Aspartame Related Stiffness & Pain in Neck Muscles, Consequent Spasmatic Torticollis & Botox Injections 




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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Earthing relaxes tense muscles.

"Dr. Gross told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment, which had forbid anything being put in food you knew would cause cancer, and this was because without a shadow of a doubt, aspartame can cause brain tumors."

"And if the FDA violates the law, who is left to protect the public?"

According to Dr. Andrew Sereda, the primary risk factors for heart disease are:
1. Hypothyroidism
2. Mechanical stress on the arteries due to the pumping of the heart and turbulence where the arteries branch
3. Excess iron

Excess iron causes problems because iron can stimulate the growth of harmful bacteria. For example, oral bacteria are sometimes found in the lining of the arteries of the neck.

Iron filings in breakfast cereal. 1, 2

The lymph system is designed to drain downwards from the face to lymph nodes in the neck. Bacteria and toxins created by bacteria can drain down from the teeth, mouth, sinuses and ears into the tissues of neck. This may be a cause of pain and stiffness in the neck experienced by many people.

Tonsils and adenoids are part of the lymph system. If these have been removed then the lymph system in the neck area is damaged.

Two devices developed by Dr. Bob Beck can destroy bacteria in the body. These devices are the "magnetic pulse generator" that induces a mild electrical current in the tissues, and the "blood electrifier" that passes a mild electrical current through the blood. Mild electrical current is said to kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites.

. Tissues can be cleansed of toxins by means of hyperthermia, rebound exercise, juice fasting, and other means discussed in this web site.

We also suggest regular mouth rinsing with 3% hydrogen peroxide, regular brushing with special toothpaste, and measures such as hyperthermia to help rid the body of mercury.

Stiff neck is a symptom of Lyme Disease.

Dr. David Williams mentions torticollis in his discussion of the effect of too much phosphorus in the diet. Soft drinks are a major source of dietary phosphorus.

Japanese research on "magnetic field deficiency syndrome" finds that a number of symptoms including stiffness of shoulders, back & scruff of neck can be corrected by exposure of the human body to a magnetic field.

See the online testimonial of the patients using the Earthpulse electromagnetic field supplementation device. May be useful for people with Parkinson's disease, Tourette's syndrome, neurological degeneration and muscle stiffness.

A company called Interactive Health has produced an effective Cervical Massage System. It looks like a pillow, and when you rest your head and neck on it you can receive an excellent massage, relieving pain and tension in the neck and shoulder region. 

Yoga asanas are excellent for stretching muscles and maintaining flexibility in the body.

A simple and effective way to stretch tense neck muscles is to lay on your bed with your head extending over the side. The weight of your head will gently stretch the muscles. 

An exercise done while sitting is to move your head straight back while keeping your chin horizontal. Then relax.

A study indicates that increasing the strength of neck muscles is more important than stretching them. After a year of regular strengthening exercise, improvements in range of motion were three times greater than in the stretching and aerobic exercise groups.

A combination of stretching and strength training may be best.  

A sugar called xylitol (pronounced zy-li-tol) can significantly improve oral health. This can potentially improve health conditions in nearby tissues such as the head, neck and shoulders. Use xylitol as a substitute for regular sugar.

Xylitol can significantly improve oral health, improve calcium absorption, increase bone density and remineralize tooth enamel. Xylitol also helps prevent or eliminate gum disease, cavities, tooth loss, asthma, inner ear infections, chronic throat and sinus conditions, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease. Xylitol has only 2.4 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram for sucrose sugar. Xylitol is digested slowly, making it easier on your pancreas and useful for diabetics. You can purchase xylitol in five pound bags and use it in cooking and for all purposes you would ordinarily use sugar. Due to the health benefits from consuming xylitol, we suggest that it is a good substitute for ordinary sugar.

The herb stevia is the best no-calorie sweetener. Available in health food stores.

Sugar feeds cancer.



Rich Murray: Betty Ross:
against all odds: aspartame two decades 3.8.01 rmforall

March 7 2001   Hello Betty Ross, Again thank you for your detailed account. I just got back from two weeks in Kaua'i with my partner Sondra Spies, so am catching up on a thousand emails. I corrected minor typos, but didn't omit anything in your account.  Would you like to add anything about changes in the last few weeks? I know of many cases in which the turning point was a realization of God's presence.

