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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Cancer in a Can:

The average American consumes 50 gallons of soft drinks annually. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the addition of high fructose corn syrup (also known as "corn sugar") to soft drinks and other foods is directly linked to the present increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes. The acid in soft drinks contributes to bone loss and osteoporosis. Soft drinks are also linked to the rise in esophageal cancer happening in every country where significant quantities (above 10 gallons annually) of soft drinks are being consumed. It is the acid in soft drinks that damages the esophagus. Plus, carbonation causes the stomach to distend and can trigger reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus.

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The Eight Essential Sugars

Nutritional science has long identified the eight essential amino acids (proteins) that serve as the building blocks for the body. These are  leucine, isoleucine, lysine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and tryptophan. Getting all of these eight essential amino acids is the reason for understanding the principles of protein complementarity (eating both grains and legumes at each meal). These amino acids are called "essential" because the body cannot produce them and they MUST be obtained from diet.

Less well known but equally important for good health are the so-called "eight essential sugars". These are glucose, galactose, mannose, fucose, xylose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic acid. These eight sugars combine with proteins and fats to form a code that resides on the membrane of every cell. This code identifies the cell and helps the body recognize self and non-self. Differences in this code identify the different blood types. The code also serves many other purposes and is an important part of the body's internal communication system. The sugars combined with proteins are called glycoproteins, and combined with fats are called glycolipids.

Glycoproteins are used by the body for many other purposes including building enzymes, hormones, immunoglobulins and antibodies. Glycoproteins are found inside every cell. Glycolipids help build the brain and nervous system. Fucose and mannose can provide significant cancer tumor suppression. The sugars are important for a strong immune system, and this also helps fight cancer.

Principal sources of sugars in the human diet are fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and dairy. The fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes provide starches that are broken down by enzymes in the body to form glucose. Glucose can be transformed in the body by enzymes to form xylose, mannose, fucose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylneuraminic acid. Dairy provides the milk sugar lactose that is broken down by enzymes to form glucose and galactose. Dairy is important in the human diet because it is a source of galactose. The six sugars that the body can produce from glucose cannot be properly called "essential" in the same sense that the 8 amino acids mentioned above are called "essential". Nevertheless, your body requires all 8 of these sugars and if your body is not able to produce them due to a genetic defect or for other reasons, then you will be deficient. 

The transformation of these sugars from one form to another by the body requires both enzymes and energy. Generally, these transformations involve many intermediate steps and each step requires specific enzymes and more energy in the form of ATP molecules. As we saw in our discussion of oxygen, aerobic metabolism produces an abundance of ATP molecules and anerobic metabolism produces very few ATP molecules. Also, we have discussed in many places on the Alkalize For Health web site how a diet of cooked and "prepared" foods is deficient in enzymes and leads to an enzyme deficiency in the body. Only fresh foods contain enzymes. Therefore, the presence of sufficient ATP molecules and enzymes in the body to convert the sugars cannot be taken for granted. A deficiency in ATP or enzymes will lead directly to a deficiency in the sugars and a consequent breakdown in the body's communication system, that contributes to many diseases. The conversion process also requires vitamins and time. Obtaining the sugars from diet is more reliable and efficient. However, the sugars are largely missing from the modern diet due to green harvesting, over processing, cooking, and preserving.

Research in the area of glyconutrition is very new and more information should appear in the coming years. We particularly look forward to a list of foods that contain these sugars when the food is organically grown and fully ripened on the plant, vine, or tree. Obtaining these sugars may be an excellent reason to have your own garden.

For more information see:

Mondoa, Emil I. and Mindy Kitei, Sugars That Heal : The New Healing Science of Glyconutrients, Ballantine Books, 2002.

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Dubouch, Dr. George, Science or Miracle? The Metabolic Glyconutritional Discovery, Innerlife Foundation, 2003.

Dubouch, Dr. George, The Healing Power of 8 Sugars.


Information Regarding Glyconutrients and Cancer

Read about glyconutrients and various diseases, including cancer at

Video and DVD "The Cancer Video" by H. Reginald McDaniel, M.D. - Glyconutrients and cancer. Do an Internet search to find a copy of this video.


"Tumor cells secrete "transforming growth factor-beta" (TGF-b), which renders immune cells inactive or ineffectual - even in large numbers. This factor also inhibits proliferation of T-cells, reduces the cancer cell-killing power of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and inhibits the ability of macrophages, our immune system's first line of defense, to destroy invaders. The result: the body believes its defense system is effectively attacking cancer cells when it isn't. research led me to particular polysaccharide peptides or glycoproteins that enhance macrophage and natural killer cell production and efficacy. They are found in greatest abundance in edible fungi and germinated grains and seeds.

...Edible mushrooms are the richest source of these compounds...However, positive research findings on the medicinal powers of mushroooms have become prominent in research literature only in the last twenty years."

- Dr. Jordan S. Rubin, The Maker's Diet, pages 114-115.


Medicinal mushrooms commonly found in grocery stores and Chinese markets include Shiitake mushrooms, Maitake mushrooms, Reishi mushrooms, and Oyster mushrooms. You can even grow your own medicinal mushrooms at home.

