet, Sunshine and Breast Cancer Risk.
2. Mad Cow AlternativesMad Cow Disease - Alternative Causes and Treatment.
3. Mad Cow TestingUSDA Mad Cow Strategy: Don't Look, Don't Find.
4. Mad Cow ResponseResponse from National US Cattlemen's Beef Association To Article About Mad Cow Testing.
5. Viagra Viagra and the Red Meat Connection.
6. Anthrax Anthrax in Beef - Minnesota, North Dakota.
7. AquacultureWorldwatch Alert - Aquaculture.
8. BioterrorWorldwatch Alert - The Bioterror In Your Burger.
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1. Dental FillingsMercury Amalgam Fillings in Your Teeth?
2. LawsuitsLawsuits Regarding Mercury Amalgam.
3. MaineMaine Mandates Mercury Amalgam Disclosure By Dentists.
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  Organic Agriculture
1. Home GardenAnti-Cancer Home Garden.
2. Organic WorksOrganic Production Works.
3. Better FoodOrganically Grown Food contains Less Pesticide and is More Nutritious.
4. Organic OutperformsOrganic Outperforms Conventional in Climate Extremes.
5. Ecological FarmingEcological Farming - Reducing Hunger and Meeting Environmental Goals.
6. Coherent BiophotonsAssessing Food Quality by Its Afterglow.
7. Light EnergyFood: Light Energy.
8. EthiopiaEthiopia Adopts Organic Agriculture for the Entire Country.
9. Fantastic Rice YieldsFantastic Rice Yields: Fact or Fallacy.
10. Fantastic Rice Yields, page 2Fantastic Rice Yields: Fact or Fallacy, page 2.
11. Delivering HealthDelivering Good Health Through Good Food, by Prof. Henry Becker.
12. Maharishi HoneyVedic Organic Honey is more nutritious.
13. Vedic Organic CucumbersVedic Organic Cucumbers contain higher levels of essential nutrients.
14. Restoring Degraded SoilsRestoring Degraded Soils a Matter of Urgency.
15. Restoring Degraded Soils 2 Restoring Degraded Soils - Dr. Max Gerson.
16. Sustainable World Sustainable World - A Global Initiative.
17. Organic Cotton Return to Organic Cotton & Avoid the Bt Cotton Trap.
18. Vedic Agriculture Utilize Vedic Sounds to Produce Maximally Nutritious Food.
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  Oxygen and Cancer
1. OxygenOxygen and Ozone in the treatment of cancer.
2. Otto WarburgThe Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer, by Dr. Otto Warburg. Lecture delivered to Nobel Laureates on June 30, 1966 at Lindau, Lake Constance, Germany.
3. Otto Warburg 2The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer (Revised), by Dr. Otto Warburg.
4. Otto Warburg 3Where are Dr. Warburg's papers?
5. Anemia Oxygen and Anemia.
6. Aids CureAids Cure.
7. Suppression Suppression of Oxygen/Ozone Therapy.
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