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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison



Both chemotherapy and radiation kill red blood cells and produce anemia. The standard treatment for anemia is blood transfusions.

Even though blood is screened for certain diseases, the chance of receiving a viral, fugal, or bacterial pathogen from a blood transfusion approaches 100%.
- Dr. David Williams Alternatives newsletter, February 2007.

Heart Surgery

A patient receiving a blood transfusion is five times more likely to die within 100 days, compared to a similar patient who does not receive a blood transfusion.
- American Heart Journal 06;252(6):1028-1034.
- Archives of Internal Medicine 06;166(4):437-443.

Surgery for Colon Cancer

The five year survival rate for patients receiving a blood transfusion was 48%, compared to 74% for patients who did not receive a transfusion.
- Cancer 87;59(4):836-843.

Surgery for Head and Neck Cancers

The five year recurrence rate for cancer of the larynx was 65% for patients who received a blood transfusion compared to 14% for patients who did not receive a transfusion.

The five year recurrence rate for cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, nose or sinus was 71% for patients who received a blood transfusion compared to 31% for patients who did not receive a transfusion.
- Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 89;98(3):171-173.

Surgery for Lung Cancer

The 30 day death rate was 21.9% for patients receiving more than 2 units of blood, 10.9% for patients receiving 1 to 2 units of blood, and 2.4% for patients not receiving a blood transfusion.

The 5 year survival rate was 27.8% for patients receiving a blood transfusion, and 39.4% for patients not receiving a transfusion.
- Eur Respir J 06;Nov 1[Epub]

Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

The more units of blood received, the greater the risk of infection and death.
- Dis Colon Rectum 06;49(8):1116-1130.

Hip Replacement Surgery, Back Surgery

A blood transfusion resulted in 35% greater risk of serious bacterial infection and 52% greater risk of pneumonia.
- Transfusion 99;39(7):694-700.
- Transfusion 92;32(6):517-524.


Alternatives to Blood Transfusion

1. Autologous transfusion is donating your own blood prior to surgery. You can donate 1 pint every 2 months, because it takes 2 months for red blood cells to be replaced in your body. Your last blood donation must be at least 2 months before your surgery. Ask your surgeon for information regarding Autologous transfusion. The rate of infection for people receiving Autologous transfusion is comparable to those receiving no transfusion.

2. Bloodless surgery uses techniques to minimize blood loss:

- lasers and cryotherapy instantly stop bleeding

- lost blood can be suctioned, cleaned and recycled

- drops of blood can be used for lab tests instead of vials of blood

- microsurgical techniques minimize tissue damage

- hemoglobin levels can be built up prior to surgery, minimizing or eliminating the need for transfusions. Hemoglobin levels can be increased by means of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, drugs (erythropoietin), nutritional supplements (vitamins, iron, and hormones).

75,000 doctors have been trained to use bloodless surgery. Do an Internet search for "bloodless surgery, [your town], [your state]". Ask at your local hospital. Check or phone 888-7-NOBLOOD (888-766-2566).

For more information see Dr. David Williams Alternatives newsletter, February 2007.


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