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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Cancer is a political problem more than it is a medical problem.

"Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food," said Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications. "Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job." 
- New York Times, October 25, 1998

"What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day." - Dr. Herbert Ley, Former FDA Commissioner

"The FDA serves as the pharmaceutical industry's watchdog, which can be called upon to attack and destroy a potential competitor under the guise of protecting the public." - Dr. James P. Carter  



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The following information courtesy of Richard Wolfson, PhD, Consumer Right to Know Campaign for Mandatory labeling and long-term testing of genetically engineered food.

July 3, 2000

  • Can Biotechnology Help Fight World Hunger?

August 26, 2000

  • GM crops cost US farmers 700m in lost exports

  • GM seeds may be in food chain: Monsanto

  • Bugs for bunnies

  • BRAZIL pulls unlabelled genetically modified food from shelves

  • Seeds of doubt - concerns over GMOs

  • New study links biotech corn to butterfly deaths

November 3, 2000

  • Starlink protein stimulated antibodies in lab rats

  • Half IOWA Corn Contaminated

  • 50% of corn may be impure, Problem could cost 'hundreds of millions'

  • A Regulatory Maize, Critics Say Bio-corn Debacle Points Up Flaws in Splintered Regulatory Scheme for Biotech Foods

  • Gene-therapy death prompts broad civil lawsuit

  • Biotech-corn problems lead to recall of 300 products

  • "Buried Data in Monsanto's Study on Roundup Ready Soybeans"

November 23, 2000

  • Farm groups want Aventis held liable for bio-corn

  • Legal issues of biotech questioned

  • EL SALVADOR bans import of Star Link corn products

  • Life Sciences: Green and Dying

  • StarLink protein appears in new corn seed

  • STARLINK: JAPAN, US finalize protocol on US food corn shipment

  • Biopiracy: AUSTRALIA - biotech firm buys TONGA's gene pool

  • Corn leaving bad taste in world markets as GMO worries build

  • Disaster Of The Day: Aventis Corn Monster

  • Regulations inadequate for frankenfood: critic

  • Baking Items Added to Recall

  • USDA doesn't know how StarLink tainted 1998 corn

  • GM Crops Spawn Farmers Coalition

November 26, 2000

  • Triffids- From Fiction to Fact

  • No Frankenfries Please

  • Contamination in AUSTRALIA

  • FOX-TV Loses Lawsuit

  • Monarch Research Replicated

  • Bunnies Impervious to Disease

  • Biotech Crops Threaten Skylarks

  • "Eliminate Terminator" Outcry

  • Organic Farmers: Check Your Seed Pack

  • Manipulated Vitamin C

  • Promoter Gene Problem

  • Company Says Tracing Problem Corn May Take Weeks

  • Consumers urged to take action on GMOs

  • A synopsis of the seven panel presentations:
    1. "Frankenfood''
    2. "The Patenting of Life''
    3. "For Whose Benefit? Bio Medical Research''
    4. "Science and the Public Interest''
    5. "Tricks of the Trade''
    6. "Genetically Engineering Democracy''
    7. "Sowing the Seeds of Empowerment''

  • Liberals might have endangered our health with lax meat inspections

November 28, 2000

  • Corn Growers Tell EPA: Don't Rush to Judgment on StarLink Corn

  • AMERICAN Corn Growers Take Measured, Long-term Stand on GMO Corn

  • Nothing trivial in threat to the environment

  • Aventis sale of bio-crop unit could hurt farmers - lawmaker

  • Interview - More US firms seen adopting bio-food labels

  • Natural Law Party asks the BRITISH government at public hearing on Chardon LL maize to halt introduction of GM food technology and support natural, healthy alternatives

  • Dozens claim GM corn made them ill (CBC)

  • 44 AMERICANS Claim Starlink Corn Made Them Ill

  • StarLink corn impacts continue like ripples in a pond

  • USDA says reviewing Aventis conduct in bio-corn flap

  • Plan for Use of Bioengineered Corn in Food Is Disputed

December 13, 2000

  • StarLink "possibility" stalls trainload sale off the farm

  • Soya importer announces its intention to go GE-Free in FRANCE - UK urged to follow suit.

