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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison



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Cold and flu season is upon us. It used to be a time of misery, pain and suffering for me every year. At the first breath of winter, I would get that sneezy, coughing, runny nose, chills, and fever feeling and head for the drug store in obedience to the TV commercials. Though the medicines did little good for the cause of the problem, they did help the symptoms a little and then mercifully knocked me out at night for a few hours of fitful sleep. For the last four winters, I have not had a cold or the flu. I simply stay on my regular daily regimen of colloidal silver and winter is not a problem.

Some people think it is a bad thing to take colloidal silver regularly, but I have done so for almost four years and the only side effect has been good health. This is also true for my wife and grandkids and countless friends, relatives and customers. We do not argue with those who take colloidal silver as a curative instead of a preventive. This is how we started as well. I had chronic sinus infections and bronchitis which always followed colds and flu. I would take the colloidal silver and it would knock it out. I would be okay for a few weeks and then conditions would be right again and the whole cycle would begin again. After several cycles of get sick, take colloidal silver, get well, stop taking colloidal silver, get sick, etc., I just stayed on a small, daily dose, well below the EPA's allowable amount of silver in drinking water. That was over three years ago. I have not had a cold, flu, sinus infection or bronchitis in that time.

My wife, Denise used to have a chronic bladder infection which would flare up every time she would have to sit for extended periods. She could sometimes fend it off with copious amounts of cranberry juice but more often than not, it was off to the doctor for antibiotics. Then we were introduced to colloidal silver by a friend. It quickly knocked out a bladder infection which was ongoing at the time. She stopped taking it as soon as the symptoms were gone for a few days. The next time she went on a trip, she got it back. After awhile, she just kept taking a small maintenance dose and has had no sign of bladder infection. Another benefit has been the absence of all colds and flu, year after year.

In 1997 when we first began to take colloidal silver on a regular basis, we were paying $15 for a two ounce bottle from a health food store. It quickly became expensive and we began to research the various products on the internet. We found that one could make their own colloidal silver at a very reasonable price. We began to make it and give it away to family, then friends, then friends of friends. Shortly, we were making lots of it and people began to insist on paying for it. Though we still give it free to those who come to Utopia, Texas to visit our growing business and modern laboratory, it is necessary to charge for it in order to send it all over the world.

Over the years, we have continually grown in our knowledge of colloidal silver production methods, always trying to stay on the cutting edge of the science. In 1998, we learned about the high voltage AC (HVAC) colloidal silver production method. Though the inexpensive low voltage DC units we had been using and selling are simple and effective for family use, the solution does not have the extended shelf life desired for a product which may sit for months on a store shelf. We have been selling and improving upon this excellent HVAC product for several years. Our hundreds of testimonials and thousands of satisfied users are the evidence of its quality and effectiveness. The small, LVDC generators continue to be an economical and effective way to produce a good colloidal silver for home and clinic use where it will be consumed within a few months. The HVAC generators which we use to make our now famous "Utopia Silver" are available for sale on the web site. For information on these machines, follow the links from .

About a year ago, I met a fascinating man in New Jersey. His name is Frank Key or actually Francis Scott Key. If that name sounds familiar it is because his great, great, great, great grandfather and namesake is the author of "The Star Spangled Banner." I went to NJ to look at a sophisticated laboratory instrument called a spectrophotometer which he had for sale. Though I opted not to buy the instrument, It was a very important and valuable trip for me and the furthering of my knowledge of the science of colloidal silver.

Frank is a scientist, researcher and deep thinking, problem solving engineer. He was the lead engineer on space flight hardware used on the Apollo and Viking space missions. You can learn more about him and his work here:

At the time we met, he was winding up his research and putting the final touches on a completely new colloidal silver production process which optimizes effectiveness per unit of silver. We have now become the leading retailer and wholesaler of the products made by his "Mesoprocess"(R). This cutting edge technology produces nanometer size particles in high concentration. A billion of these particles can sit side by side on the cross section of a human hair! This process is expensive to run and the product which we call "Advanced Colloidal Silver" is more costly per ounce than our other product, but the recommended dosage to obtain equal benefit is less. Read the following paragraphs and you will have a better understanding of colloidal silver than you may ever need.

