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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Cancer is a political problem more than it is a medical problem.

"Dr. Gross told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment, which had forbid anything being put in food you knew would cause cancer, and this was because without a shadow of a doubt, aspartame can cause brain tumors."

"And if the FDA violates the law, who is left to protect the public?"

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From: Pamela Sleeth []
Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2001 11:47 AM
Subject: Aspertame Lupus Patient Letters

Please forgive me for sending this to you if you asked to be removed from my list, but I felt it was VERY important in case it affects you, your family or your friends.  It has affected several of my patient/friends.

The following are two letters between a Lupus Patient - Judy - and Betty Martini the lady who, at her own expense, is fighting to get Aspartame banned.  She works with several medical doctors whom she quotes throughout.  I have spoken with this lady at length and want to help her in getting the word out as far as we can.  In fact I hope to set up an Aspartame Detox Centre in my Office to help people affected by this problem in my area. You will find web addresses and info on how to get a 1,000 page medical text, on this one problem in all it's guises, by the end of May 2001.

I have attached the letters as well for ease of forwarding without all the '>>>' and you can copy and paste to send it to your 'list' both ways in case some can't read attachments.

Canadians can get some info at as well as the other addresses.  Feel free to contact me at for detox or further info. We can then set up a time to talk if you want to.

I have a patient, now a friend, who has been fighting Lupus for years.  She used to drink lots of Diet Sodas. She has come close to death, several times I believe, and is in and out of the hospital all the time.  She hasn't worked for years and she is still only in her 30's. The drugs have blown her up to twice her normal size.  Would you like to be in her shoes? Would you like your youngsters to be in her shoes, or other family members and friends?  Please tell people about the damage they are doing to themselves - killing their Central Nervous System is just one thing it does which can lead to Alzeimers in their 30's as well as Lupus and MS.  Teens laugh but they must understand the seriousness of the problem before it's too late and they are suffering the way my friend is.

Lets help people together. Remember the Bible says that men perish for lack of knowledge.

Love you all, Pamela

(Dr. Pamela Sleeth - Chiropractor in case you don't know me well yet)

Dear Judy,

I am so sorry for what you have been through. I can't tell you how many times I read this same case history. When consumers use a lot of aspartame they report: "The doctor says I have to be tested for MS and lupus."

Aspartame destroys the central nervous system and mimics MS. You can go to and read Dr. H. J. Roberts' position paper Multiple Sclerosis or Aspartame Disease? As to lupus read Aspartame Murders Infants in violation of Title 18 of the Genocide Code by Dr. James Bowen on He gives the toxic mechanisms of aspartame and explains that it is an adjuvant and forms antigenic tissue triggering immunologic response. It turns the body against itself - lupus.

Aspartame hardens the synovial fluids and causes agonizing joint pain like you experience. Crystal Lite is one of the really bad ones because people drink gallons of it. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., explains that in an interview on Mission Possible Radio. You can listen to it on audio or there is a transcript you can print out. He is author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills ( and this is an important book to have, especially to show your physician.

Now in the case of lupus aspartame can trigger it or it can mimic it. But you don't have to worry about physicians saying it's in your head anymore. At the end of this month (May 2001) will be able to get H. J. Roberts, M.D. medical text on the world plague of aspartame disease. It's 1000 pages and there will be a chapter on lupus and MS, as well as a chapter for your physician on how to treat the victim who has used aspartame, as well as a chapter with options for patients. So relax now, the rest of the way is up, and we're here to educate you and support you, and help you back to good health. We have support groups that you can click on from You will be able to get Dr. Roberts medical text from or by calling 1 800 814 - 9800 later in the month.

The phenylalanine in aspartame lowers the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin. Lowered serotonin triggers mood swings, panic attacks, suicidal tendencies, paranoia, rage, insomnia, manic depression, etc. So you see, it's all explained, and your friends and family will understand that you had no control over this.