  • US FDA chief--Jury still out on StarLink corn safety

  • Statement for the FIFRA scientific advisory panel open meeting on Starlink corn

  • ARGENTINE GM policy endangers investment - Monsanto

January 31, 2001

  • Starlink contamination found in beer ingredients - FDA

  • JAPAN worries over new discovery of Starlink corn

  • SPAIN seen buying more GM-free BRAZILIAN corn

  • Conflict looms over EU plans to label genetically modified foods imports

  • Low-tech beats GM, says Prince Charles

  • Aventis expands Starlink bio-corn compensation

  • Genetically modified spuds cleared - Inspectors had blasted `extremely poor' field trials

  • Outgoing secretary says agency's top issue is genetically modified food

  • "Tesco said more than 75 percent of its customers expressed a preference
    for GMO-free products".

  • BRITISH Supermarkets Support GMO-Free Meats

  • GERMANS shelve GM trials

  • UK Top Research Centre Admits GM Failure

  • BRAZILIAN farmers storm Monsanto, uproot plants

  • SOUTH KOREA intensifies GM inspections of imported grain

  • JAPAN team to observe U.S. testing for StarLink bio-corn

  • "Humanitarian" GM corn: U.S. Withdraws Genetically Engineered Corn - Animal Feed Donation After BOSNIA's Hesitation

February 17, 2001

  • A farming family's frustrations with genetically engineered soybeans

  • Reaping a Biotech Blunder

  • Taxpayers fund biotech food giant - CIDA aids project in CHINA promoting Monsanto crops

  • U.S. states seek laws to limit new biotech wheat

  • Gene transplant to crops worries VATICAN

  • Genetically modified weaklings

  • Ralph Nader doesn't like the taste of biotechnology revolution

  • Forget about labels, just eat what OTTAWA puts in front of you

  • The government doesn't want to feed you information about genetically modified food, says lawyer Clayton Ruby. A court case tomorrow could change that.


February 23, 2001

  • Contaminated Corn- Canada's Food Supply at Risk

  • BRITISH retailers to market non-GMO meat products

  • Chemical Formed in Irradiated Food Causes Mutations, Recent Study Reveals

  • New GM crop directive requires "traceability" - EU

  • Labeling GM food may clear economic jam for farmers

  • TOKYO govt planning new labels to identify GM food

  • Majority of AMERICANS Favor Biofood Labels--Survey

February 26, 2001

  • Pig organ transplants 'too risky' for humans

  • Separating wheat from chaff (or wheat from wheat)

  •  HONG KONG Plans to Require Labeling of Genetically Modified Food

  • CANADIAN General Standards Board  Committee (CGSB) on Voluntary Labelling of Foods Obtained or Not Obtained Through Genetic Modification

  • We still don't know if it's safe

  • The Hill Times --  Special Biotechnology Policy Briefing

  • CANADA is disregarding caution in biotech race for market share.

  • Secrecy and silence are the watchwords of this field.

  • The recent report by the Royal Society of CANADA is the latest study raising concerns about the safety of genetically modified foods and suggesting that the government approved practice of substantial equivalence is scientifically unjustifiable.

  • Standards should be set to require full testing of GMOs. Sound science, in fact, should determine the safety of novel foods and the protection of the CANADIAN public.

  • By sidestepping longterm safety tests the biotechnology industry also avoided approximately $25million (U.S.) per product in research and delays of five years in reaching the marketplace.

  • The Royal Society panel recommends that the notion of substantial equivalence should be abandoned.

  • Royal Society's biotech report a vindication of common sense. This governmental overindulgence of corporate secrecy can be a threat to public trust in regulatory system.

  • Biotech wheat  

  • US farmers may have to live with EU crop rules

  • JAPANESE millers state opposition to GM wheat

  • UC-Berkeley prof advocates alternative to biotech

  • Hot potato debate on biotechnology comes to CANADA: modified foods

  • Gene technology unsafe says ex-proponent

  • Victory for our "Name GM sites" campaign

March 1, 2001

  • Conspiracy to Silence

  • Scientists Muzzled at Health CANADA

  • Research shows rBGH causes safety problems for animals and humans

  • Health CANADA scientists also told the Committee about other drugs of questionable safety that had been approved against their advice including growth hormones for animals that had been allowed even though the drugs were known to produce deformities in animals and were linked to cancer!

