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Medical Alert! Check your Cold and Flu Medications - IF applicable ...

It was in the news! A warning to stop using certain cold/flu medications as well as weight-loss products containing the ingredient PPA (phenylpropanolamine) which can lead to strokes, especially in young women.

Health Canada issued the following list. Check your medicine cabinet and discard these products:

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold
Alka-Seltzer Plus Maximum Strength Sinus Allergy
Alka-Seltzer Plus Maximum Strength Sinus Allergy Medicine
Alka-Seltzer PlusNighttime Cold
Allerest 12 Hour Allergy Relief Medicine
Allerest Headache Strength
Allerest Sinus Pain Formula
Bayer Cough Syrup
Bayer Cough Syrup for Children
Chlor-Tripolon Decongestant
Comtrex Multi-Symptom Cold Reliever
Contac Jr. Children's Cold Medicine
Contac 12-Hour
Contac Maximum Strength 12-Hour
Contac Maximum Strength 12-Hour Caplets
Coricidin Cough
Coricidin D
Coricidin D Decongestant
Coricidin D Medilets
Coricidin Maximum Strength Sinus Headache
Dimetapp-A Pediatric
Dimetapp with Codeine
Dimetapp Maximum Strength Liquigels
Dimetapp Oral Infant Drops
Dimetapp Plus Caplets
Halls Mentho-Lyptus
Halls Mentho-Lyptus
Oraminic Spancaps
Sine-Off Sinus Medicine
Sinutab SA
St. Joseph Cold Tablets for Children
Triaminic Allergy
Triaminic Chewables
Triaminic Cold
Triaminic-DM Cough Formula
Triaminic-DM Expectorant
Triaminic Expectorant
Triaminic Expectorant DH
Triaminic Expectorant w/Codeine
Triaminic Oral Infant Drops
Triaminic TR

Reach for the Essential Oils of Idaho Tansy, Lemon, Mountain Savory, Oregano, and Peppermint.

And for the Oil Blends Di-Tone, Thieves, ParaFree; and the supplements Megazyme and Mint Condition.

... is PREVENTION! (Remember the previous email?)

Because many Essential Oils have strong antimicrobial properties, they can be diffused to prevent the spread of airborne germs.

Essential Oils and Blends such as Thieves, Purification, Raven, R.C., and Sacred Mountain are extremely effective for killing germs.

Below is the health advisory warning from Health Canada:

Advisory: Health Canada issues health advisory regarding phenylpropanolamine (PPA)

OTTAWA - Health Canada is issuing an advisory concerning phenylpropanolamine (PPA) and a reported association with hemorrhagic stroke. This drug is widely used as a nasal decongestant in prescription and non-prescription cough and cold, sinus and some combination allergy medications.

The risk of hemorrhagic stroke as a result of the use of products containing PPA is low. However, because of the seriousness of a stroke and the ability to predict who is at risk, Health Canada is following the lead of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in issuing a public advisory recommending that consumers not use any products containing PPA.

The Therapeutic Products Programme of Health Canada is issuing this advisory in advance of the Department's full evaluation of the scientific and medical questions concerning PPA. In Canada, products containing PPA are used for relatively mild conditions. Given the risk of a more serious event such as a hemorrhagic stroke and given the fact that these medications provide only temporary relief, Health Canada is recommending, as a precaution, that consumers do not use any products containing PPA until a full assessment has been completed.

In the United States during the 1990s, a link between PPA and hemorrhagic stroke had been suspected. Many of the affected patients had been young women using PPA as an appetite suppressant. Problems often occurred as a result of the first dose taken. It is important to note that PPA has not been approved for use as an appetite suppressant or weight loss product in Canada.

Based on its analysis of the results of a recently released study completed at Yale University, the U.S FDA's Non-prescription Drug Advisory Committee determined that there is an association between PPA and hemorrhagic stroke, and recommended that PPA not be considered safe for over - the - counter (non-prescription) use.

Though ini tial indications in the U.S. were that many of the problems occurred as a result of the use of weight loss products containing PPA, the Yale study reports an increased risk associated with cough and cold medications.

Most of these cases involved women but men may also be at risk. Only one case of hemorrhagic stroke associated with PPA use has been reported to the Canadian Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Programme over the past two decades.

Health Canada is currently evaluating the safety of PPA use in Canada in light of these U.S. findings.

Consumers can identify over-the-counter nasal decongestant, cough and cold, sinus and combination allergy medications containing PPA by looking for "phenylpropanolamine" in the list of ingredients on the label. They may also wish to consult with a pharmacist. Consumers should consult with their health care provider or their pharmacist to see whether their prescription nasal decongestant, cough and cold, sinus and combination allergy medications or combination antibiotic-decongestant medications contains PPA.

Health Canada advises consumers to discuss alternative products with their health care professional. The public should be aware that weight loss products obtained from the U.S. may contain PPA. These products had the strongest association with hemorrhagic stroke and should not be used.


As Always ... Consumer Beware ... And - Be Prepared :)

To your health and happiness!
Your Aroma-Essence Team

Maria L. Schasteen
Editor - Aroma Tip of the Week


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