Common colloidal silver products including our own "Utopia Silver" are actually mostly ionic silver in combination with a smaller portion of metallic colloidal silver. A silver ion is an atom of silver missing an electrode in its outer shell. Ions are the most germicidal units of silver as they are the smallest. The problem is that silver ions readily combine with chloride ions when they are present to become part of the compound, silver chloride. Silver chloride, though benign, is neither soluble nor germicidal. The stomach is rich in chloride (hydrochloric acid). Therefore, the silver ions are neutralized and are of no further value inside the body. Likewise, the bloodstream is chloride rich (sodium chloride). Intravenous use of ionic colloidal silver therefore, is likewise futile. The only silver that is useful inside the body is metallic particles. "Advanced Colloidal Silver" is almost pure metallic particles.

Particles not only need to be plentiful, but as small as possible because the smaller the particle size, the larger the particle surface area exposed in the solution. The only atoms of a particle which are effective are those on the outside of the particle. Those on the inside of a particle don't touch the solution and therefore have no chance to kill germs. Think of a glass filled with marbles and water. Only the outside of these marbles are in contact with the water and can affect it. If you cut the marbles in half, you have exposed more surface of the material to the water; you have increased the particle surface area. If you cut these pieces in half again, you add more particle surface area. If you cut the particles smaller and smaller, you make the particle surface area larger and larger.

Besides maximizing particle surface area, small particles are more able to penetrate the smallest recesses of the body's cell structure and the components of the offending germs. These nanoparticles in Advanced Colloidal Silver are powerful germ fighters inside the body and out. Ions, however, are great germ fighters in the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin and inhaled into the lungs.

Our regular colloidal silver, "Utopia Silver," is a great product and is responsible for most of the testimonials at our web site. It has a strong component of small particles and works very well inside the body and out compared to the other products in the industry. It is the preferred product for those who use colloidal silver often for topical applications.

The product made by our small, inexpensive generators is effective as well, especially against respiratory infections, colds and flu. For very little money one can be assured of a generous supply of quality colloidal silver.

"Advanced Colloidal Silver" is the Cadillac of colloidal silver  for any application. Only a small amount is necessary to keep a good component of potent silver particles in the bloodstream. For a more complete explanation of all the science behind this product, go to  . It can be bought there or at .

For those who are not sure which product to buy, we have "Advanced-Utopia Blend", a balanced mixture of Utopia Silver and Advanced Colloidal Silver. For only a little more money, it has about three times the particle surface area and almost the same ionic value as the regular product. All three of the products are made at approximately 20 PPM of total silver.

Which ever of the product choices you make, don't go into the cold and flu season without the protection of colloidal silver. We have been able to avoid these debilitating respiratory infections with just a little colloidal silver daily. We don't, however, claim a cure for these or any diseases. Please consult a medical professional for medical advise. Colloidal silver is just a mineral supplement.


Here are some of the testimonials we have received since the last letter.


I have had many bladder infections over the last 15 years. In the last couple of years they became more frequent. I had surgery in April for a pituitary tumor. In July I was diagnosed with Chronic Leukemia B. I was running to the doctor about every two weeks to have my urine checked. I took a variety of antibiotics over the last year including Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin and others. I was also on a daily maintenance antibiotic.  In late August I decided to try Colloidal silver. In September I went to my appointment with my regular urologist. He said that my urine test was the best ever. I told him what I had taken and that I would like to go off the daily maintenance antibiotic and try the CS.  He said, "Give it a try and let me know how it works." About 10 days later I went to the Cancer Center to have my blood checked and the white cell count was normal.  I told the doctor what I had taken and he dismissed it as quackery. He told me to come back in 8 months. He seemed to think that I didn't have Leukemia.  What can I say?  My last bladder infection was in early August! I take CS when I get that burning sensation.