  • An Attempt to Silence

  • This Senate investigation was stalled due to various events, including the disappearance of Dr Lachance, Director of the Bureau of Veterinary Drugs - a key witness. Shortly before Lachance was to testify, his lawyer sent a letter stating that he was on stress leave and couldn't appear for questioning!

  • Federal Court of CANADA investigated and removed a gag order

  • Grievance Hearings

  • Enormous underlying corruption at Health CANADA, with senior management dancing to the tune of industry pressure and coercion.

  • Race to Buy Life

  • GM Cotton and Antiobiotic Resistant Gonorrhoea

  • AUSTRALIA - Hybrid Creatures

  • PARAGUAY Adopts Mandatory Labelling

  • Liability Lawsuit Against Aventis

  • BRITISH Food Chains - No Biotech Feed for Animals

  • Farmers Union Calls for Moratorium

March 9, 2001

  • Sellers who don't label foods with genetically engineered ingredients could face up to three  years in jail.

  • GM labeling moves ahead in HONG KONG and SOUTH KOREA

  • Letter to Tony Blair from CANADIAN farmer Percy Schmeiser who has been locked in an extended GM contamination court case with Monsanto.

  • No figures yet on StarLink contamination of seed corn-industry

  • Food for thought: uniform GM product labeling

  • Leading US farm group demands Starlink-free corn seed

  • USDA won't confirm presence of StarLink in corn seed

  • StarLink found in corn seed

  • Engineered Corn Turns Up in Seed

  • Monsanto admits it broke the GM testing  rules in TASMANIA

  • JAPAN turns to CHINA for corn

  • CANADA moved too fast on GM foods - Stephen Leahy

  • Corn prices fall, questions grow on StarLink seed flap

  • USDA, industry mum on StarLink corn seed survey results

  • CANADA moved too fast on GM foods
    Spin control doesn't change message of expert panel

  • ASTA: Majority in seed industry victims of Starlink situation

  • TASMANIA - Bacon threatens to impose permanent ban on GM organisms

  • INDONESIA: Ministries clash over transgenic cotton

  • Aventis faulted on claims

  • 'Distrust and polarisation' in GE debate

  • MAORI want right of veto over GM organisms

  • AUSTRALIA: Beekeepers fear ruin with potential GE crop contamination of honey

  • JAPAN: Traders fret Japan's StarLink review may drag on

  • GMOs Are Found in Morningstar Farms Products

  • Food: Kellogg says discovery of genetically modified ingredients was an
    isolated incident. No decision has been made on recalls.

  • EPA: Altered animal feed must pass human standard. The Environmental Protection Agency will no longer approve genetically engineered food for use as animal feed unless it's safe for human consumption, too.

  • Farmers, demand non-StarLink seed - US grain groups

  • StarLink corn woes cut U.S. farm exports

  • BRAZIL to export corn for first time since 1982 - USDA

March 14, 2001

  • CANADA: Government approach to GM crops slammed by first independent scientific panel

  • NEW ZEALAND: NZ$5000 reward for the MP who introduces liability bill for GE crop companies

  • Farmer calls Monsanto threat a bluff

  • Doctors criticise  report on GM foods

  • RAFI News: New Terminator Patent Goes to Syngenta

  • Md. farmer files suit over modified corn

  • BRITISH farmers betrayed by the NFU

  • AMERICAN Corn Growers Association issues warning about biotech export policy

March 18, 2001

  • 'Luddites' get some ammunition, by Ann Clark

  • The Royal Society of CANADA just came out with a new report entitled The Future of Food Biotechnology. Elements Of Precaution: Recommendations For The Regulation Of Food Biotechnology in CANADA.

  • Governments have authorized the commercial release of almost 50 GM crops, which were sown over 100 million acres in 1999 (71per cent in the U.S., 17 per cent in ARGENTINA, and 10 per cent in CANADA), and yet we still don't know enough to even identify the food safety and environmental risks, let alone test for them.

  • Two years ago, Arpad Pusztai - a world-renowned authority on plant proteins and nutrition, with nearly 300 refereed publications to his credit - was fired and treated disgracefully by his own colleagues for committing the unforgivable sin of speaking publicly about his concerns about GM food safety prior to publishing his findings in a refereed journal.