Blessings,  Rich Murray

Subject:  Rich Murray: aspartameNM 2.2.01
   Date:   Fri, 02 Feb 2001 15:37:17 -0700
  From:   Rich Murray <>

Feb 2 2001   Hello,
I've been an aspartame activist just two years now. Fortunately, I haven't had much exposure to it. A friend sent me the famous "Nancy Markle" post-- I thought it seemed really lurid and cranky, but immediately checked out the topic on the Net, and by two hours I was convinced-- "Houston, we have a problem..."

Rich Murray   Room For All
1943 Otowi Road   Santa Fe  New Mexico 87505
505-986-9103   505-920-6130 cell   laptop address

Many long, referenced posts by Rich Murray are in the public, fully searchable archive at 50 members

"The Dangers of Aspartame" discussion forum: many long reports by
Rich Murray:

So, what I usually do is put together long, detailed, technical, referenced posts, to persuade professionals, provide information and suggestions, and build up a research network. But, so far, almost no one else is contributing. However, my vision is that many will join together in making these kind of contributions, because then the public archives, which are fully searchable by any word, will become, in effect, a community-written website, ever-expanding, uncensored, a perpetual resource.

You are welcome to join, or to email me your essays and case histories, to be put on the archive, or sent off around the world on my various private lists. If you give your story, then make it as long and detailed as possible, withholding whatever you don't want in the public record, of course, but, if you choose, including at least your email address, so a researcher or journalist can contact you. If you can give contact information for your doctors, even better. If a number of people submit this kind of complete, comprehensive case history information, it will have a big impact and catalyze awareness and action by the professionals.

You may search among 11 million medical citations on PubMed for any topic or author, and for many studies get an abstract summary:    accurate searches on anything and anyone

Thank you,  Rich Murray

Subject:   Re: Medical history
    Date:   Sun, 04 Feb 2001 20:01:31 -0500
   From:   Betty  J. Ross <>
       To:   Rich Murray <>

Hello Rich,

You may use any or all of the following testimony. I am still wondering if aspartame was at fault at the start of my health problems, since at least part of them began in Dec. of  '78 and I understand aspartame was added to soft drinks in 1981. In Dr. Blaylock's writings 1975 was mentioned, which would certainly  cover me, if so. Regardless, you can read this and see if/where it fits with your study.


My Medical History:

April 17, 1979,  The South Bend Clinic, South Bend, Indiana. Dr. Charles Baran, referred by Dr Charles Koudele, family physician. Electromyographic examination results. Clinical problem:  Gradual onset of trouble with right hand since probably December 1978, and gradually getting worse. Only really noticeable when writing,  then hand cramps up.  Slightly better if holding the pencil between index and middle fingers. She also has pain in the hand, elbow and shoulder. Also has noticed "head wobbling" (demonstrates rotatory titubation in bed at night-- this has been better since shoulder injections but now head tends to turn to the right, involuntarily. On examination gait appears to be normal. Slight rotation to right of the neck. When writing, fingers gradually cramp up, suggestive of writer's cramp. Slight rigidity of right wrist extensors. Electrical test results: Sensory action potentials were recorded with surface electrodes at the wrists while stimulating the corresponding digit with ring electrodes. Right median and right ulnar. The results are normal. Terminal motor latencies were also normal for these two nerves. Motor nerve conduction velocities were normal. Electromyography responses were normal, in particular there was no evidence of denervation. Conclusion: Normal nerve conduction studies in the electromyography in the right upper limb.

(George J. Vakkur, M.D., Neurologist) Report from Dr. Vakkur to Dr. Koudele: Thank you for directing this patient to me for electrical studies.  Hers is a difficult problem indeed. The electrical tests were normal.  Please see the report. Clinically, she appears to have the old-fashioned writer's cramp, which is presumably hysterical. However, as you mentioned, the presence of rigidity raises the possibility that this might really be the first symptom of some extrapyramidal degeneration.

3/16/78,  Lee Memorial Hospital, Dowagiac, Michigan, A.G.Lira, M.D/cm. Frontal and lateral projections revealed a reversal of the normal lordotic curvature with the apex occurring at the junction of C4 and 5. There is a moderate lateral scoliosis towards the left. There is no evidence of a cervical rib. No fractures are present.

April 26, 1979,  Charles Baran, M.D., South Bend, Indiana. The EMG and brain scans in the case of Betty Ross were all negative. I suggested that she could perhaps consider coming in for the pain management program which might help her by utilizing biofeedback training methods to help her arm and also her pain.

