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Received from Edmond Kett July 26/01.

Scan of USA Today article which reads, "Honolulu - University of Hawaii researchers will begin studying the noni plant to determine its potential as a treatment for cancer. The university's Cancer Research Center received a $340,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct a two-year study on 30 cancer patients. Extract from the noni plant has been used for hundreds of years by native Hawaiians for medicinal purposes."

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From Liquid Island Noni - The Tropical Fruit With 101 Medicinal Uses, by Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D., Woodland Publishing, Pleasant Grove, Utah, 1998, pages 16-18.

It's likely that the synergy of noni's multiple phytonutrients act as an adaptogen, a nutritional substance that helps abnormal cells ("sick cells") function more normally. Important research on the medicinal uses of noni was presented at the 83rd, 84th, and 85th annual meetings of the American Association for Cancer Research. A landmark paper from researchers at the Departments of Pathology and Pharmacology at the John Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii, was presented at the 83rd meeting in San Diego, California, in 1992. The findings were subsequently summarized in the Proceeding of the American Association for Cancer Research, titled: "Anti-Tumor Activity of Morinda citrifolia on Intraperitoneally Implanted Lewis Lung Carcinoma in Mice." This simply means that noni has an anti-cancer effect when cancer cells are implanted into the abdominal cavity. The mice fed noni fruit lived 105-123 percent longer than the mice that were not, and 40 percent of those that were noni-fed lived for 50 days or more! This study was repeated numerous times, and each time the noni fruit was shown to significantly prolong the life of cancerous mice versus the cancerous mice without the noni fruit. The noni fruit may inhibit tumor growth. The increase in survival time averaged 119 percent after the administration of noni. There was an even greater increase in survival time when noni was administered along with a known anticancer medication, such as adriamycin, 5-fluorourcil (5FU), or vincristine.

More specifically, Cancer Letters reported that Keio University and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Japan claimed isolation of a new compound from noni, called damnacanthal. This work was done in Yokohama, Japan, in petri dishes, not in the human body. In layman's terms, noni may have turned precancerous cells into normal, healthy, functioning cells by slowing down cell multiplication at the gene level.

In 1994, A. Hirazumi and three colleagues reported in the Pharmacological Society Journal on the "Anti-cancer Activity of Noni in Mice with Lung Cancer." A year earlier Tomonori Hiramatsu and three other Japanese researchers had reported in Cancer Letters that after analyzing over 500 different plant extracts, the phytonutrient damnacanthal found in noni was a new inhibitor of some precancerous cells.

One of Dr. Harrison's patients had liver cancer and experienced swelling from excessive fluid in the abdominal area. Her oncologist aspirated (removed) her abdominal fluid and found cancer cells. After seven days on noni, the patient's abdominal swelling had significantly decreased. A new examination of the abdominal fluid showed that it was free of cancer cells.

In view of Dr. Judah Folkman's recently published findings from his experiments on mice at Harvard, it is possible that noni works in synergy with other micronutrients that decrease flood flow to tumors.




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