20 Lawsuits Launched by Non-Profit Organization Against Shampoo Manufacturers




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Shampoo maker settles suit over coal-tar content in Denorex

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) September 8, 2001 - The maker of Denorex dandruff shampoo has settled a civil suit that claimed the product had too much coal tar, a potential cancer causing substance.

Whitehall-Robins agreed to a payment of $422,500 and to lower the coal-tar content of the shampoo by 72 per cent.

"We are going to formulate a new product," Whitehall-Robins spokesperson Fran Sullivan said. "It will be out nationwide by mid-December." The company is a subsidiary of American Home Products.

The suit was brought by Occupational Knowledge International, a non-profit organization that has similar suits pending against 20 other manufactures of coal-tar shampoos. The suits are based on a successful California ballot proposition.

"Proposition 65, which was passed by voter initiative in the late 1980's, meant that anyone exposing others to a carcinogen must notify them," said Perry Gottesfeld, executive director of San Francisco-based Occupational Knowledge International.

The other suits include manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Neutrogena, which makes T/gel, and Reedco, which manufactures Tegrin. Those cases are scheduled for trial in January. 



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