Report from Dr. Baran to Dr. Koudele: Betty was seen for evaluation of a problem which began last December. Her complaint was that of an inability to use her right had properly in writing. She works as a secretary for her husband's trucking company. Last December she noted she had difficulty in manipulating her fingers with a feeling of stiffness and the pencil would drop from her hand. She had no tremors and no paralysis. However, in recent weeks she feels that she has developed some weakness in her right arm. She has also developed some discomforts about the neck and shoulder which are partially controlled by injections done by Dr. Koudel. She also has a spasm or discomfort in rotating movements of her neck. Her walking has not been impaired. She has not had any headaches. Her previous health has been good. She has been taking Darvon for relief of her discomfort, in additions to injections of sclerotherapy and prolotherapy using dextrose and phenol solutions.  At times her arm becomes numb. She has had no problem with the leg. X-rays of the cervical spine have been done and were essentially negative. Ten years ago a daughter drowned in a gravel pit, and when the patient jumped in to save her, she had a back injury. There is no familial history of nervous diseases. Patient indicates that when she attempts to write with the right hand the writing becomes smaller and goes "downhill."  Examination failed to reveal anything specific; however, when she did walk,  there was a lack of arm swing in the right compared to her left. Slight suggestion of cogwheel rigidity in her right hand. There was no particular slowness of movement or weakness of handgrip on testing in comparing it to the left. She did have a tendency to hold her head and neck rotated to the right in a mild suggestive position of a spasmatic torticollis. On one occasion I thought the right Babinski was positive, but at best I could only say it was probably equivocal. Otherwise, the neurological testing was negative. EEG revealed no midline shift. I am not certain why this patient has her problem,  it may be on a functional basis, associated with some degree of tendonitis. However, the slight suggestion of cogwheel rigidity and subjective stiffness and an inability to maneuver the fingers of her right had suggest a possible basal ganglion or extra-paramital tract disease. Another suggestion is that of suggestive spasmodic movements of her neck muscles. Since her condition is localized to her right arm, I thought that perhaps an intracranial lesion or neoplasm could be considered, but I would be rather surprised if the CT-scan, which was ordered, revealed any abnormality. I did order an EMG and this will be done by Dr. George Vakkur of the South Bend Clinic, to see what his opinion is regarding this problem.

From 1983 to 1988  I was under the care of Dr. Charles Stanak, Waterveliet, Michigan.
12/28/83:  Headache, back pain: Xanax, Soma w/Codeine
3/8/84:  Dry cough, sore throat, nausea, boils in groin area: Sinequan, Xanax, Soma
5/17/84:  Fatigue, writer's cramp, headache, back pain, feels uptight: Xanax, Soma, Sinequan, Tegopen, sample Naprosyn
5/31/84:  Shoulder pain, leg cramps at night: Xanax, Sinequan, Soma, Naprosyn
7/16/84:  Headaches, shoulder pain:  Soma, Sinequan, Xanax
7/13/84:  Headaches, under great deal of stress:  Soma, Mellaril, Sinequan
9/13/84:  Headache, shoulder and neck pain: Sinequan, Mellaril, Soma
11/5/84:  Headache, stiff neck, sore throat: Sinequan, Mellaril, Soma
12/3/84:  Headache: Tylox, Sinequan, Mellaril, Soma
2/15/85:  Headache, shoulder pain, back pain: Mellaril, Sinequan, Soma, Tylox, Tagamet
4/1/85:  Headache, leg cramps, shoulder and neck pain: Tylox, Tagamet, Sinequan, Soma, Messaril
7/11/85:  Headache, pain in neck, back and shoulder, insomnia: Premarin, Provera, Soma, Sinequan, Deseryl, Tylox.
8/16/85:  Headache, body aches, no energy, tired all the time: Deseryl, Sinequan, Feldene, Soma
9/16/85:  Headache, neck and shoulder pain, tired, weight gain 10 lbs since 8/29:  Deseryl, Sinequan, Feldene, Soma
10/3/85:  Headache, body aches, nausea, chills: Maxide, Tylox, Deseryl, Sinequan, Feldene, Soma

On 10/9/85 I had what can only be called a "religious experience." I was at the end of my rope physically, emotional and spiritually. God came to me in His own way and power and claimed my for His kingdom. He also gave me the realization that I was being drugged to death. It had reached the point that I had to lean on the walls just to get down the hallway. I understood that He did not want me to take any more drugs, so I stopped taking them.  I didn't know if I needed them to stay alive or not, but I knew I wasn't supposed to take them, so I quit. For the next three days I went on an involuntary fast, flooded my system with water, had severe diarrhea and gained a new perspective on life.

