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Subject:  NOTMILK - - - B IS FOR BREAST CANCER  12.9.00
    Date:   Sat, 09 Dec 2000 10:41:16 -0500
    From:   Robert Cohen <>


Dear Friends,

Here is the second of twenty six installments.  The following ten references provide converging lines of evidence that focus upon one central point.

There are hundreds of millions of different proteins in nature, and only one hormone that is identical between any two species. That powerful growth hormone is insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-I.  IGF-I survives digestion and has been identified as the KEY FACTOR in breast cancer's growth.

IGF-I is identical in human and cow.

If you believe that breast feeding "works" to protect lactoferrins and immunoglobulins from digestion (and benefit the nursing infant), you must also recognize that milk is a hormonal delivery system.  By drinking cow's milk, one delivers IGF-I in a bioactive form to the body's cells. When IGF-I from cow's milk alights upon an existing cancer...

Human Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) and bovine IGF-I are identical.  Both contain 70 amino acids in the identical sequence.

Judith C. Juskevich and C. Greg Guyer.
SCIENCE, vol. 249. August 24, 1990.

IGF-I is critically involved in the aberrant growth of human breast cancer cells.

M. Lippman.   J. Natl. Inst. Health Res., 1991, 3.

Estrogen regulation of IGF-I in breast cancer cells would support the hypothesis that IGF-I has a regulatory function in breast cancer.

A.V. Lee, Mol-Cell- Endocrinol., March, 99(2).

IGF-I is a potent growth factor for cellular proliferation in the human breast carcinoma cell line.

J.C. Chen,   J-Cell-Physiol., January, 1994, 158(1)

Insulin-like growth factors are key factors for breast cancer growth.

J.A. Figueroa,  J-Cell-Physiol., Nov., 1993, 157(2)

IGF-I produces a10-fold increase in RNA levels of cancer cells.  IGF-I appears to be a critical component in cellular proliferation.

X.S. Li,   Exp-Cell-Res., March, 1994, 211(1)

IGF-I plays a major role in human breast cancer cell growth.

E.A. Musgrove, Eur-J-Cancer, 29A (16), 1993

IGF-I has been identified as a key factor in breast cancer.

Hankinson. The Lancet, vol. 351. May 9, 1998

Serum IGF-I levels increased significantly in milk drinkers, an increase of about 10% above baseline but was unchanged in the control group.

Robert P. Heaney,  Journal of the American Dietetic
Association, vol. 99, no. 10. October 1999

IGF-1 accelerates the growth of breast cancer cells.

M. Lippman Science, Vol. 259, January 29, 1993

Robert Cohen


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