Editor's note: For more testimonials relating to cancer go to


Okay, now for the testimonial. I have had "adult-onset" acne since my 20's (face, neck, chest & back).  I went through everything - antibiotics, ointments and gels, accutane (several times), but nothing would make it stay away for good.  I became known as the "turtleneck queen" because I tried to hide my acned neck under turtlenecks (all year round - they do have short sleeves for summer).  BUT after spraying the CS on my face and body for about a month, I started to notice that the acne gradually was going away and wasn't coming back!!!  Wow, it was a miracle for me!  After using it for 2 years now, I just take it for granted.  I can wear all kinds of tops now because I have no acne to hide anymore.  My dermatologist noticed it as well.  I told him what I had been doing with the CS and he was amazed.  He wants me to get some for him to try on some of his patients.  So, I'm going to place an order and give several bottles to him.

Thanks so much for your CS.  At least acne is one thing I no longer have to worry about.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Jones


Bill,  Wanted to share a testimonial.  I gave a couple of bottles of CS to a friend of mine on 10/7/01 who also has Hepatitis C.  He found out he had the disease when trying to donate blood.  He took a swallow in the morning then again in the late afternoon.  After a few days he could already tell a difference in his energy level.  He called me 10/20/01 wanting to know where he could get some more.  He said he is no longer tired in the evenings when he gets off work and can actually work the whole day at a much better pace. He does not know his blood levels or viral loads as he does not have health insurance, all he knows is he feels better than he has felt in a long time. I am awaiting a viral load count from blood work drawn 10/19/01.  I will let you know when I get the results back.  Thank you again for your dedication to your work.


I have not used the colloidal silver a lot yet but I did use it on my daughters hair. She has hair like I did when I was younger it got greasy within one day and the dandruff was awful but I used the colloidal silver in her hair and there was no dandruff and it actually stayed soft and not greasy for at least 3 days after. Its the only thing that has kept her hair free of dandruff. Thanks Tammyd


This wonderful testimonial came in today on colloidal gold. We have had similar results using it with our grandson whom we are raising. He was borderline ADD going into first grade - a real case. We started him on a teaspoon of colloidal gold each morning. He is now a straight A student for the third straight  year. If he stops taking the gold, he reverts to the sullen, distracted boy. The good thing is, he takes it faithfully, voluntarily. It is so good to see others having the great results we have experienced.


I ordered the colloidal gold for my daughter in august 2001.  She had been diagnosed with ADD 3 1/2 yrs ago, and has been on Ritalin for the past 3 yrs. I had been searching for an alternative to the Ritalin since I really did not want her on it, and it was not really helping her in school. She was still flunking all subjects, and not retaining anything.  I figured why not try the colloidal gold, since it is just a mineral it would not hurt her if it did not work.  Well, she has gone from being a borderline D/F student and was behind grade level, to getting all A's and B's and after one semester of school being on the "gold"  she has a A-/B+ grade average.  She can do her homework without any help from me. She is retaining information received and is now learning at grade level.  Thanks for the product.  My child is excited about learning and school again.

Jackie  - Sacramento, CA


Dear Bill,
I will try and keep this short.  A friend of mine had mouth sores for 16 years, He was told by Dr.'s they were everything from Herpes to Birth defects, and they gave him many things to help, but nothing ever did. I gave him a Quart  of  home made Colloidal Silver and in 3 days of mouth washing and swallowing CS 4 or 5 times per day, it was all gone! Not a trace was left and it hasn't come back and its been 4 months. These sores looked like shin tags, but some were under his tongue and some were on his cheeks, and some on the roof of his mouth. Some of them were red and swollen from biting them during eating, he said they were always sore. He now makes his own CS....

