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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

"Dr. Gross told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment, which had forbid anything being put in food you knew would cause cancer, and this was because without a shadow of a doubt, aspartame can cause brain tumors."

"And if the FDA violates the law, who is left to protect the public?"

The herb stevia is the best no-calorie sweetener. Available in health food stores.

Sugar feeds cancer.


Reitz: 600-page aspartame site gets ~.4 Million visitors 12.21.00

Subject:  http://www.dorway.com  visitors
      Date:  Fri , 22 Dec 2000 06:11:21 +0500
     From:  "Dave Rietz (DORway.com)" <dorietz@awod.com>
       To:   Rich Murray <rmforall@earthlink.net>

Thanks for the fast response.  No...  about the only thing you might find is a comment that IF Reagan used aspartame AND it caused, or accelerated, his case of Alzheimer's... it was a case of supreme justice.

Since Jessie Ventura, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Bill Bradley and a whole bunch of other "public figures" consume aspartame... it would not surprise me if Reagan had been given a life-time supply of aspartame for forcing it to be approved.

Hits..... about average for a holiday month.  DORway ranges from around 900 to a couple of thousand VISITORS a day (many more hits). 

For yesterday (always a day behind)

    NOTMILK  1306 visitors yesterday with a 31 day average of 1724
    DORway   938  visitors yesterday with a 31 day average of 1229

I would love to see ten or 100 times that number... but the media is reluctant to help.  Too many ad bucks at risk... so they generate disinformation and/or yell "Internet hoax" in unison.

One day enough victims will apply the appropriate amount of irate discontent with being lied to... and force the money-grubbing bums to do the right thing... tell the truth.

Thanks for the leads... I will check them out.

As my little animated pop-up on DORway says... have a Happy Holiday season... and I must add... a fruitful new year.

Regards...    Dave Rietz (the little old David with a LARGE web

Subject:   Reagan's use of packets of Equal
      Date:  Thu, 21 Dec 2000 17:57:30 -0700
     From: Rich Murray <rmforall@earthlink.net>
       To:   "Dave Rietz (DORway.com)" <dorietz@awod.com>

Dec 21 2000    Hello Dave Rietz,  Actually, my first impulse was to think I read it on your site!  I'll see if I can locate the source.  By the way, your site is just fantastic, and I am honored to play a useful role in directing people to it.  You know, you could put it all on a CD along with an index for every word, and sell it for a reasonable price, $ 20, as many users would benefit from having it in that form.  Also, you can publish it all for no cost to you on  www.xLibris.com , and they will, without editing or claiming any ownership, sell it as an ebook, or professionally printed softback and hardback, giving you about 40 %. How many hits are you getting now?

Thanks,  Rich Murray

"Dave Rietz (DORway.com)" wrote:
re Rich Murray post noted that Ronald Regan "carried packets of Equal" ... do you have a news article that addresses this as fact?  Considering that aspartame can trigger or make worse Alzheimer's ... it would be a fitting "reward" were his demise attributable to his under-the-table approval scheme for aspartame.

If you have anything from some organization that spells this out... I would very much like a copy of it.

Regards...    Dave Rietz


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