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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Honey from Heavenly Organics supports sustainable living in conflict zones. 1, 2




New research indicates that Maharishi Honey has Vitalquality: greater nourishing power

Press Release 27 July 2004

Scientific Research Results:

Enhanced by Vedic farming technologies, Maharishi Honey offers a unique combination of purity and nutritional benefits, documented by laboratory tests. Maharishi Honey contains a wide array of vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, as found in extensive research performed by leading laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and USA.

New Research: Vitalquality

New research on Maharishi Honey, using picture-forming methods, reconfirms that Maharishi Honey is an especially high-quality honey. This was the research conducted by the Society of Goetheistic Research in Bonn, Germany, which specialises in testing the vitalquality of foods.

Vitalquality represents the organizing and form-developing qualities inherent in a biological substance, indicating its nourishing power. The innate growing power and organizing activity serve as a measure for assessing the life-quality in a food.

The research (June 2004) used crystallization methods, in which a reproducible type of crystallization picture is formed. According to the Society of Goetheistic Research: 'The honey (Maharishi Honey) is to be categorized as high quality. The fine and equal needle structures, which so far I haven't seen in any other honey, could point to the treatment (Vedic) of the honey not explained in detail.' The fine, even needle structures indicate higher principles of orderliness in Maharishi Honey, yet another indicator of its very high quality.

Antioxidants in Maharishi Honey:

Research conducted at Brunswick Laboratories, Wareham, MA, USA, the leading laboratory on the ORAC assay in the USA, found that Maharishi Honey has significant antioxidant properties, compared to the normal range measured in honey. Antioxidants eliminate free radicals, the reactive compounds in the body that contribute to many serious diseases. Different honeys have varying degrees of antioxidant activity. Maharishi Honey is especially rich in several compounds that function as antioxidants to maintain good health.

Researchers believe that increased dietary intake of antioxidants can slow the process of free radical damage and associated disease. The antioxidants from honey are bioavailable and convey protection in the human diet.

Antibacterial Properties in Maharishi Honey:

Maharishi Honey has been found to have powerful antibacterial properties when tested by a leading centre for food analysis in Japan. Tests conducted by the Food Research Laboratory, Tokyo Food Sanitation Association, Tokyo, found that Maharishi Honey has an even higher antibacterial activity than Manuka Honey, which is well-known throughout the world for its antibacterial activity.

Research on the antibacterial(1) activity of Maharishi Honey compared to Manuka Honey shows that different qualities of Maharishi Honey have a very high antibacterial(2) activity, considerably(3) higher than Manuka Honey (well recognized for this quality).

Maharishi Honey as a Rasayana:

As a Rasayana, Maharishi Honey brings health and longevity. As a nourishing food, it improves health and well-being. Its delicious taste will make everyone happy. Personal experiences have confirmed all these benefits. According to the ancient texts of Vedic Medicine-Ayur-Veda: Honey (Madhu) is easily digestible: it improves digestion. It is good for the eyes (vision): good for the voice, and gives suppleness to the physiology. It enters into the minute pores and purifies and clears the channels (Shrotas) of the physiology. Honey bestows contentment, good colour-complexion. It improves intelligence and is curative. It cures many types of diseases and is very nourishing. In Ayur-Veda, it is also called 'Rasayana', because of its rejuvenating action in the physiology. (Bhava-Prakash Samhita, Chapter 6.22)


(1) Honey has the ability to promote fast healing and has successfully treated many bacteria-caused diseases. Four main characteristics of honey are responsible for its antibacterial properties:

- Osmolarity: the high osmolarity of honey kills bacteria and fungi by drawing water from their cells.

-Acidity: Honey has a pH value of around four, and is therefore acidic. This acidity inhibits the growth of most bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide production: Honey has the necessary components to produce miniscule amounts of H2O2 over a prolonged period of time. This slow-release capability makes honey an ideal substance to use in the treatment of wounds and bacteria-caused disorders. The slow-release mechanism is a simple, chemical reaction.

-Floral nectar component: Some nectars contain as yet unknown substances with antibacterial properties. Flavonoids, which are beneficial substances produced by plants, are also found in honey and are felt by some to contribute to honey's antibacterial properties.