Tel Tofflemire
Phoenix, AZ


Dear Bill,
Recently (last week to be exact) I was surfing the Internet trying to find out more about my long-standing battle with sinus problems when I happened across your web page.  I said to myself, well, I have tried everything else why not give this a try, so I did.  When the product arrived I immediately tried it and started experiencing instant relief.  I then went back on the Internet and ordered the gold which arrived last night. Again, instant/noticeable improvement in my arthritic pain as well as a sense of euphoria.  By nature I am a skeptic, it's part of what I do for a living.  I am a retired military officer and currently work for the government-neither positions I will identify, but suffice to say, I am a little bit leery of everything I see/hear.  Bottom line, so satisfied with the results of your products that I have spread the word and several folks in the office have placed orders for the combo packs-again, all this has taken place in the last week.

[your results may vary]


[Even Canadian cats can benefit]

Dear Bill,
I have a two year old male cat, I noticed he had stopped eating, drinking, and getting lethargic and weak. and had lost all his weight.  After about the fourth day I started to get concerned, he never moved from the spot where he was laying, and  just laid in his own urine he was starting to loose control of his body functions and had no strength, truthfully at that point I was sure he wouldn't make it thru the night.  And yet  I knew I couldn't afford to take him to the vet, so I thought, what have I got to lose I'll try Colloidal Silver, so I got the eye dropper and put 5 full droppers down his throat at least 6 times a day, it was only the second day and he was starting to sit up and clean himself, I continued and by the third day he was drinking water and nibbling on food, I am happy to say that "Morty" has made a complete recovery, and his appetite came back with a vengeance.  I now give all my cats Colloidal as a part of their healthy diet. COLLOIDAL SAVED MY CAT.
Bonnie Chase
Oliver B.C.


This C S really works. I have had a history of  H. Pylori for many months. The antibiotics I took really did me in. I ended up with thrush in my mouth and a lot of problems with my colon. I have been taking CS for three weeks with no problems. I have been free of pain and my problems seem to have disappeared (I haven't been to the clinic yet to be checked out) but know everything is O.K.

Question -- How can this be such a powerful antibiotic and not have all of the bad side effects?

Barbara Cox

It kills all pathogens (that we know of) so if one mutates to escape, it dies too. A more elaborate explanation will be on the FAQ page when it is finished.

[Barbara will be a contest winner with this one. I am not sure what place yet since there are so many good ones]


Dear Bill,
I have a suggestion for Shirley Gipe of Montana [From last "Nuggets"] about how to get the children to take CS on a daily basis. I put 2 teaspoons in the milk gallon when I open it. Not only does it retard spoilage but it is ingested every time I have a glass of milk or a bowl of cereal. Also puts it in anything I use milk in such as corn bread. I had my mother take some to my sister's to put in the kool aid and fruit juice that her kids drank. Her two youngest are asthmatic and did not have a single attack as long as they were drinking the CS enriched liquids. I say, put it in any liquids the kids drink except sodas. I don't think it works with carbonated drinks. I added a tea. to the butter and lemon juice in apple pie and the apples did not brown and it was as good on day 8 when I finished it as on day one, without refrigeration. We put it in the fruit salad for holidays and the apples do not brown and the bananas do not  turn black within the hour. Used it to heal my son's Siamese hurt paw. The antibiotics from vet did nothing but spraying it with CS [and bathing with pepper tincture] healed it in less than 2 days. My 18 month olds tom's mother bit a hole in his head when he was a kitten [accidentally]. I took CS in aloe vera and rubbed it on his head [he hated that! head petting] a few times a day and it healed. We thought he was going to die but he is big and healthy. Only evidence is the white hair tuff on his otherwise black head. My mother is so allergic to poison ivy that all she has to do is walk near it to get a flaming rash. When she blundered in some working in the yard, she immediately rinsed her arm off and applied CS, then continued her yard work. A few hours later she had two red spots on her forearm. By that night even they were gone and she never got a rash. For a woman who can expect it to take 2-3 months for a rash to clear up this was nothing short of a miracle. And I have burned my hand cooking twice in the last week. Both times I applied CS immediately and got no redness, blisters or pain.  I have taken it for 3 years and not been sick. I put it in the animals [dog and cats] water bowls. Use it as a facial moisturizer, a hand cream, for cuts and scratches, insect bites, sinus problems [I carry a small spray bottle in my purse]. Everything we have tried it on, it has worked. I don't know how we lived without it.
Kasi Hartman


