Cellular Mechanisms of 12 Anti-Cancer Strategies




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Cellular mechanisms of 12 anti-cancer strategies


The only characteristic of cancer cells that most people are familiar with is their ability to replicate and proliferate. This gives them an aura of strength and power - the image of a ruthless horde of invaders against which our peace-loving bodies are defenseless.

However, the fact of the matter is that cancer cells are our own cells that have become sick. As such they are weaker in many ways, and these points of vulnerability can be exploited without doing harm to the rest of the body. Even cancer cells' reputation for explosive growth is overblown: Natural stem cells, a vital part of our body's repair system, can reproduce at an even faster rate.

Following are a dozen anticancer strategies using nontoxic agents to shrink tumors, inhibit proliferation and kill cancer cells or return them to normalcy. It needs to be noted that these constitute only one part of the Immune Institute's multifaceted therapy. Their full spectrum of treatment includes diagnosis and assessment techniques; mobilization of the lymph system; detoxification protocols; modulation of the immune system; strengthening of the body; and psychological and spiritual counseling. These are discussed in the main text of this article. These protocols have been successfully employed by the Immune Institute and other alternative and integrative cancer clinics to reverse even end-stage and supposedly incurable cancers.

1. Strategy: Create natural cancer cell poisons (cytotoxins)

AGENT: Vitamin C, in a glucose IV.
The Immune Institute uses a special, very pure form of ascorbic acid (5,6 semi‑benzylated ascorbic acid, or "SBA"). It is derived from beets (not corn, which is often genetically altered), and produced with a "left-handed" molecular orientation, while most ascorbic acid is molecularly "right-handed" (levo isomer vs. dextro isomer). This produces a benzene "tail" that anchors the SBA in the cell membrane, prolonging its action. This creates a potent pro‑oxidant effect in cancer cells.

MECHANISM: Normal cells contain the enzyme catalase necessary to break down hydrogen peroxide, a toxic metabolic by-product. Cancer cells are deficient in catalase. Doses of 50 to 100 grams of SBA are introduced intravenously with glucose, cancer cells' primary fuel. In a "Trojan horse" strategy, cancer cells take up the vitamin C along with the glucose. Within the cancer cell the vitamin C induces the build-up of hydrogen peroxide, which, in the absence of catalase, increases to lethal levels.

2. Strategy: Expose cancer cells to immune system attack

AGENT: Digestive Enzymes.
Digestive enzymes break down proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into sugars, etc. There are two main kinds of digestive enzymes: pancreatic and plant. Our pancreas secretes some 22 types and the rest we are supposed to get from the food we eat. But a faulty diet can compromise the pancreas's functioning, and most food processing (and heating above 118° F) destroys plant enzymes, so many people are enzyme deficient.

MECHANISM: Cancer cells in the bloodstream camouflage themselves and go undetected by our immune system by coating themselves with mucus and fibrin, a protein involved in coagulation. Fibrin creates tendrils that cancer cells use to adhere to tissues. Digestive enzymes are administered orally and pass through the intestines into the bloodstream. When they encounter the fibrin-coated cells, they dissolve the coating, making the cells recognizable and vulnerable to attack by Natural Killer cells.

3. Strategy: Kill RNA and DNA viruses

AGENT: SBA (5,6 semi-benzylated ascorbic acid).
While ascorbic acid - vitamin C - is best known for its antioxidant properties, it is intrinsically involved in hundreds of essential biological functions. One of the reasons that large doses of vitamin C are recommended when someone has a cold or flu is that vitamin C is an effective infection fighter, being able to kill many types of viruses.

MECHANISM: Oncogenes are genes which when activated change a cell from a normal "resting" phase into a dividing phase and inducing a tumor state. Such a change can be triggered by RNA and DNA viruses that contain "proto‑oncogenes" which become fully oncogenic in an infected cell. SBA is lethal to many of these viruses and thus helps prevent cells from becoming malignant.

