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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison


The Christian Brothers were attacked by the FDA for selling apricot seeds.



As you know Christian Brothers believes that over 95% of all cancer can be stopped even up to third stage.  In most cases this is without any chemo.  If the person is to get chemo, it is even more important that they follow an In Home Clinic plan to strengthen and protect the body from the effects of chemo and radiation.  At the bottom of this page is the basic plan the person should follow.

Please report your success stories to us so we may record them as we get the word out about the truth concerning THE ANSWER TO CANCER. 

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Here are a couple of recent ones....

April 11th, 2000
Catherine Thompson from Australia took the Joint care, Coral Powder and Coral water and in just a couple of weeks her hip pain and ankle arthritis pain is gone. Her hip pain went from a 10 to a 3 and she is about to cancel her hip replacement operation. She is not sure if she should because of work. She is at the gym and doing things she has not been able to do for years. She also eats the seeds.

April 10th. Donna Forti had a spot on her back and never had it diagnosed. She ate the seeds and immediately the spot started itching. She kept bothering her skeptical husband to scratch it until, in just a few days it fell off. Her dog (a 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback) has lumps all over the body. She never had one biopsied but there were about 12 and one huge one near the collar. She gave her two dogs the seeds whole and they would not eat them. She said that she actually sat down with the dogs and put the seed near the dogs face and said to one, "this is so you won't die from cancer" and to the other dog she said something similar. The dogs eat the seeds every day on their own. Oh, I forgot to tell you that of course the tumors all shrunk right down. Her skeptical husband said one morning, "Honey, I think the tumors shrunk". From that day on they shrunk to about 50% within a few weeks. Her bird screams when she sees the dogs being fed the seeds and takes a little nibble also. Her bird normally eats fatty seeds. Donna Forti's e-mail address is

Greg Grove had renal cell carcinoma like myself in his kidney. {HYPERLINK "mystory.htm"}(For my success story click here) He was diagnosed when he started coughing I think. There were tumors all throughout his lung and in the kidney. He had his kidney removed. (He may have had the kidney removed and then the tumors came in the lung.) Anyway, he started eating the seeds and began the Hallelujah diet. The constant coughing stopped immediately and instead of dying in a year, it is now two years later and he is a strong as a horse. He had stopped the seeds and I reminded him that he had better never stop eating the seeds. He is depending on his 7.6 body fluid ph to stay cancer and disease away. This is true but he had still better eat the seeds.

Kathy had Glaucoma and just after two applications in the eye her doctor said that there is no sign of glaucoma. ( I have been getting many stories with DMSO including my own story) Kathy sells DMSO herself. Her phone number is 718-767-7748.

March 14th, 2001 Maggie Smithhart's mother was diagnosed in 99 and was given about ˝ year to live with radiation or without and 1-2 years to live with chemo. She had one chemo session and her lung collapsed. She took IP6 and her lung got better right away. She started taking the seeds and the extract and was doing fine until she couldn't get the seeds from us and had to stop taking them. She was rehospitalized and then we told them of another place to get the seeds and shortly after starting again, she got better. Upon checkups the doctor keeps telling Maggie to take her mother home and make her comfortable. It's 2001 and Maggie's mother feels good and is going to start the coral, Megazyme and the DMSO.

March 6th 2001 My friend David had something on his arm which for some time. Who knows what it was but when I put the Draw paste on, it literally drew the thing out of his arm and onto the floor in a week. It does not always take only a week but there are the pictures showing what happened.

FEB 27 Diane Reineke had non-small cell lung cancer (diagnosed in Jan, 2000) and the best she was told was one year to live. She started on the seeds and the B-17 and then started radiation. During the radiation nothing shrunk but the pain did finally stop. She was on the Cansema at and after radiation, red clover and essiac tea and the orange size tumor started shrinking over the next year...It is now the size of a half dollar.

Jim O'Connell's blood pressure normalized from one seed per day.

FEB 23 2001
Robert Blake, Lung Cancer in the past where they took out a lung. It came back in the other lung and they told him they have to operate. He refused the operation last year and started taking 30 seeds per day. One year later his tumor has been encapsulated and he is now starting the BREATH (herbs for the lung). The other day he was scratching a mole he had for years and it just fell off.

FEB. 20, 2001
Linda Brown has had growths in the breast for years. She has had two biopsies and was operated on twice. She has having abnormal mammograms for years and years. The last time that the lumps came back she ate the seeds and the lumps shrunk right down and she has just had her first normal mammogram. (we have evidence that the radiation from mammograms first causes cancer.) Her phone number is 1-940-482-6631 after 3pm.

Irene Posth had three in a half inch hard cyst on her breast. She took vitamin E with selenium and some times vitamin C which helped some. But when she took the seeds the tumor went down to ˝ inch. She was taking 7- 15 seeds per day. Her friend had a one inch cyst on the knee cap and took TWO seeds and the cyst was gone. He had planned surgery and cancelled. Their other friend had hemorrhoids and they went away with the seeds. Another friend was bleeding from the Uterus and when the seeds are eaten the bleeding stops.

Feb. 16, 2001
It's been the longest yet that I haven't put in a success story due to some special circumstances such as THE FDA BARGING INTO The office  AND TAKING OVER $30,000 DOLLARS WORTH OF STUFF. Boy oh boy. It seemed as if some of them really thought they were doing something right.   Anyway back to success stories. Stories. Many many stories that I have not had time to follow but here's a few new ones.

Wayne Haynes has had Chronic LL for over five years with no treatment from the doctors. His white count was 12.8 five years ago and has risen to 28.1 as of Sept. 2000. Conventional methods say that treatment is needed five years into CLL. Well not for Wayne. He started the seeds and the seed extract in Sept, along with some juicing, Coral calcium and Enzymes and in just two months, with no other treatment his count is down to about 10 (normal) He feels great and you can write him or look his phone number up in information. Wayne Haynes, Rt. 4 Box 966, Blanchard, Ok. 73010.

William Reed had a PSA of 176 two years ago and started the seeds and extract and had a shot (The shots can lower the PSA in the blood but do nothing for cancer.) from the doctors and his PSA is down to 1.3. He is now taking the Willow flower herb.

Audrey Howard had colon cancer that spread to the liver diagnosed in April of 2000 with surgery in May removing the colon. Three sessions of chemo almost killed her and she went on the seeds and B-17. She is also on a machine. She is fine doing all kinds of house work and the reports show that she is in complete remission.

Nicki Green had multiple meiloma throughout the bone. They had decided on getting a bone marrow transplant three years ago as they also started the seeds and I think the extract. Three years later he is working every day at 5am and all of the other patients in the support group that had the same thinking as Nicki are dead. Call for their family's phone number if you have a similar situation.

Roger raises show dogs and two years ago he told me how his dogs live to about 8 years old and die of cancer. He had one dog that had lung cancer and was about to die. I told him to give the dogs the seeds and they will never die from cancer again. I just talked to him this month and the dog that was dying is alive with no trace of cancer. I was a little upset that he never called to let me know. His e-mail address is

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