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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Death rides a slow bus in Hunza.

The following is quoted from the book Secrets of the Soil pages 91 and 92.


Chapter 8

Heaven on Earth

That all this chemical horror is as unnecessary as it is unnatural, that men and women can live into their second century free of all disease, if fed on properly grown organic food, was first proved by an early follower of Sir Albert Howard, a distinguished Scots physician, Robert McCarrison, who did so with the aid of a crew of city rats. As head of the Nutrition Research Agency for the Imperial Government of India, and director of its Pasteur Institute at Coonoor, McCarrison gained a knighthood and an appointment as personal physician to King George V. But it was his interlude with rats, while he was still a young man attached to the Gilgit Agency in northern Pakistan, that made his fame. It led to the discovery of the legendary health and longevity of the inhabitants of Hunza, a hardy people living in a remote and inaccessible valley, surrounded by the highest Himalayan peaks.

In the course of a comparative study of the dietary practices of people from various regions of India, young McCarrison was surprised to find that rats that ate the diets of Pathans and Sikhs increased their body weight much faster and were much healthier than those ingesting the daily fares of neighboring peoples such as the Kanarese or the Bengalis.

Even more extraordinary, when his rats were fed the same diet as that of the Hunzas, a diet limited to grain, vegetables, fruits, and unpasteurized goats' milk, the rodents appeared to McCarrison to be the healthiest ever raised in his laboratory. They grew rapidly, never seemed to be ill, mated with enthusiasm, and had healthy offspring. Autopsies showed nothing whatsoever wrong with their organs. Throughout their lifetimes these rats were gentle, affectionate, and playful.

Other rats contracted precisely the diseases of the people whose diets they were fed, and even seemed to adopt certain of the humans' nastier behavioral characteristics. Illnesses revealed at autopsy filled a whole page. All parts of the rats' bodies - skin, hair, blood, ovaries, and womb - and all their systems - respiratory, urinary, digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular - were affected. Many of the rats, snarling and vicious, had to be kept apart if they were not to tear each other to bits.


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