  • Pusztai had conducted meticulous studies that found organ size and intestinal integrity were hurt in rats fed potatoes that had been genetically modified to include genes from snowdrop lectin.

  • New Terminator Patent Goes to Syngenta

  • GM wheat threatens exports to Europe.


  • A former top aide to CANADIAN Health Minister Allan Rock has been hired as biotech giant Monsanto's chief lobbyist in OTTAWA -- less than two years after he was connected publicly to a controversial decision to approve Monsanto's genetically modified potatoes for sale in CANADA. John Dossetor resigned his position as senior policy adviser to Mr. Rock in late January. Within weeks, he was snapped up by Monsanto to "be responsible for the development and implementation of Monsanto's government affairs strategies in CANADA," according to an advertisement the company took out in several newspapers.

  • Scientists: More Research Is Needed

  • CANADA confiscates GM corn at border

  • CANADA says banned GM corn mistakenly fed to animals

  • Illegal biotech corn slipped across border at Montreal, minister admits

  • Starbucks Day of Action March 20th, in a city near you!

  • Starlink bio-corn said to be in 430 mln bushels


  • The latest auditor general's report hints the CANADIAN Food Inspection Agency may be a bit too cosy with the industry it's supposed to be watching over.

  • Health CANADA -- both regulating and promoting the industry is a conflict of interest.

  • Kellogg Unit Recalling Tainted Corn Dogs

  • THINK GLOBAL, EAT LOCAL, says GERMAN farm minister

  • THAILAND mulls GMO labeling to protect consumers

  • BRAZIL to export corn

  • Funding creates bias, warns scientist

  • Corporate co-funding means few scientists will receive money to pursue investigations that could undermine the market credibility of products.

  • Arpad Pusztai is a respected SCOTTISH researcher who lost a job and faced attacks on his credibility after a study raised questions about genetically modified foods. He told the conference he suffered for breaking the veil of secrecy. He said he had no choice, when rats fed GM potatoes appeared to have a different reaction than did rats fed traditional potatoes.

  • Biotech industry trying to silence one of its outspoken critics?

  • GM version of a common soil bacterium called Klebsiella planticola could spread and devastate plants if released into the wild. Other researchers had previously modified the bacterium to produce alcohol form organic waste. But Ingham says that when she put it in soil with wheat plants, all of the plants died within a week, telling the commission that, "We could lose terrestrial plants. This is an organism that is potentially lethal to the continued survival of human beings."

March 22, 2001

  • US newspaper charges research centre with misconduct

  • Parkinson's miracle cure turns into a catastrophe

  • Biotech Corn Tainted Vast Amounts, Company's Report Expands Estimate

  • FACTBOX - StarLink tainted corn from 1999, 2000 crops

  • Biotech Firm Executive Says Genetically Engineered Corn Is Here to Stay

  • US science panel says more data needed on bio-crop safety

  • Monsanto's Genetically Modified Potatoes Find Slim Market, Despite Repelling Bugs

  • On the horizon: two alternatives to transgenic corn

March 28, 2001

  • Concern about genetically engineered crops is now coming not only from environmental and consumer groups but from farmers

  • Farmers Joining State Efforts Against Bioengineered Crops

  • Monsanto pulls altered potatoes in wake of consumer resistance: company says it is focusing on other crops

  • Organic food activists in the UNITED STATES are hailing a victory of sorts after getting coffee giant Starbucks to serve hormone-free milk.

  • Nicholson questions GM wheat

  • BEWARE THE GENETIC GENIE - Washington Post

  • Monsanto pulls plug on NatureMark spuds.

  • Monsanto has decided to get out of the genetically modified business ~ for potatoes.

  • CANADA says banned GM corn mistakenly fed to animals

  • Biotech grain is in 430 million bushels of corn

  • Modified potato's whereabouts a mystery

  • Biotech corn is test case for industry: Engineered food's future hinges on allergy study