Why not enjoy medicinal mushrooms with each meal?


You might also do an Internet search for "glyconutrients cancer".


Dr Iain MacRobert FRACO FCOphthHK FHKAM

An Open Letter to Mankind

In the last twenty years, a huge and growing body of research has been carried out into the role of the sugars that are an essential part of glycoproteins. These sugar-protein complexes are the building blocks of our immune system, and are the method by which cells "talk" to each other. Research now runs to over 80,000 papers in many established medical journals. The accompanying papers in this pack discuss various aspects of sugar metabolism, from the scientific research to case histories, along with doctors own experience with the amazing healing qualities of these glyconutrients.

It has been conclusively shown that there are 8 essential sugars, and 6 are missing from our modern Western diet. This lack is caused by soil depletion, early picking of vegetables and fruits, processing of foods, and pollution. We all now face a very toxic environment, and we now lack the very things we need to cope with the toxic load.

When these sugars are missing, the cells either cannot "talk", or they mis-communicate. The result is disease. Yes it is true, our cells can make these sugars from glucose, but this is a very metabolically expensive process. It has been shown that dietary lack results in defective immune response, either too much or too little. Allergic conditions are examples of an over reactive immune system. An under reactive immune system could result in an inability of the natural "killer" cells (lymphocytes) to recognize diseased or cancerous cells, and dispose of them. The results of that may mean the death of the person! When the cells are given the nutrients they need, and begin to function properly, the resultant health benefits range from profound to amazing. In some cases, the so called laws of medical science have been overturned. I have spoken to people who had (past tense) multiple sclerosis, and who now do not have it. Their neurological lesions have disappeared from the MRI scan. To a natural skeptic like myself, the implication of this reversal was simple - medicine is now facing the need for a total paradigm shift in its thinking, as deep a shift as that which occurred when bacteria were first shown to be the agents of infectious diseases.

As doctors, I believe we need to move from a "curative" view to a "wellness" view of what we do. Whilst modern medicine has made great strides in many areas, doctors, myself included, feel somewhat helpless when attempting to deal with the flood of degenerative disease and chronic illness that are the mark of our generation. All we can offer are drugs with very serious, and in some cases, life threatening side effects. In the year 2000, more than 100,000 people died from the effects of properly prescribed, properly administered pharmaceutical agents in the United States alone. This does not count the tragic accidents of improperly used medication.

Are these sugars safe? Well, they are food, not drugs. They have NO toxic or side effects. Five of the eight are found in human breast milk, (one of the reasons why babies are protected from disease by breast feeding). The sugars are not pharmaceutical agents, and do not cure anything. They simply restore basic cellular functions to normal, and then the body can fend for itself. The killer cells will work to identify and destroy diseased or cancerous cells. The immune system can be restored to normal to modulate itself in response to attack.

I believe that we are going to see this profound change in medical practice over the next few years. As usual, I predict that the medical profession will be dragged kicking and screaming into this change. Every major medical advance, from simple hand washing between patients, to using limes to treat scurvy, to smallpox vaccination, the introduction of anesthesia, and surgical asepsis, has been first ridiculed, then opposed, until finally acceptance came when the truth became totally self evident. This is happening today with glyconutrition. There are now over 1000 medical practitioners in the USA who regularly use glyconutrients in their practices. The AMA in Australia has just release a paper acknowledging the patient's right to use complimentary medicine. That statement allows such things as acupuncture and yoga, techniques that may have benefit, but have no scientific validation. Compare that to the huge body of literature on glycoscience, including the 1999 Nobel Prize in Medicine. The case history data is growing into the tens of thousands of patients whose disease states have been improved, or in many cases eradicated, by the simple act of adding these sugars to the diet. This evidence will, in time, be overwhelming, and those who are skeptical and critical will be won over, by evidence that cannot be refuted. When you have CAT scan evidence of the lesions of multiple sclerosis disappearing, of metastatic carcinoma resolving, of the reversal of Alzhiemer's and Parkinson's disease, of increase in IQ of Down's syndrome children, along with positive effects in arthritis, infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibro-myalgia, what can you say? These are case histories presented by medical professionals, not snake oil salesmen. They are medically verifiable.

I think you will find the accompanying papers interesting. I hope that they will increase your understanding, and help you on the road to optimal health. Further information can be had at the following internet sites:


Best wishes,

Iain MacRobert

Dr Iain MacRobert's CV

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Hong Kong Specialist Registration SO7-0052

Curriculum Vitae

Graduated MB MS Sydney University 1975

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The Westmead Centre 1984 Senior Ophthalmic Registrar

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Penrith (West Sydney) 1985

Hong Kong 1986 to present

Post Graduate qualifications

Fellow - Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists 1984

International Member - American Academy of Ophthalmology 1991

Founding Fellow - Hong Kong Academy of Medicine 1993

Founding Fellow - Hong Kong College of Surgeons 1996

Founding Fellow - Hong Kong College of Ophthalmologists 1996

Medical Memberships

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Make your own glyconutrient nutritional supplement.


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