Dear Utopia Silver:
My 17 year old son has suffered with acne for 2 years. He has been on many costly prescription drugs for lengthy intervals. Nothing has helped. The dermatologists suggested he go on accutane as a last result. After reading the terrible side effects from accutane my son and I agreed it was not worth the risk. I had heard very little about colloidal silver but somehow stumble upon your website. I read your info and figured it was worth a try since nothing else had worked and the side effects and cost were nil compared to accutane. I am happy to report that after 1 month on your product (1 TSP. orally and 2X topically a day) my sons skin is almost perfect.  He doesn't have any new breakouts and his skin is healing beautifully. Not only that, but he escaped the flu that many of his friends have suffered from!  Thank You so much!!

Forever grateful,

Mrs. Stavros

[Let us all agree in prayer for young Mr. Stavros that he not get into too much trouble with the girls because of his new "movie star face"]


Dear people at colloidal-silver,
I find myself compelled to write to you to tell my story and to let other people know there is a cure. I would not usually bother to write to a web-site for any reason but something so important must be told. I am a 44yr old male, who has suffered terribly from colitis for over 3 years. 

I have been to many doctors, specialists etc., all to no avail. I have been subject to very painful "Barium-Enemas" and the Dreaded "Colonoscopy" twice. My Family has put up with my "Problem" as they are very loving people and they have watched and "Heard" me suffering many times. I could not work, or go anywhere with-out the fear of an accident. What has happened is nothing short of Amazing. I Live on Top of Blue Mountain, just outside of Toronto-Canada, by two hours. My son is a snowboarder, my wife and I enjoy nature and Hiking. 

I have been diagnosed with Severe Colitis, and have suffered awful pains and cramps for years. My entire life was affected by this disease that the doctors have told me there was no cure for and that I would be on Medication for life. I was so depressed all the time and I truly was trapped in my home. Only a person with Chrons or Colitis would know what I mean. We moved up here to Blue mountain when General Motors Closed their Scarborough Van Plant, and my wife Shelley, lost her job at Sanwa Bank at "The BCE Tower" Downtown Toronto, when it downsized. With both our jobs gone, we decided to spend our savings and buy on Blue mountain, where I could suffer in peace. 

One evening only a month ago, I received a call from my sister who is a nurse at The V.G. Hospital in Nova-Scotia and she told me about something she had heard from a former patient who had suffered with Chrons/Colitis for a long time. She is not one to stray from work Ethics or conventional Medicine, and usually will argue on the drug Companys' side. This time is different and she says as much. She tells me "Bill, I have something I want you to look into," and I believe there must be some merit to it, or I would not ask you to do this. You know I don't agree with home remedies but a patient I know very well "actually a friend" insists I tell you what has made her better. She went on, to cover her tracks in case it didn't work and said, "you know how I feel about this type of self medication but you are my Brother and I know the suffering you are going through. My Friend of 25 years has completely healed her self of this dreaded disease and insists I tell you about Colloidal-Silver. 

I read her info and researched on my own. I trust my sister and I Have nothing to lose, so I buy 1 bottle and start with 3 Tablespoons a day. The results were almost instant. The next day, I felt better with respect to trips to the can. The following day I began to experiment with different foods, without consequence. Each day I felt better and better, and began cutting back on my meds. Now I was taking only half of what i was told. When ten days passed, I quit my meds and I cannot believe the amazing change in my life. 

IT is a miracle, I think not! What it is, is learning new information that has been suppressed by the Drug companies. IT is understanding that Silver is the most potent Antibiotic known to man, Naturally. The Kings in the old days, had caravans of Pure Silver Barrels full of water, hauled by Oxen, to treat many diseases. This Silver reaches places far inside our intestines, where conventional medication cannot. This is the type of Bacteria that causes our suffering. I can only say that if you are suffering from Chron's or Colitis, you owe it to your-self to try Colloidal-Silver And get your Life back. 