Fall, 1987: Community Hospital, Waterveliet, Michigan. Dr Keon:  Benign tumor removed from my right breast, D & C.

9/7/88:  Community Hospital, Waterveliet, Michigan: Dr. Stanak. Kidney stones. I spent three days in the hospital while they waited for it to pass. I developed severe jaundice and my face swelled. At my daughter's insistence, I was transferred by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital, South Bend, Indiana. They put in a catheter and waited some more. At the end of a week they were planning to send me to Indianapolis to have a procedure done where you get in water and the stone is blasted. This put me in touch with Dr. Dick Versendall of Holland, Michigan. A few weeks before I had been at the hospital with my mother and had been talking with a lady who told me that Dr. Versendall had moved her gallstones. I got his telephone number from information and called him. I told him I was in the hospital with kidney stones and he said that if I could get to him, he would move them. I called my daughter, who checked me out of the hospital. We went directly to Dr. Versendall's office and within an hour my pain was gone. The supplements he gave me were: calcium lactate, cataplex B, cataplex G, immuplex, inositol and ribonucleic acid. I took massive doses. He explained that this combination of ingredients allowed the ureter tube to expand and permitted the kidney stone to drop down into the bladder and either dissolve or be passed. I was not aware of it passing. Within the next three months I had six more kidney stone attacks. For the first two I went to his office and repeated the process. After that, I just called in my order and took them myself. I became very nauseated, but all the stones either passed or dissolved.

I sought medical help from Dr. Versendall for the pain and fatigue I was having. By this time my head was involuntarily turning to the right and I had a great deal of pain in my neck. And I still had the writer's cramp. He treated me with chiropractic adjustments and a combination of supplements including bioflavonoids and inositol. His treatment cost over $100 a week. His diagnosis was that I had Parkinson's Disease, Lou Gehrig's, or "some disease like that,"-- he said they were all related, being a malfunction of the brain.  He said I would eventually end up in a wheel chair. I told my family, so they would be as prepared as possible, and envisioned myself eventually in a nursing home, in pain and helpless. This added to my increasing depression.

1989:  I applied for Social Security Disability benefits using an evaluation of Dr. Ivan Landan, neurologist, for my torticollis (I still didn't have a name for it) and writer's cramp and Dr. Versendall's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. My claim was denied.

1989:  Dr. Juozevicius, Rheumatology, P.C.:  Diagnosed me as having fibromyalgia. I was glad to finally have a name for my intense joint and body aches. He prescribed Deseryl for my insomnia. It helped me sleep, but in the morning I felt like I had been run over by a truck. I was so stiff and sore I could hardly get out of bed. I could no longer do any constructive work. I had been serving as secretary in my husband's trucking company. I couldn't function.  Pain and confusion drove me to bed most of the time and I drew a courtesy salary for my title of Secretary/Treasurer.

For the next few years I continued to see Dr. Juozevicius and other medical doctors.  Among the medication I took were Artane, Cogentin, Parsidol, Valium, Duspar, Elavil and Symmetrel. I had either no help, or the side effects were too much for me. With Parsidol the reaction was severe, and the doctor said the lining of my tongue was starting to dissolve. I still can't eat spicy foods.  In light of the information I've read about "burning tongue" associated with aspartame poisoning, I can't help wondering if that is a factor.

Feb. 22, 1991:  My marriage of 34 years dissolved. I received a small divorce settlement.  My husband got the house, the land, the trucks and the business. I got out. I had blamed many of my health problems on the stress of an abusive relationship and a 24/7 high-pressure business.

I'm sure these were contributing factors, since some of my symptoms lessened as time passed and I pulled myself out of depression valley and slowly entered life again. But now I must also blame aspartame for making me less of a person than I had a right to be.

July, 1992:  I was refused health insurance by Golden Rule  Ins. Co., due to my "muscular skeletal complaints, test results and over all medical history."

May, 1992:  I saw a television program about spasmodic torticollis. A row of people were sitting on the stage. They had various shaking and pulling of the head to unnatural positions. The moderator said, "Do you have a real pain in your neck?  It is not all in your head. You are not alone.  For more information call 1-800-hurtful." I did, and was given the name of  Dr. Thomas O'Neil at the Oakland County Medical Center in Southfield, Mich. I was examined by him on 5/27/93  and diagnosed with spasmodic torticollis. He recommended Botox injections but at that time the cost was $800.00. I couldn't afford them. Botox is botulinum toxin (the poison), injected into the muscles of the neck to deaden the spasms. I learned of the National Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD), and contacted them. They financed my Botox injections for the first year until my disability claim was approved. Dr. O'Neil lumped my neurological problems as Meige's syndrome.  This includes: spasmodic torticollis, oromandibular dystonia, mild pharyngeal dystonia, mild blepharospasm and severe writer's cramp.