  • Government contemplates labeling requirements for genetically engineered food

  • Monsanto's genetically modified potatoes

  • Suspected GM maize seized from Monsanto in ITALY

  • Fury at GM crops trial

  • Attache: U.S. Corn Imports to JAPAN on Shaky Ground

  • Most AMERICANS Want to Know if Eating Bio-Foods

  • We don't want your GM crops

April 1, 2001

  • Failure of Genetically Engineered Goods

  • Monsanto Bullies Farmers

  • "GM Free" Food at some stores

  • More Trouble for StarLink

  • No Frankenspuds in OREGON

  • Farmers Foot the Bill when Biotech Crops Fail

  • Pioneer Hi-Bred Sales Stall

  • Landmark Study published in Science

  • Whitehall funds hush-hush production of GM fish

  • DUTCH firm wants to bring transgenic cows to QUEBEC

  • Biotech Corn Is Test Case For Industry Engineered Food's Future Hinges on Allergy Study

  • USDA begins buying StarLink-tainted seed

  • Farmers Joining State Efforts Against Bioengineered Crops

  • Researchers Find Big Risk of Defect in Cloning Animals

  • ITALIAN police raid Monsanto GM stockpile 

  • Monsanto ITALY on "level playing field" with peers

  • Don't Clone Humans!

  • "Genetically Engineered Crops - A Threat to Soil Fertility?"

  • Experts Call for Allergenicity Testing of all GM Foods

April 5, 2001

  • Aventis to sell off rather than float CropSciences

  • Cloned calves die at California schools

  • New Book: "Redesigning Life? The Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering"

  • USDA Verifies New GMO QuickCheck Bt9 Test Kit for StarLink

  • JAPANESE demonstrate against StarLink, a brand of genetically modified corn, in front of the U.S. Embassy in TOKYO late last year.

  • THAILAND bans the release of genetically engineered crops into the environment

  • FDA To Test for Biotech Allergy

  • Farmer finds that GMOs come with a stiff price even if you don't grow them

  • Court Rules Farmer Must Pay Monsanto for Crops Contaminated by Pollen Drift

  • Canadian professor speaks out on Percy Schmeiser decision

  • NGOs refuse to participate in government consultations on genetic engineering

  • Global Green Groups Urge Bush to Halt Bio-Corn Exports

  • Wheat Producers want modified seed blocked

  • Farmer moves site for GM crop trials

  • Comment: Genetically Modified Food: Unsafe Until Further Notice

April 10, 2001

  • Failure of Genetically Engineered Goods

  • Monsanto Bullies Farmers

  • "Modified" Free

  • More Trouble for StarLink

  • No Frankenspuds in OREGON

  • Farmers Foot the Bill

  • Pioneer Sales Stall

  • Landmark Study

April 11, 2001

  • EU Plans Tight Biotech Food Controls

  • Labeling Rules Carry Risk of Trade Dispute With U.S.

April 20, 2001

  • SRI LANKA announces ban on genetically modified food imports

  • Biodiversity is not just good for the soul - it could help save the planet from global warming too.

  • Resistance to genetically modified foods heats up in INDIA, where about 500 million people are vegetarians. They don't want meat proteins injected into their food.

  • Herbicide resistant canola is beginning to develop into a major weed problem on the prairies.

  • Farmers could launch a class action lawsuit against Monsanto for contaminating their land with unwanted genetic material, and demand the courts establish appropriate safeguards, Clark said. "It's not possible to build a fence big enough and not possible for Monsanto to go onto enough farms often enough to prevent the movement of proprietary genetics onto farms where it was not purchased."

  • The situation is complicated by the fact canola can remain dormant in the soil for 10 years before it grows. Clark argues it was irresponsible for the CANADIAN government to have approved genetically modified canola in the first place because they knew it couldn't be controlled.

  • Attorney General and Minister responsible for Human Rights from BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA) has introduced Bill 18 on GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOOD LABELLING ACT

  • Government of CANADA to Sign International  Biosafety Agreement

  • NGOs refuse to participate in government consultations on genetic engineering

  • Farmer ponders appeal of gene patent decision

  • But Phillipson said Schmeiser's counterclaim, if it's pursued, could prove interesting as Saskatchewan environmental protection legislation defines pollution quite broadly and that might include genetically modified (GM) plants or seeds. "You could easily find that GM pollen could be a pollutant and then we'd have some big issues on whether they can control their technology and would Monsanto start compensating people for any sort of GM contamination," Phillipson said. "Again, I wish an organic farmer would bring this case forward as there has been a few cases in BRITAIN where they were trying to get injunctions to stop them from planting next to an organic farmer."


