Pediatric Brain Tumors and Childhood Vaccinations




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There are two articles on this page. The second article is a testimonial regarding brain cancer.
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I urge everyone to click on the link below and read this web site, even if you read no others......

 "First do no harm"
 "Primum non nocere"
  - Hippocratic Oath

We have created this website to tell our son's story and to share with other parents the information we have found about pediatric brain tumors and about childhood vaccinations. This information is designed to help parents exercise informed consent and make intelligent decisions regarding their child's health, especially when their child has cancer. For my husband and I, this information represents what we wished we had found when we feverishly searched for information on pediatric brain tumors in the fall of 1998.

While we focus on cancer and chemotherapy, we also discuss childhood vaccinations because there is substantial medical literature to suggest a potential link between vaccines and the rise of various cancers including brain tumors in children.

On August 10, 1998 at age two, our son Alexander Horwin was diagnosed with the most common pediatric brain tumor, medulloblastoma. After Alexander endured two brain surgeries my husband and I located the best non-toxic therapy that had proven successful in treating brain cancer. However, on September 21, 1998, the FDA denied Alexander access to this potentially life-saving treatment.

The oncologists told us that without their "state-of-the-art" chemotherapy, the cancer would soon return. We knew nothing of the history, efficacy and actual danger of chemotherapy but instinctively knew it was a poor choice for therapy. However, now that the FDA had denied Alexander his best chance of survival using a non-toxic therapy that had saved other children, we had no other treatment options left. Reluctantly we started chemo on October 7, 1998. The protocol was entitled CCG 9921 which consisted of intravenous administration of four chemo drugs: vincristine, cisplatin, cyclophosphamide (also called cytoxan), and VP16 (also called etoposide). Alexander completed his third month of chemotherapy in December 1998 and died on January 31, 1999. He was just two and a half years old.

After our loving, bright, happy and handsome son passed away, we wanted to know why. The doctors were unable to provide us with a single lucid answer regarding any of the following questions. Why did our son have cancer at the age of two? Where did it come from? Why is this particular cancer in children increasing? Why did he die while on chemotherapy and only one quarter of the way into the protocol? Since both my husband and I had worked in the medical field we knew where to look for answers. We spent a year reading everything that we could find on the subject of cancer in children. We expended thousands of hours pouring over medical literature, communicating with doctors and scientists, and speaking to parents of children who were permanently disabled or killed by vaccines, and parents of children who were dead as a result of cancer or its treatment. This research provided a number of insights.

For example, the so-called "state-of-the-art" chemo protocol that the oncologists had administered to our son had proven its ineffectiveness in pediatric brain tumors many years before. In fact, in 1994, the exact same chemo drugs Alexander received in 1998 had been administered to children the same age with the same brain tumor (medulloblastoma) as Alexander. This experiment proved so unsuccessful that tumors spread within five months and the oncologists terminated the protocol. It was incredible to us to discover that chemotherapy that had already proven so ineffective that it required termination was being presented to parents as "state of the art" years later. We were never informed about the failure of this therapy. We also discovered that we weren't the only parents being purposefully misinformed. Today, parents are still being misled and children with brain cancer are still getting these same toxic drugs that have proven their ineffectiveness in the past. But even if you are informed that orthodox therapy does not work you still may not have a choice. When we hesitated to bring Alexander in for chemo the oncologists were already gearing up to take him from us by court order.

We have written to more than 30 Members of Congress about our findings and have provided written testimony to congressional hearings. (The documents are posted on this site.) By sharing our son's lethal encounter with the medical industry, other parents can take heed, learn and perhaps prevent the same horror from happening to their child.

We encourage parents to exercise informed consent before agreeing to any medical intervention for their child. Informed consent means that you know and understand the truth about all of the risks and benefits. This may require you to conduct your own research; read books, medical articles, etc. One excellent resource is available on the Internet: Medline includes over nine million citations of indexed and searchable articles on hundreds of medical topics taken from the world's best peer-reviewed medical journals. Another source of information is the manufacturer's insert that comes packaged with every single drug or vaccine. It's a good idea to read it before the drug/vaccine is administered to your child.

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Tom's Brain Cancer Testimony

    My name is Kelly and on February 10th 2002 I brought my husband to the Emergency room with a splitting headache and projectile vomiting. We thought it was a bad migraine but later found out that it was a brain tumor. On February 12th he had surgery and the surgeon told us and the lab work later confirmed that he had a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4. The surgeon removed all of the tumor he could see.  The doctor told our family that Tom had about 26 weeks to live if he didn't take any radiation and if he did take radiation it might give him a year.

  My husband was 37 years old at the time he was diagnosed. We were not sure what to do so we took the doctor's referral and went to radiation about a week after he got out of the hospital. Tom only took five days of radiation and it made him feel terrible and sapped all of his energy.

  We are Christians and knew that we needed to seek the Lord's guidance in this crisis. So we went to our Church and had Tom anointed with oil and hands laid on in prayer by the elders of the Church (James 5:14).

  We also looked into holistic methods of fighting cancer. Some friends came forward and told us of some alternative ways people were fighting and winning the battle against cancer. Since the doctors did not hold out any hope we decided to throw our lot in with the holistic treatments and did not take anymore radiation. We started the holistic regimen which centered around flax oil and cottage cheese in March. Dr. Johanna Budwig has had and is having success treating people with this simple food combination.

  Tom's three month MRI looked good, his brain was clean and the hole where they removed the tumor was empty except for a tiny line around a portion of the inside of the hole. The doctor said that it could be scar tissue, a benign bit of tumor or a regrowth of the Glioblastoma.

  At the six month MRI his brain was completely clean. There was no cancer at all. The doctor said that it was a miracle. In 14 years of practice he had not seen anything like it.

This is what he has added to his daily routine:

         1/4 cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese mixed with
        1 tablespoon Flaxseed oil twice a day.

     Three 750 mg Shark Cartilage capsules three
        times a day

      A Borage Oil and CoQ10 supplement

      He drinks plenty of water

      As soon as he was able he began walking for exercise
            and to get some sunlight

     For the first three months I also rubbed Frankincense on his
             head because it is believed to have anti-tumor properties.

       He started using an extract of a Brazilian fruit plant called Graviola and added the AIM Garden Trio twice a day to build up his health 3 months after he began his holistic regimen.

  Our whole family has added the flax oil and cottage cheese and the AIM Barley Life to our diet.

Tom did not go vegetarian, but we did cut back on meat and sugar. We follow the biblical eating laws and do not eat any pork or unclean fish. It makes it harder for your body to fight cancer if you put unclean and artificial things into it. We think artificial sweetener caused Tom's cancer. He used to drink at least 2 liters a day of diet soda a day. Go to for more info.

   We just got Tom's 9 month MRI info at the beginning of December 2002. He is all clear no sign of cancer. He is back to work and back to normal. Praise the Lord Jesus!

He will have another MRI in March and I will keep the page posted.

Our Website is

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