4. Strategy: Induce programmed cell death (apoptosis) with melatonin

AGENT: Melatonin.
Melatonin is a neurohormone secreted by the pineal gland (and also produced by some plants, which are the source for melatonin supplements). Its anti-cancer properties include being a powerful antioxidant and immune enhancer - and also inducing the re-expression of the p53 gene in cancer cells.

MECHANISM: When a normal cell is damaged, one of its genes-labeled p53 and nicknamed the "suicide gene" - is activated, causing that cell to die. In cells that are "damaged" in such a way as to become cancerous, the p53 gene is somehow suppressed, and instead of dying, the cell starts dividing and proliferating uncontrollably. Just as normal cells can mutate into cancer cells, however, cancer cells can return to a normal state, with the p53 gene reactivated.

5. Strategy: Induce apoptosis with isoflavones

AGENT: Isoflavones, attached to a nitrogen carrier.
Isoflavones are substances found in soybeans that have several anti‑cancer properties. These include inducing apoptosis in cancer cells, slowing down their DNA syn­thesis and cell division, inhibiting angiogenesis and inducing differentiation and a return to nor­malcy. As phytoestrogens (plant‑based estrogens) they also block the uptake of unneeded estrogen and thus help prevent or control hormone-sensitive breast and prostate cancers.

MECHANISM: Dadzein and genistein, two of the most biologically active isoflavones, are attached to nitrogen by a chemical bond. The nitrogenated isoflavones are orally administered and make their way into the bloodstream. Cancer cells, like many primarily anaerobic cells use nitrogen for fuel. In a Trojan horse strategy similar to the one using glucose and SBA, described in #1, the nitrogen bypasses normal cells but is sucked up by cancer cells. The isoflavones stimulate genetic changes, turning cancer cells back into non-cancerous ones - in which the p53 gene is reactivated and the damaged cell will expire instead of proliferating.

6. Strategy: Restore immune system to optimal anti-cancer activity

AGENTS: Glutathione
(a tripeptide containing three amino acids), Lipoic Acid (antioxidant), EPA (a combination of essential fatty acids), and thyroid hormone. These nutrients, ingested as oral supplements, boost the body's T-Helper Type 1 functioning. Type 1 cells produce gamma interferon and substances that stimulate Natural Killer cell activity, as opposed to T-Helper Type 2 cells involved in antibody production.

MECHANISM: Studies clearly show that cancer cells are vulnerable to attack from Natural Killer and other types of T-Helper Type 1 white blood cells. The antibody immune functions produced by T-Helper Type 2 cells are basically ineffective against cancer. Cancer cells can actually convert T-Helper Type 1 cells into Type 2 cells, rendering them harmless. Boosting the body's Type 1 immune functioning keeps the body's main line of defense strong.

7. Strategy: Induce free radical destruction of cancer cells

AGENT: Non-denatured Whey Protein Isolate Formula.
Milk whey protein is an excellent protein source for patients on a vegetarian diet. Non-denatured whey protein isolate formulas are produced according to proprietary processes that give them significant additional therapeutic values. One of these is the unique attribute of increasing glutathione in normal cells while decreasing glutathione in cancer cells. Glutathione possesses powerful detoxification and antioxidant activities, essential for preventing DNA damage from free radicals.

MECHANISM: Free radicals are unstable molecules formed from normal metabolic processes. They contain an unpaired electron that can "steal" an electron from other molecules, altering the structure and harming a cell's proteins, enzymes and DNA. Decreasing the amount of glutathione in a cancer cell seriously compromises its ability to avoid such damage, lowering its energy and its ability to replicate or even survive.