The booklet: "The Dystonias" by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services No. 91-717 states: Investigators believe that the dystonias result from an abnormality in an area of the brain called the basal ganglia where the messages to initiate muscle contractions are believed to originate. Scientists suspect a defect in the body's ability to process a group of chemicals called neurotransmitters that help cells in the brain communicate with each other. Some of these neurotransmitters include: GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), an inhibitory substance that helps the brain maintain muscle control. Dopamine, an inhibitory chemical that influences the brain's control of complex movement. Acetylcholine, an excitatory chemical that helps regulate dopamine in the brain. In the body, acetylcholine released at nerve endings causes muscle contraction. Norepinephrine and serotonin, inhibitory chemicals that help the brain regulate acetylcholine.

From 1993-1998 I received Botox injections in my neck from Dr. O'Neil every three months. Sometimes it helped a little, sometimes it helped a little more, but it never helped enough. I often had side effects of flu-like symptoms which put me in bed for two weeks after treatment.

Fall,1998: I began getting Botox injections from Christina Peregis of Physician's Center of Physical Medicine in St. Joseph, Mich. I also received trigger point injections for pain with the Botox. Dr. Peregis's diagnosis was: myofascial pain, torticollis, fibromyalgia and scoliosis. I continued with injections every three months until August of 2000, when I realized they had become ineffective.

1990-1993: I was involved in a weight-loss program called  "Weigh to Win", which promoted products laced with aspartame. At support groups we would sit around the table, drink our diet sodas and exchange sugar-free recipes. The founder of the group had even put together a cookbook called  "The Rainbow Food Plan." Many of the recipes call specifically for Equal, others just say artificial sweetener. Diet soda, nonfat yogurt, sugar free Jello and pudding and drink mixes are also promoted. I followed this diet plan faithfully, consuming and endorsing these products,  and eventually became the leader of an off-shoot group in my church.

At other times during the 1990's I saw several other doctors. None could help me. I tried several varieties of herbal supplements, which helped for about three months before losing their effectiveness. During this time I also tried massage therapy, physical therapy, aqua aerobics, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, acupressure, meditation and several other drugs.  No improvement was permanent.  Nothing has ever helped the writer's cramp.

February 3, 2001:  I have not knowingly consumed any aspartame containing products since Jan. 8,  less than four weeks. The results of this are:
1.  My fibromyalgia is improved by at least 50 percent. The dime-sized "pockets of pain" located just under the skin on my legs seem to be dissolving. I still have aches and pains, but not nearly as bad as they were.
2.  The fog has lifted from my mind. I can now relate to people, place and events. It is wonderful not to be constantly confused.
3.  My energy level has skyrocketed. The terrible fatigue is gone. I used to feel "immediately exhausted," like somebody pulled the plug on my energy. I now need only 6-7 hours of sleep a night to function. Before quitting aspartame I needed around 10, and sometimes more. I don't sleep soundly now, but I haven't slept soundly for years. I still have trouble with a burning sensation all through my body tissues at night, which has been getting worse for the past few years. But at least now when I wake up I am alert and ready for the day. In fact, I look forward to the days.
4. My head turns freer to the left than it has in probably 10 years. I no longer have to turn my body to see over my left shoulder. When I come to a crossroad driving, I don't always have to support my chin with my hand to look to the left to see what's coming. Sometimes I do, but not always. My headaches are less severe. The head tremors have lessened a small degree.
5. A couple days ago I wrote a short list of numbers legibly for the first time in 21 years.  The writer's cramp came back immediately and I began scrawling words again, but there was a moment of relief from this insidious curse, and a light of hope at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.
6. My eyes still burn and itch, but my eyelids don't seem quite as inflamed or droopy.
7. Jan. 24  I was re-evaluated by my physical therapist. I have been getting therapy/massage/deep muscle work for four months. She said my overall health has improved by at least 50 percent. I have to attribute some of the improvement to her treatments, but I also have to credit some of it to my getting off aspartame. In fact, I put a lot of credit there. Physical therapy didn't help me think better.