In combination, these four values make honey a unique and powerful antibacterial agent.

(2) That honey should have medicinal properties should not come as a surprise-honey is, after all, derived from the nectar of plants, and plants have been renowned for their medicinal value, both in ancient times and today. For example, digitalis and taxol provide two of our better known plant-derived pharmaceuticals. The current concern over rainforest destruction is, in good part, concern over the loss of plant species that have potential medicinal value.

That plants and nectar from plants should have medicinal value is not just a fortuitous happenstance. In order for a plant species to survive, it has had to acquire, over eons, properties that render the plant immune from, or at least resistant to, attack from microbes, as well as from insects and animals. Honeybees enhance these pre-existing medicinal properties of plant nectar by adding beneficial enzymes to the nectar and condensing it into a form-honey-that maintains its medicinal properties for prolonged periods of time.

(3) The antibacterial variation among nectars and the honeys made from the various nectars has been explained in two ways:

a) Some nectars contain catalase, an enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide. This diminishes the effectiveness of the H2O2-producing mechanism of Honey.

b) Some nectars contain as yet unknown substances with antibacterial properties. Flavonoids, which are beneficial substances produced by plants, are also found in honey and are felt by some to contribute to honey's antibacterial properties. Also, honey from different flower sources has different antioxidant capacities.

Additional floral components work to enhance the amazing antimicrobial properties found in some honeys.

Maharishi Honey-Rare Vedic Organic Honey:

We say that Maharishi Honey is a Rare Vedic Organic Honey because it is produced with special care and attention to direction, planetary influences of sun, moon and stars, and purity of environment throughout each phase of production, in addition to following the special procedures for organic certification to assure its purity.

The quality of Maharishi Honey is greatly enhanced by the nourishing influence of Vedic Sound - the pure, evolutionary quality of intelligence, Natural Law, as available in the Vedic Literature. The application of Natural law-based Vedic Technologies through Maharishi Vedic Apiculture adds to the nourishing power and health-promoting qualities of Maharishi Honey.

Two international certification agencies, IMO, Switzerland and MVOAI, USA have certified the pure organic quality of Maharishi Honey.

Eight different qualities of Maharishi Honey are currently available,and newer qualities will be available throughout the year. Maharishi Honey is currently available in two sizes: 50g jars and 250g jars, beautifully boxed. A new 500g jar will soon be available. All qualities of Maharishi Honey are available on order from our webshops.

For more information or to place your order, contact:

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More Good News About Honey:

Other Health Benefits of Honey in general: Besides its antibacterial(1) effect, honey improves health in other ways.

It enhances the immune system: Honey can stimulate B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes to multiply, thus boosting the immune system.

It reduces inflammation: Honey has anti-inflammatory properties independent of its properties that combat bacterial infection. Inflammation has been reduced by honey when there were no infections involved.

It stimulates cell growth: When wounds that show no signs of healing for a long period of time are treated with honey, the healing(2) process, and cell regeneration, begins.

1. The medicinal benefits of honey have been attributed to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Honey keeps well for years without refrigeration, while jams, jellies and other foods spoil in a matter of weeks. Obviously, honey has an inhibiting effect on bacteria and fungi, but it was not until the 1930s that this effect could be scientifically demonstrated. Over the past sixty years, the inhibitory effects of honey have been tested and proven on a number of bacterial species, including many that cause human ailments. Honey has also been shown to have an inhibitory effect on a number of fungal species.

In 1989 an editorial in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine noted the impressive amounts of solid work showing the medicinal benefits of honey, and stated:

'The therapeutic potential of uncontaminated, pure honey is grossly underutilized. It is widely available in most communities and although the mechanism of action of its properties remains obscure and needs further investigation, the time has come for conventional medicine to lift the blinds off this traditional remedy and give it its due recognition.'

2. Could man devise a more perfect, slow-release antimicrobial product for treating wounds? If a billion dollar, biomedical company gave their research and development scientists unlimited time and resources, it is doubtful they could equal what nature has already provided in honey. It's enough to make even the most skeptical scientist believe in a higher being, as if God, in His wisdom, provided man with a perfect natural elixir to treat wounds and infections.


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