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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

The dark side of chocolate.

There is new research showing that a sugar called xylitol can significantly improve oral health, improve calcium absorption, increase bone density and remineralize tooth enamel.

Heart Disease & Chocolate

Chocolate is good for the heart because it has magnesium



Anti-Angiogenic Foods

Green Tea Red Grapes Lavender
Strawberries Red wine Pumpkin
Blackberries Bok choy Sea Cucumber
Raspberries Kale Tuna
Blueberries Soy beans Parsley
Oranges Ginseng Garlic
Grapefruit Maitake mushroom Tomato
Lemons Licorice Olive oil
Apples Turmeric Grape seed oil
Pineapple Nutmeg Dark chocolate
Cherries Artichokes Others

Preventing angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) by means of drugs and/or diet is a way to help prevent and treat cancer. It is interesting that a diet of anti-angiogenic foods is also found to reverse obesity in experimental animals.

Watch this 20 minute video by Dr. William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

"Angiogenesis is a hallmark of cancer - every type of cancer." - Dr. William Li



November 28 , 2001


The recent press on chocolate warms my heart and validates what I've been saying for years - it's good for you! Well, certain kinds of chocolate are.

Over the last two years, the body of research on cocoa and dark chocolate has been building, and the latest studies have shown that the darkest confections can help regulate blood pressure, reduce blood platelet stickiness, and reduce both total and LDL cholesterol levels.

Dark chocolate is chock-full of flavonoids - naturally occurring components of plant-based foods that act as antioxidants and modulators of hormone-like compounds in the body. The flavonoids abundant in cocoa and dark chocolate are especially interesting because they're large, complex molecules not commonly found in other foods. That's why some researchers believe chocolate provides even more health benefits than red wine or green tea.

Dark chocolate is also rich in oleic acid, a fatty acid that helps reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol concentrations. Furthermore, chocolate's flavonoids have been shown to be instrumental in preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and inhibiting blood platelet clumping.

The Darker the Better

Chocolate has a light and a dark side - literally. White and milk chocolate, for example, have none of the benefits mentioned. They're just pure sugar and fat, or empty calories. What you need to look for are high-quality semisweet or bittersweet bars or pure cocoa powder.

My favorite brand is Chocolove, a premium Belgian chocolate sold via the Internet and in selected health food stores, including Whole Foods markets and Wild Oats. All Chocolove products have a high cocoa content, but their "strong dark" bar with 70 percent cocoa provides the best balance between taste and health benefits, in my estimation.

I eat dark chocolate at least once a week, no more than 1 oz. at a time, savored slowly. Chocolate morsels are also delicious mixed with dried, organic cranberries or added to the trail mix I developed and shared with you newsletter subscribers (in your supplement entitled Protocol Two, page 4, and in the March 2001 issue of The Sinatra Health Report).

Don't Go Overboard

While I frequently enjoy chocolate, I don't eat it every day because that's where addiction starts. (If you feel you're addicted to chocolate or you constantly crave sweets, then you may have a deficiency of serotonin, a mood-stabilizing brain transmitter.).

Even cardiac patients can enjoy dark chocolate regularly in moderation. Although chocolate does contain some caffeine, this downside is almost always outweighed by chocolate's many benefits. The two groups that need to be careful are people with atrial fibrillation or arrhythmia. They may be sensitive to the small amounts of caffeine in chocolate and should avoid it if it aggravates their condition.

But for anyone else, some rich, dark chocolate is one of the best gifts you can get or give this holiday season. In more ways than one, chocolate is truly a heartfelt present.

Until next time,

Stephen Sinatra, M.D.


If you know someone who's a "chocoholic," please forward this e-letter to them. They may not be aware that certain chocolates are far better than others.


Stephen Sinatra, M.D., is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. He is board certified in internal medicine and cardiology and certified in anti-aging medicine, clinical nutrition, and bioenergetic analysis. At his New England Heart and Longevity Center in Manchester, Conn., Dr. Sinatra integrates conventional medical treatments with complementary nutritional and psychological therapies. He shares these integrative therapies with thousands each month through his medical newsletter, The Sinatra Health Report. 




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