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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

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The 5th edition of The Sanctity of Human Blood is now out.

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VACCINE SEMINAR:  The Sanctity of Human Blood
Dr Tim O'Shea          Author of   The Sanctity of Human Blood
2004 Itinerary


17 Jan 04 Spokane WA

24 Jan 04 Toronto Canada

25 Jan 04 Montreal Canada

7 Feb 04 Phoenix AZ

21 Feb 04 Las Vegas NV

13 Mar 04 Seattle WA

17 Apr 04 Denver CO

15 May 04 Chicago IL

17 Jul 04 Innsbruck Austria

24 Jul 04 New York City

21 Aug 04 Las Vegas NV

18 Sep 04 Phoenix AZ

23 Oct 04 Seattle WA

Reservations - Please call

            408.298.1800 or by e-mail

Location details: see

This full day multimedia presentation will focus on:

- history of vaccines  
- ingredients of vaccines
- how vaccines are made     
- current laws regarding vaccines
- The Germ Theory of Disease   
- mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde
- role of the FDA      
- natural vs. artificial immunity
- scientific proof of efficacy   
- hematology review 
- blood detox
- Gulf War Syndrome    
- the chiropractic position on vaccines
- exemption forms / exemption laws      
- the real causes of disease
- comparison with Europe's required list     
- bioterrorism and vaccines
- difference between vaccination and immunization   
- the human genome
- why there are 40 mandated vaccines for US school children
- Congressional hearings on autism, mercury, and anthrax, Rep. Dan Burton
- The San Diego Autism Conference
- new vaccines coming soon: AIDS, anthrax, smallpox 
- history of the anthrax / Cipro connection
- Hepatitis A and the new High Risk Category

This will be a rare opportunity to see the most current research available about this important topic. Before politics or journalism or 9/11 enters the discussion, the decision whether to vaccinate is fundamentally a scientific one. Vaccination research is not a new subject. It has a long history that involves a number of key issues, each of which must be examined in order to understand the overall effects which vaccines bring about. The sources of the information outlined in this seminar are mainstream medicine, science, and law. 

In this seminar you will get all the information you need to make a truly informed decision for your child in this thoroughly referenced, clear, and entertaining back-to-school presentation.


12 hours CE credit for California, Washington, Arizona, Illinois,
Nevada, Oregon DCs and NDs in AZ and OR           (incl. technique)


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