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From the European Journal of Nutrition 40 (2001)

Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:187-188
Original article PDF-Download (67 KB)

Friedrich Manz:
History of nutrition and acid-base physiology.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:189-199
Original article PDF-Download (349 KB)

L. Frassetto , R. C. Morris, Jr. , D. E. Sellmeyer , K. Todd , A. Sebastian:
Diet, evolution and aging. The pathophysiologic effects of the post-agricultural inversion of the potassium-to-sodium and base-to-chloride ratios in the human diet.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:200-213
Original article PDF-Download (525 KB)

Thomas Remer:
Influence of nutrition on acid-base balance - metabolic aspects.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:214-220
Original article PDF-Download (613 KB)

Hermann Kalhoff, Friedrich Manz:
Nutrition, acid-base status and growth in early childhood.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:221-230
Original article PDF-Download (539 KB)

Katherine L. Tucker, Marian T. Hannan, Douglas P. Kiel:
The acid-base hypothesis: diet and bone in the Framingham Osteoporosis Study.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:231-237
Original article PDF-Download (283 KB)

David A. Bushinsky:
Acid-base imbalance and the skeleton.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:238-244
Original article PDF-Download (319 KB)

Jean-Luc Riond:
Animal nutrition and acid-base balance.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:245-254
Original article PDF-Download (679 KB)

H. Kiwull-Schöne, H. Kalhoff, F. Manz, L. Diekmann, P. Kiwull:
Minimal-invasive approach to study pulmonary, metabolic and renal responses to alimentary acid-base changes in conscious rabbits.
Eur J Nutr (2001) 40:255-259
Original article PDF-Download (439 KB)


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