And it's not your physician's fault. They have been mislead by the FDA and industry and the professional organizations that industry funds so they will endorse the toxin for them and distribute their propaganda further. Doctors not only can't diagnose their patients but they can't diagnose themselves. Dr. Richard Sabates had the same type of joint pain and was drinking diet drinks. Even though he is an MD he went from doctor to doctor and even the Mayo Clinic but nobody could him what was wrong because all they got was this propaganda that reads like it was written by Mother Goose. One day he happened to read the Townsend Letter for Doctors and saw Dr. Roberts position paper on aspartame and joint pain and got off the toxin, and the pain disappeared. He wrote a book and his first chapter is titled "My Aspartame Nightmare". He gave us permission to put this on so you can read it as well as Dr. Roberts' paper in Townsend on joint pain and aspartame and his new paper aspartame and arthritis and fibromyalgia. Dr. Roberts says fibromyalgia is a diagnostic wastebucket. When doctors can't correlate the symptoms with the culprit they simply call it fibromyalgia.

There was a conference at Rutgers about all these mysterious diseases doctors can't diagnose. I wrote them to let them know these problems are typical aspartame symptoms or diseases and soon they would have a medical text that would explain.

Aspartame, incidentally, is not an additive, it is a drug. So when you are taking Prozac with a diet drink you are taking one psycho drug on top of the other. As to your eyes, the wood alcohol or methanol converts to formaldehyde and formic acid in the retina of the eye and destroys the optic nerve. Many people develop macular degeneration or optic neuritis before going blind. In fact, in the UK there was an article as to why a million people who were young had macular degeneration. But I don't want to worry you because there is some good news. On put 'Dr. H. J. Roberts' in the search engine and print out 'What's Blinding The World?' Notice there are several physician's papers included and one of them is from Dr. Morgan Raiford. Dr. Raiford was a specialist in methanol toxicity and diagnosed many of those who went blind on aspartame in the 80's. And he said that if vision is in the "wet stage" it can return. We have seen so many people, even some, who were blind regain their sight because they got off NutraSweet in time. Many times victims will have trouble in one eye before both. Shannon Roth went blind in one eye. It was Dr. Raiford who diagnosed her.

The slurring of speech is triggered by methanol toxicity, however Dr. Roberts said it's really the whole chemical mess.

A blood test will not pick up aspartame. Somebody once wrote their doctor said it was picked up on spinal tap but basically as Dr. Roberts says, patients spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for needless diagnostic studies and surgery, when nothing is going to help until you get off aspartame. I assume you are now off.

You need to keep a diary as to changes, and when symptoms disappear. Tell your physician you have gotten off aspartame so he can document the changes. These are needed for class action. There is a detox page because the formaldehyde accumulates in the cells and damages DNA with a large amount of the toxicity in the liver, and substantial amounts in the adipose tissue, retina, brain and kidneys. You will see this on the Trocho study on

In Dr. Blaylock's book he says to take magnesium in order to protect the brain and the heart from excitotoxins. I would suggest you order that book and read it until Dr. Roberts medical text becomes available.

Print out 'Aspartame Murders Infants' that goes into lupus and Dr. Roberts position paper on Multiple Sclerosis or Aspartame Disease? Take this letter and these reports to your physician along with the FDA report of 92 symptoms which is also on He will now know what is wrong with you and if he wants to call me my number is 770 242-2599. I will be happy to give him the numbers of Doctors Blaylock and Roberts as well as Dr. Walton who is a psychiatrist and understands what behavioral problems are caused by this neurotoxin.

On you can click on the MedWatch form to the FDA and please send me a copy. Otherwise even though they are getting a copy of this report they usually don't count the complaint. It was explained in Congress that the FDA went so far to get rid of aspartame complaints that they were actually referring them to the AIDS Hotline. We want it on the record.

Judy, you're going to better now, but remember that aspartame is actually a drug and a very addictive drug. Methanol is classified as a narcotic. So many people go through withdrawal symptoms, which is an exaggeration of the symptoms you suffer from. In other words, the headaches could get worse for awhile. Just know it won't be long until you're much better and we're right here with you, just as close as the phone or your computer. The doctors I mentioned are getting a copy of this note.

