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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

Cancer is a political problem more than it is a medical problem.

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Why is Australia on the wrong side of many health issues?




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Now that medical evidence shows vitamin supplement effectiveness, you may not get a chance to use it. An international pharmaceutical trade-group cartel known as CODEX is preparing to limit dietary supplements to RDA-quantities only, and make any supplement over the RDA a prescription-only item. This has already been done in a number of European countries.

Our government's response? Well, the US Food and Drug Administration has a history of seeking drastic regulations to limit your access to vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Make no mistake about it: FDA regulations have already resulted in at least six supplement products being pulled off the market, and one of these is, of all things, a brand of calcium powder. Another is the essential amino acid Tryptophan, discussed in the last newsletter. So FDA will be on CODEX's side.

The pharmaceutical cartel and the FDA rely on you doing nothing, so Congress will do nothing, and free access to safe, cost-effective supplements will be no more. The whole CODEX issue has been kept behind closed doors and off TV. We've had public hearings on tobacco. We've had assault weapons and crime hearings. We've had how-do-people-dimple- ballots-in-Florida hearings. Seen any CODEX hearings lately?

Every time FDA comes out and so sweetly says, "CODEX is not going to take ANYBODY'S vitamins away," you can tell them that we've heard it all before. It took the Proxmire Amendment to stop the FDA from making supplements prescription in 1976. It took the Dietary Supplement Education Act to stop FDA from making supplements prescription in 1994.

Now, it will take you to stop CODEX from doing FDA's dirty work for it. Will you write to your representative, your senator, and your local newspaper?

With the internet, it is so easy. Visit to email Congress. Use any 'net search engine to find your newspaper's email address. Go to for my famous "three-sentence letter" writing hints.

What would it be like to live in a country where it would be easier to buy a handgun than a bottle of vitamin C? CODEX's prescription for your vitamins will let you find out.

For a lot more information on fighting CODEX, contact John Hammell, of International Advocates for Health Freedom, Telephone 1-800-333-2553

Over 175 articles (indexed by topic, or keyword with an on-site search engine) plus 2,400 scientific references on nutritional therapeutics are posted at  I have no financial connection to the supplement industry.


-Dr. Saul


"Dirtiest Politics in the World"

The Honourable Eugene Whelan, recently retired Canadian Senator and former Minister of Agriculture, attended recent meetings of Codex (the international food regulating body), and described Codex as the "phoniest organization in the world." Codex representatives were not scientists. Most had no background in agriculture or food, and were heavily lobbied by industry. He described how the USA manipulated the proceedings as the "dirtiest politics in the world."


July 15, 2003

Dear Sirs:

I would like to know what your thoughts on the proposed food labeling initiative that is being discussed at the World Trade Organization? I feel that CODEX could severely inhibit our abilities to obtain supplements! It seems that most people in the United States are blind to the ramifications of this global harmonization.
Another issue that is threatening our health freedom is the S. 722 bill. We need to lobby government to throw this bill out. The FDA has plenty of authority under DHSEA and they should use it!
Please let me know if your organization is doing anything in the efforts to stand in the way of CODEX.
Please see the following web pages if you would like more information:
I implore every organization involved in health freedom to learn about CODEX and bill S.722, the latter is paving the way for the global harmonization process. Please pay investigate, because we cannot afford to loose what little health freedom we currently have!
Tylene Ashcroft



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