  • Don't risk wheat sales by approving this seed  - The Globe and Mail

  • Experts call for allergenicity testing of all GM foods

  • Is MEXICO getting strong-armed on biotech labeling?

  • BRAZIL'S new, productive non-GMO corn hybrids could make it a major export competitor

  • GERMAN farming will be more natural despite costs: Minister

  • Europeans refusing CANADIAN honey because of GMOs


  • No GM seeds or crops have ever been through rigorous safety tests.

  • The Achilles heal of transgenic modified grains


  • Money pours in for farmer's appeal; spent retirement funds fighting biotech firm

  • B.C. makes move on genetically modified foods

  • U.N. task force begins 5-day meeting on GM food

May 5, 2001

  • US Agribusiness Fights Mexico Mandatory Labels for GE Foods


  • JAPAN: Japan to start mandatory checks for GM feed

  • WORLD: World Health Organisation examines biotech allergies

  • Modified Crop Advocate Fears Lost Chances Through Cultivation Ban

  • [foxBGHsuit] Great News From Fired Fox TV Reporters! Named recipients of the 2001 Goldman Environmental Prize. In late 1996, journalists Jane Akre and Steve Wilson began investigating rBGH, the genetically modified growth hormone American dairies have been injecting into their cows. As investigative reporters for the Fox Television affiliate in Tampa, Florida, they discovered that while the hormone had been banned in CANADA, EUROPE and most other countries, millions of AMERICANS are unknowingly drinking milk from rBGH-treated cows.

  • Seeds Contain Biotech Contamination

  • JAPAN adamantly against biotech wheat - US report

  • Biotech Corn Found In Variety of Foods
    FDA Testing for Possible Allergic Reactions

  • Shareholders Push Hershey to Report On Genetically Engineered Ingredients; Annual Shareholder Meeting

  • Curbs on genetically altered crops sought

  • StarLink corn is export headache worldwide--U.S.

  • Monsanto Replacing GMO Canola Seed in CANADA. Contaminated with unapproved genetic material.

  • GM pollution now pervasive: agency

  • Organic produce such as corn and canola imported from North America can no longer be guaranteed free from genetically modified (GM) organisms, according to the Organic Federation  of AUSTRALIA.

  • "Refiners Shun Bioengineered Sugar Beets, Frustrating Plans for Monsanto, Aventis"

  • The food industry has soured on genetically modified sugar.

  • Some NORTH AMERICAN crops grown from bioengineered seeds face bans in certain lucrative export markets

  • Scientists fear biotech will harm food supply

  • The human  food supply is in danger of being contaminated by crops genetically modified to create better drugs and industrial chemicals, a group of veteran scientists and academics is warning.

  • "high probability" the food we eat could be contaminated as a result of sloppy farming practices and the "arrogance" of biotechnology researchers and regulators.

  • Report points out problems with Roundup  

  • Food Makers Want Biotech Food Tests

  • 30 genetically altered human babies born

  • Countries stalled over labels for genetically altered foods

May 12, 2001

  • UK GM crop trials abandoned

  • Farmers fear their organic crops could be contaminated

  • ARGENTINA finds and destroys illegal GM seeds

  • StarLink issue fuels Japan opposition to genetically modified wheat


June 3, 2001

  • Soya study casts doubt on GM decision making process

  • Gene insertion reduces yields

  • JAPAN Will Look to CANADA Instead of U.S. for Soybeans

  • US presses EU for changes in crop rules



  • AUSTRALIA: GM audit finds trials not properly monitored

June 15, 2001

  • Aventis Lawsuits Mounting

  • Nematodes Infest Biotech Cotton

  • Cotton Quality Declining

  • BRAZIL leader in "Natural" Corn

  • Superweeds Spreading

  • Biotech Rice Fraud

  • BRAZILIAN Farmers Storm Monsanto

  • UNITED NATIONS Nations Recommends Caution

  • Top UK Research Centre Admits GM Failure

  • CANADIAN Taxpayers Funding Biotech

  • Biotech Weaklings

  • AUSTRALIAN Honey Contaminated

  • Farmers Wary of Biotech Wheat

  • StarLink Contamination Continues

  • Pig Organ Transplants Dangerous

  • Tobacco with Human Genes

  • PHILIPPINES Outlaws Biotech

  • INDONESIAN Ministries Clash


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