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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison



It is IMPORTANT to KNOW your Essential Oils supplier!


Today most lavender oil sold in America is a hybrid called lavendin, grown and distilled in China, Russia, France and Tasmania.

It is brought to France, cut with synthetic linolyl acetate to improve the fragrance, propylene glycol (which is garage floor cleaner and engine degreaser; soft and smooth), DEP or DOP (solvents that have no smell and increase the volume). THIS is sold in the United States as Lavender Oil!

It is IMPORTANT to know the INTEGRITY of the company that you are buying essential oils from!

Our Mission is: "To Help Provide Light and Joy On The Journey To A Healthy Body And A Peaceful Mind".


Statistics show - Proctor & Gamble uses twice as much essential oil as is produced in the entire world. From where are these "essential oils" coming?

In France, production of true lavender oil (Lavendula augustifolia) dropped from 87 tons in 1967 to only 12 tons in 1998. During this same period the demand for lavender oil grew over 100 times.

So where did essential oil marketers obtain enough lavender to meet demand? They used a combination of synthetic and adulterated oils.

There are huge chemical companies on the East Coast that specialize in the duplication of every essential oil that exists. For every kilo of pure essential oil that is produced, there are between 10 and 100 kilos of synthetic oil created.

Adulterated and mislabeled essential oils present dangers for consumers. One woman who had heard of the ability of lavender oil to heal burns, used lavender oil from the local health food store when she spilled boiling water on her arm.

The pain intensified and the burn worsened. She later complained that lavender oil was worthless for healing burns. When her "lavender" oil was later analyzed, it turned out to be lavendin, a hybrid lavender that is chemically very different from pure Lavendula

Lavendin contains high levels of camphor (12-18%) and will burn the skin. In contrast, pure lavender contains virtually no camphor and has burn-healing agents not found in lavendin.

Not until 1921 did the knowledge of Essential Oils start to come back into our time, from an old gentleman, Dr. René-Maurice Gattefossé. He was a French cosmetic chemist working in his lab one day when there was an explosion. He received a third degree thermal burn on his hand, wrist and forearm.

Knowing he needed to reduce the temperature, he reached over where one of his colleagues had just set a container with liquid in it, thought it was water, plunged his hand into it, and - it was Lavender Oil.

It healed his burn without a trace of a scar.

That man was so excited and, being a chemist, he took the lavender apart to understand and find out how it healed his burn without a scar.

Dr. Gattefossé gave the research to Dr. John Valnet who was a medical doctor in Paris, France. Valnet did nothing with it until the post war years (World War II) when he was working with war victims from shrapnel wounds and losing them to gangrene because the antibiotics wouldn't work.

Dr. Gattefossé sent him some oils and said "try the oils". He started using the oils and he saved every single patient.

That was the restoration of aroma therapy as it's called today. The year was 1946. The studies never really started until 1967.

Always Use Pure 100% A Grade Essential Oils!

To achieve therapeutic effects, 100% pure, unadulterated Essential Oils MUST be used. Essential Oils sold in health food stores are cut with propylene glycol and synthetic constituents. The oils are devoid of their life force, their healing properties.

With other words, these oils don't heal!

If you don't know the difference, you'll be the victim. When you see a half ounce bottle of Lavender Oil on the shelf for $5-$8, you KNOW that you're getting garbage, because pure Lavender Oil you can't buy in France for that price.

"Lavendula officinalis requires 175-250 pound to produce 1 pound of pure lavender oil."

"Peppermint requires 35-40 pounds of plants to produce 1 pound of peppermint oil."

"5,000 pound of rose petals are required to produce 1 pound of rose oil."

"Melissa requires three tons of plants to produce 1 pound of oil, which sells for $9,000 to $15,000."


Understand the importance of pure 100% A Grade Essential Oils. From organic farming to advanced steam distillation, to uncompromising quality control, and packaging - Young Living Essential Oils are my ONLY choice!

Remember, cheap oils don't help - they harm!

To your health and happiness!
Your Aroma-Essence Team

Maria L. Schasteen
Editor - Aroma Tip of the Week


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