I can't believe it was so simple to cure myself, and I had suffered all those years. I will leave my email, so anyone may ask me questions on how long it took or any other questions you may have. May God Bless you All "Bill and Family".......
President and Owner

YOU MAY call me at 705-445-7257   Get Your Life Back.

[I cried at the end of this one. To think, we have been chosen to bring this marvelous, natural mineral to the world to do so much good for so many suffering people. Sometimes it is overwhelming!]


Hello Bill!!

Thank you so much for CS.  I ordered a generator and have been making my own CS with good results. When I ordered my first bottle of CS, I was experiencing recurrent yeast infections and my face was breaking out with blemishes as if I were an adolescent, and I haven't been an adolescent for over 35 years. Anyway, the CS cleared up the yeast infection and my face doesn't break out as much, but when it does, I apply the CS. And what used to take more than a week to heal, cleared up in a matter of days. I am trying to get my family members to try it as some of them suffer with allergies throughout the year.  So God bless you in what you are doing to help mankind.
Gifford DeSeria


I have a story Bill:  My sister had a cold sore on her mouth, was taking a prescription that did not work, and I told her to try the colloidal silver. Immediately, and I mean visibly immediately, it turned it white, and it started working on healing her sore.  She used it for 3 - 5 days, off and on, and it is completely healed. Her 15 dollar 1/2 inch tube of prescribed medicine did nothing, but colloidal silver healed it....
Carol Evans


Hello Bill, and happy new year to you and your good readers -

I have written to you a couple of times telling of the good I have received from using CS. While reading this week's articles, I recalled how I used the CS last Spring, and how beneficial it was.

I live in town and have a reasonably small back yard. In the back I have one peach tree. The tree had leaf curl really bad in the very early spring of 2001. The leaf curl was so bad that the leaves were turning brown and falling from the tree, about covering the ground below.

I was very concerned about the tree and knew I had to act fast and stop this tree disease. I had no idea what was causing the problem. But, in my moments of despair I sprayed the trunk of the tree and some of the limbs with the CS I had made up and kept around for my own daily use.

To my amazement, the tree very soon perked up and started putting on healthy leaves. I had the best and most healthy peaches later when they were ripe. I just cannot imagine anything that we cannot use the CS for - and, we always seem to get the benefits needed. Isn't that just super! I am so very thankful for your letter and the information that is so very beneficial to all of us. God is great.....Marge in California.

[Isa 55:12 .....and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands."]


Dear Bill,
I had a coworker who was plagued by adult acne, had tried everything, and had made an appointment with a dermatologist to ask to go on acutane. I told her about the side effects and told her to let me bring her a spray bottle of CS that I always keep on hand. I asked her to give it a two week trial before she went to the the doctor. I also told her how my daughter, who was in a state beauty pageant had broken out in a horrible case of acne all over her face just a week and a half before the pageant and used CS. Her skin was clear for the pageant and she came in first runner-up and got a nice scholarship. I told my co-worker to take two teaspoons twice a day orally and spray it on her face directly after washing her face. Her Dr. appointment was scheduled for after the two week period, so she said she would try my method. At the end of that time, her skin was clear and she cancelled the appointment! She uses CS faithfully now and looks beautiful.

Joan Goble,
Salt Lake City


That's all for this week. 
God bless,
Bill Fernald

For the searchable archives of past letters, go here:

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Suggested Reading:

Gibbs, Ronald J., Silver Colloids - Do They Work?, October 1999. Professor Ronald J. Gibbs has been the director of the Center for Colloidal Science at the University of Delaware since 1981. He has published over 85 reviewed journal articles and 5 technical reports, edited 14 books, and presented 61 talks at national and international meetings. 

Metcalf, Mark, Colloidal Silver : Making the Safest and Most Powerful Medicine on Earth For the Price of Water, June 2001.

Silverseed, Johnny, Colloidal Silver : Antibiotic Superhero, July 2001.


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