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1. My Earthing conductivity tester needs a new battery.

"There are some small screws on the back of the tester. If you take those out, then you can remove the back cover. You will see it there, a round watch-type battery. You can slide it out and find replacements at most stores that sell batteries. For example, Walmart, Target, hardware stores, even some pharmacies and grocery stores."


2. Is there a recommended frequency of testing?

"You should test the Earthing sheet at least monthly and after each (hand) wash."


3. Where is the resistor located?

"The resistor is located in the cord, and it will not affect the testing process at all."


4. The wire from the grounding outlet to the half bedsheet attaches to the half bedsheet via a clip on a black rectangle of rubberized material. On the back of the black rectangle is a round piece of metal that is the backside of the clip. When I place the conductivity tester on this round piece of metal the tester lights up. However, two inches away on the sheet, the tester does not light up. Something has happened between the clip and the sheet. When the silver wires of the sheet are in contact with the backside of the clip, then the tester on the sheet lights up.

"What we suggest is to wrap the black patch with excess sheet material and tuck it under the mattress so there is pressure on it. Or use a clip to put pressure on cord/patch/sheet."


5. Same as question 4, except when the silver wires of the sheet are in contact with the backside of the clip, the tester on the sheet does not light up.

"The silver may be tarnished which can cause it to lose it's conductivity. Here is a simple test:

i) take the tester only (no cords attached)
ii) place it firmly on the sheet (with the silver disc pressing the sheet)
iii) while holding the tester against the sheet, touch the "nipple" (where the cord is supposed to attach to) with a finger.
iv) with the other hand, place it firmly on the sheet a couple feet away from the tester.

If the green light goes on, the silver is conductive. Move the tester and the other hand around the sheet to make sure all areas are conductive.


If the problem is non-conductive silver, there is a process for restoring your sheet.

First wash your sheet once in hot water. After washing in hot water retest the sheet. If still not conductive here is how to restore conductivity:

- Fill up about 2 inches of warm water in the bath tub.
- Add approx 3/4 cup of baking soda
- Add approx 3/4 cup of salt (any salt would be fine)
- Stir water with hands until salt is dissolved
- Cover the bottom of the tub with aluminum foil
- Fold the sheet to maximize coverage and placed on top of aluminum foil
- Placed another layer of aluminum foil on top of the sheet. (make an aluminum foil sandwich)
- Fill glass bakeware (multiple) with water and placed on top of sheet (to make sure sheet made a firm connection with foil)
- Let sit for approx 2 hours
- Put it in the washing machine on a warm water rinse cycle. (no detergent)
- Hang Dry

Here is a video that shows the basic principle of the aluminum foil / baking soda. We are attempting to bring the silver threading 'back to life', and this video explains the concept using silver bars:  "






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