I'll send you an update of the post you have. Also, there are aspartame detoxification centers in the US and Dr. Julian Whitaker has opened his hyperbaric oxygen chambers to aspartame victims and this is most helpful as far as the toxicity. As Dr. Blaylock says in a lecture on the reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and cyanide. You have been ingesting a chemical poison and nobody can say it better than Dr. James Bowen who told the FDA that aspartame is mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70+ countries of the world. Today that is 100.

And yes you can help, we have warning flyers to distribute which you can get on We also have a petition for recall and as soon as I get 1 million signatures I will take it to Congress. The FDA won't do anything because they are guilty of malfeasance in the approval of a deadly neurotoxin for human consumption.

Email me anytime. We are here to help you.

All my best,

At 11:25 PM 5/5/2001 +0000, you wrote:
Hi Betty, I am a 35-year-old mom of 3 beautiful healthy boys and have been "sick" since November 2000. I went for a physical and told the Dr. I was "not Well" I thought my cholesterol was up or something, but did not know what was wrong. . I felt ill and pain in the left side of my chest. I was always tired and felt "like I was going to die". To the extent I made photo albums for my children, husband and in-laws to remember me by.

I waited till January to follow up with the blood tests cause I knew inside that something was seriously wrong with me, but I did not want to spoil everyone's holidays by being sick or going through Dr. stuff. In January I went for the original lab tests they do, and all came back "NORMAL" I marched back into the Dr. and said "YOUR WRONG"" I'M SICK" and by the way did not have time for this, it was not in the schedule!

He insisted it was all in my head but humored me by setting up some more blood tests. The found I tested positive for ANA [Anti Nuclear Antibodies]...also found in Lupus. He then referred me to a Rheumatologist who did lots more blood work and found only minor inflammation and irregularities in these tests. The whole time I was experiencing panic attacks, waking up choking, chronic coughing since Nov 2000, and headaches, fatigue, Blood in my urine, swallowing difficulty felt like muscle spasms in my throat, right knee pain, right wrist pain, numb/blue fingers and toes (1st 2 digits) going into the third and getting worse, muscle cramps and tiredness beyond normal....oh ya chronic yeast infections...they just would not go away, and still won't. The vascular surgeon ruled out clot and said I had Raynauds Disease...chronic. He told me to wear gloves. Oh good!

The Rheumatologist at this point suggested and prescribed Prednisone. I just wanted to feel better at this point so I took it...ended up on 20MG per day with Clonapin for panic and Prozac for anxiety and stress. (Trying to deal with kids a husband, new job and this awful disease was taking its toll.) After two months, the swelling and puffiness and weight gain began to get to me. I weaned off it myself over a 3-week period. I decided to go to the eye Dr. not on medication as all the tests being done were skewed by the Prednisone. She looked at my eyes and told me I had severe atrophy and optic neuritis. My right eye is worse than my left...Meanwhile I was getting STAGGERING HEADACHES in the RIGHT side of my head. Severe Photophobia and a feeling like I had to shut my eyes. I turned into a different person, not speaking to friends or relatives and not wanting to leave my home. Bad and getting worse!

I am going for a second opinion next week as my diagnosis has been Probable Lupus, and now very probable MS. I'm hoping that new Drs. will figure out what is wrong with me. While trying to get copies of all my records for these new appointments with neurology and rheumatology, a nurse told me about an e-mail she got regarding these diseases possibly being linked to aspartame. I was shocked cause I was drinking Crystal Light every day by the quart/gallon. At my office I'd have 1-2 cans of a diet soda, and at home lots of crystal light. My speech began to slur and my vision has been blurry I was not functioning well at all. I've been very scared, but have new hope now, knowing that maybe, just maybe, this is the key to my symptoms. I hope they disappear as I have stopped my intake all together for 2 days now. Please let me know how I can help fight against this awful product that could be killing people and ruining lives. Thanks for being brave enough to speak out and let people know about this. I'm going to ask the new Drs. to test my hair and blood to see if they can track toxins that are in my body. If I get proof that aspartame is the cause; I'll let you know. Thanks again for the info, Judy



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