8. Strategy: Inhibit cancer cell proliferation

AGENT: Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
("NSAIDs": Tolectin, Vioxx, Celebrex) and Statin Inhibitors (Mevacor). These NSAIDs are called "cox-2" inhibitors, and have a greatly reduced chance of stomach side effects compared to even such over-the-counter NSAIDs such as Motrin. The Immune Institute uses high doses of coenzyme Q10 (which possesses its own anti‑cancer activity) to counter any ulcerative effects, and prevents any muscle toxicity from Mevacor. Mevacor is given two weeks on and then one week off, which also prevents toxicity.

MECHANISM: Cyclooxygenase is an enzyme present in all cells and used in the metabolism of fats. Many kinds of cancer cells create an excess of cyclooxygenase and use it to fuel tumor growth and metastasizing. Denying this enzyme to cancer cells through the use of NSAIDs interferes with the formation of the new blood vessels necessary to sustain tumor growth and establish metastatic colonies. This effect is enhanced when NSAIDs are used in combination with statin inhibitors.

9. Strategy: Fragment DNA and decrease blood supply (anti-angiogenesis)

Hyperthermia. Far Infrared radiation is used to increase the temperature of the entire body (whole body hyperthermia, employing sauna-like chambers) or to local areas with tumors or metastasized sites (local, or regional, hyperthermia, using probes or focused emitting devices). The Immune Institute raises a patient's core temperature up to 103° F and local areas even higher.

MECHANISM: Cancer cells are far more vulnerable to heat than healthy cells. While a temperature of 103° F or so does not harm normal cells, it damages the enzymes, the membranes and particularly the DNA of cancer cells. Cancer cells need their own blood supply to grow into tumors, but their blood vessels are very fragile; heated to 103° F they shrivel up. With their blood supply cut off, tumor cells die.

10. Strategy: Induce cell decomposition (lysis)

AGENT: BioResonance.
BioResonance is the use of computerized equipment to emit electromagnetic energy into patients, matching the vibratory frequencies of elements within the body in order to amplify healthy biological functioning or weaken or neutralize toxins or pathogens.

MECHANISM: All the atoms that make up cells radiate energy, and their aggregate creates a signature oscillation pattern. The characteristics by which cancer cells differ from healthy cells give them unique vibratory frequencies. Radiowaves set to resonate with these frequencies can harm the cancer cells similar to the way in which a tone set to the proper pitch can shatter glass without harming other adjacent substances.

11. Strategy: Suppress cancer proliferation

AGENT: Magnetic Resonance Water (MRW), Vegetarian Diet.
Magnetic resonance water is water that has been given a magnetic charge. This creates hydrogen microclusters which react with oxygen (02), creating sodium hydroxide (NaOH), raising the water's pH (making it more alkaline). The body's normal pH is 7.4. Drinking enough magnetic resonance water can increase the alkalinity of blood with a low pH of 7.2 to 7.6. (MRW also has 50% less surface tension than non‑charged water, allowing it to permeate into cells more easily.)

MECHANISM: Cancer cells thrive in a more acid environment. Their growth curve is inversely proportional to the alkalinity of the blood and intracellular fluids. Drinking alkalinizing water and maintaining an alkalinizing diet makes the body inhospitable for cancer, and is a simple but effective way to suppress cancer cell proliferation. (A low-sugar vegetarian diet can further increase the blood's alkalinity, up to 7.8 - see #12 below.)

12. Strategy: Starve cancer cells

AGENT: Low sugar diet.
The Immune Institute's low sugar diet doesn't just include avoiding refined and natural sweeteners, but also high sugar‑content fruits, alcohol and refined carbohydrates such as white flour or even carrot juice.

MECHANISM: Normal cells utilize fats and proteins as fuel in addition to utilizing glucose, but cancer cells thrive almost entirely on glucose (blood sugar). Adhering to a low-sugar diet not only robs cancer cells of the nutrition they need, but also prevents sugar's deleterious effects on the body that encourage cancer growth. These effects include suppressing the immune system, creating an acidic environment and stimulating prostaglandin E2 production that promotes tumor growth.



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