I'm not saying all my symptoms are gone, because they're not.  I have a long way to go and it will probably take a long time. Some of my problems may not be fixable, but I am confident that by my abstaining from aspartame, they will improve considerably. I am now on a detoxification program, which I understand takes about 60 days, sometimes longer, for deep-seated, severe problems like I have. I am now almost four weeks aspartame-free. I am cooking most of my meals from scratch to avoid processed foods.

I have spread the news to everyone I know and many people I don't know about the dangers of aspartame, and will continue to chart my progress.

Betty J. Ross

Subject:    Re: Murray: Ross: aspartame case history 2.4.01
     Date:    Mon, 05 Feb 2001 18:15:34 -0500
     From:   Betty Ross <>
       To:     Rich Murray <>


To answer some of your questions: I am 61 years old. I have been on one diet or another all my adult life (that's over 40 years). Have constantly fought the battle of the bulge. I don't know about use of MSG because I never paid any attention to it. I'm sure I used it though. Made lots of casseroles with cream of mushroom soup. Used lots of other canned soup. I understand it's in canned pasta. Used lots of that. Lots of TV dinners, Weight Watcher and Lean Cuisine meals.

Diet pop was an everyday thing, especially from the mid-60's on. I always had a diet Pepsi in my hand. Sugar free puddings, Jello, baked goods started probably in the 1980's or even before. Sugar free Kool-Aid for the kids and myself from the time they were small in the 1960's. Crystal Light in the 1980's. Nestlé's Quick (with aspartame) for years.

Sugar Free hot chocolate several times a week. SlimFast powder beginning about two years ago. I even discovered aspartame in my powdered protein and TwinLab Daily One vitamins. (daily for past 2 years). Nonfat yogurt for about the past 10 years, several times a week for the past 5-6 years. 1990-1992 I was in Weigh to Win weight loss group. Constant diet sodas.  Sugar free desserts.  We even had a cookbook with recipes calling for Equal. Basically, I was steeped in it!

Other symptoms: headaches; body and joint pains, burning, tingling, tremors, twitching, spasms, cramps, numbness; mind fog, feeling unreal, poor memory, confusion, anxiety, irritability, depression (no mania) insomnia, dizziness (vertigo), ringing in ears, poor vision (blur after reading-- eyes dry, itch, burn), fatigue, red splotches on face, back itches, constant irritation in throat, dry mouth and eyes, burning tongue, obesity, excessive hunger, coldness, intense pain in neck and shoulder, writer's cramp.

I'll look over the rest of your note later,
Take care,  Betty
Subject:   Re: Betty Ross: against all odds: aspartame two decades
    Date:    Thu, 08 Mar 2001 13:06:24 -0500
   From:    Betty Ross <>
       To:    Rich Murray <>

Hello Rich,

March 8 marked the end of the 60-day-no-aspartame period. My progress is slow, after the first burst of relief, as I surmised it would be. I had withdrawal symptoms of headaches, joint pain and head tremors. I call this withdrawal, but it could have been just continuation of my normal/abnormal problems. At this point my fatigue and other fibromyalgia symptoms are greatly improved. My headaches are not nearly as frequent or severe. The leg cramps have disappeared, energy level remains high, memory and thought patterns are much clearer.

On the other hand, my neurological conditions: spasmodic torticollis, oromandibular dystonia and writer's cramp seem to be just slightly improved, if at all. These are deep-seated, long-term problems. Any relief is appreciated, but I do best not to watch myself too closely, but just let time pass. Otherwise I find myself constantly looking for improvement and being disappointed when it doesn't come.

Yesterday my rheumatologist prescribed six weeks of physical therapy with aerobic machines and home exercise routine. I see him again in two months. I am off all medication. I was on Celebrex, Prevacid and Darvocet.

I wish I could say all symptoms and problems are gone, but they're not. I have read "EXCITOTOXINS: The Taste That Kills" by Dr. Russell Blaylock, and now I understand more about the effects of aspartame and other food additives on the brain and the nervous system. I wish I had known this twenty years ago, but I didn't. I am grateful to know it now.


For more information see:

Franklin, Eric, Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders: The Ultimate Exercise Program for Tension Relief, Princeton Book Company, 2002.

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  • UV-C LIGHT IS A PROVEN TECHNOLOGY - EFFECTIVE FOR DISINFECTING - used by hospitals, hotels, water treatment plants and food processing businesses and it will work for you!


In 1904 there was very little cancer. Now there is an abundance of cancer. What has changed? Can this be reversed? If you have cancer or do not want to get cancer the information you and your family need is on this web site.


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